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[TAoB] Kichi Oh

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[TAoB] Kichi Oh

Post by JessWolfa on Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:19 pm

Kichi Oh
Eternal Conjurers


A Delightful fully-grown curvaceous and well-endowed adult woman white slightly tanned skinned with
long waving glaring blue hair and A crimson scar line that runs across her face. she looks significantly older than her age often being mistaken for someone in the range of 18-21.

Clothes: A range of clothes though mainly she wears a colour pallet of either black and orange or White and green. Though it's very rare she isn't wearing her Black leather jacket.

Additionally, she has a literal Skull Mask which often sits on her head and is only really worn in moments of needed to take something extremely serious. Her skull mask also differs slightly from a normal human skull; features appearing sharper with a pair of curved horns, but still missing some of its teeth somewhat giving hints of the Goat Zodiac.

Kichi Kaida is quite good natured with a very strong and healthy personality on her front; not letting any strong emotions come to the surface and controlling these emotions to drive herself further whether they be pits of despair or heights of happiness; despite this she is not above crying. When wearing her skull masked this all changes and she is able to put all her emotions to one side becoming an extremely cold weapon.
Calm collected with a strong emotional intelligence along has no problem laying her life down for a good cause; even if it's simply letting a friend escape which creates the foundation of her strong moral code.
Always up for a duel and is very competitive, and will always step up for other people.

At times can be childish, and loves to dance.


During her previous days as a student, she often would find herself cursed as if those around her treated her like she didn't exist at all this also included her teachers and thus she found herself alone with her only escape being that of Yugioh the world she could exist. Was homeless for a long period of time until being forced into education and has no idea of her family or pass though she was not abandoned and simply ended up lost from her family.
Left vague on purpose

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Re: [TAoB] Kichi Oh

Post by necruta on Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:22 pm


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