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AKA Update #2: Eric's Update

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AKA Update #2: Eric's Update

Post by Alisae on Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:04 pm

"Oh my gawd, didn't we just have an update like *checks for latest update* 2 days ago! Oh my gawd Dazo, why are you spamming! Plz demote." You're all probably thinking this, but not only do we have new updates to the forums, but rather some news as well. And we could have some new content in the next update, thats for sure. But I still need to work on the dice game I need to add that I said I would add in the last update, and tournament rules are still yet to be published, so we got some time.

The first part of news is probably going to be the biggest: We wanna give a warm welcome back to the man, the myth, the legend: @Metsrule97 AKA Eric. He's been away for the first month, and the admin team (me) has mostly gotten him up to par with most admin stuff, but there's still some things he lacks, and we're working on it. But with that said, with him back now, our admin team is officially completely (until Ruby demotes someone). So he'll be hanging around doing things.

Next we also have something new towards the forum: Our menu! That means finding links now takes less effort. A lot less effort. Cause we have everything thats important for you. Up there. That's right, there. You probably don't know where there is, but you'll figure it out. Anyhow I just need to work on that goddam event tra-

And lastly, we got our chatbox tab suggestion thread! You can read more about it here:
Though, you should probably be aware: We're going to be very picky about what tabs we do, and don't include. After all, a lot of tabs will just make things get messy, so at a point, we're going to have to stop allowing requests.

With that said, I think I may have a few ideas for tabs myself I would like to bring up for suggestion. If you guys like them, then say so, I'll add them. They are the League Tab and the Mafia Tab. The League tab for those who mostly wanna talk LoL, so that those that don't play LoL will understand (probably other games would be more appropriate).

And then there's the Mafia tab. Some people are probs like "What the fuck? Dazo, are you tripping acid?" And I trust you, I am not on any kind of this groovy thing known as LSD whatsoever. Definitely not! Mafia is played as a party game. The scenario is that the Mafia are trying to take over the town, and the town have to fight back. Basically, you are given a role, sided with either the Mafia or the Town, and your goal is to get your side to victory through debating, and strategically weeding out the opposing team(s).

I'm going to leave Pokemon Showdown's Mafia room's website and guide on how to play it here so you can learn more about it, but I'm not going to implement it if no one is gonna play it. We'll probably have a weekly Mafia event, or just live if a staff member wants to host it, and we have at least 6 people. So I'm going to leave these links here, and then you nerds decide if you want this or not. So... Discuss!
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