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AKA Update #1: The Skin Update

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AKA Update #1: The Skin Update

Post by Alisae on Mon Jan 18, 2016 3:50 am

So obviously, there are some new changes as you can tell by the numerous number of bleeding eyes. So here we are! With a brown and blue skin. Cause apparently 50 shades of grey look eye bleeding white to people. And now we're beyond this issue onto other new things. But first, the most revolutionary feature is to be introduced: Poking!

That's right, this feature makes us the number #1 academy. The ability to poke. Try going up to my profile, and if you see a button that allows you to poke me, then you can do it! Poke me! However, there are the laws of poking you must be aware about.
Law 1: Not all members are pokeable. If they don't allow visitor messages or they're selective of their pokers, they'll be poke-proof! Also, if you want to be poked, make sure you allow visitor messages!
Law 2: Poking yourself is a big no-no and goes against everything this was designed for..! In short; you poke yourself, the very world as we know it will cease to exist.
Law 3: Poking incites counter-pokes, so prepare to build up a team of pokers to bombard your enemies (and friends)!

The Testing Rubric got drastically changed! When getting tested, you can now either ask your tester for 3 single duels, or 1 match duel. However in the single duels, the highest you can get is blue, and the match duels are way harder. Best of luck to those who want to get tested!

For those who don't know, there are new changes to the shop! You can read more about them here:

And for winning a match duel, you get 25 credits instead of 15. That means future tournament prizes will skyrocket.

Also, we removed some things too. Like the transitions for the toolbar. May they rest in piece. And the thing that showed you how many people were viewing a forum. May that rest in piece as well. Also that white skin I loved so much. May it rest in pizza.

Other things to expect: Tournament Rules, A new Dice Game, and Dazo getting a life.
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