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[TAoB] Kaoru Watabe

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[TAoB] Kaoru Watabe

Post by Allure Queen on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:35 pm

Name: Kaoru Watabe

Gender: Female

Age: Fifteen

Appearance: She has dark brown hair that is normally in a long side braid. Hazel brown eyes, she also wears circular-shaped glasses. For a young teenager, she is very developed, wearing what seems like a "maid" inspired outfit of sorts. The first portion consists of a white shirt, that extends the front part of her frilled top, exposing her cleavage. She has a red ribbon tied on her neck area. Over that, she wears a short blue dress that is tightened, reaching her knees.


Personality: Kaoru tends not to socialize with those she does not know well, however, she is not afraid to create new friendships. Kaoru lives life to the fullest and accepts everyone for who they are with open arms. Although, this can some times be the downfall of her, as she may accidentally put herself in a situation that she did not mean to get herself into. Respectful and always appropriate, she does deal well with evil people and tries to avoid negativity at all costs. Among those traits, she never wants to pick a fight with anyone and tries to distance herself from conflict.

Backstory: A young but intelligent girl, Kaoru is from a small town and a low-class family who has beaten many odds in her life to still be standing to this day. Before exploring life, she was a stay-at-home baker for her Grandmother's business which had been up since even before her parents were born. Kaoru has lived with her Grandmother ever since she could remember, as she was later told growing up that her parents tragically died after swerving off a cliff, dying instantly when their car exploded in the wilderness. Kaoru's family comes from a long line of different bone diseases and would hope nothing would get the best of her during her life.

Unfortunately for her, however, she contracted an illness where she had immovability of her legs, making her bed ridden and unable to do anything for her Grandmother or for herself at the time. Although this disease made her very depressed, it was a blessing in disguise when she turned on the television and noticed that someone named Athena Asamiya, who had been a part of what is known as the King of Fighters Tournament, had so much determination and strength to beat all the odds she went through and would do her best and push forward no matter what. Before the tournament, Kaoru sent a letter to Athena and notified her and the Psycho Soliders (the name of Athena's team) of her story and wished them luck in that tournament (This was during the year 1997).

Athena was moved by her story and sent Kaoru tickets to the finals of their KOF Tournament. Although they lost to the Japan Team, Athena, Kensou and Chin (two other members) met Kaoru. Due to the Psycho Soldiers support and respect, Kaoru had the courage to get through the rest of her medical treatment and was cleansed of her disease. Because of Athena, this girl now had the courage and strength to do anything she put her mind to. Abruptly after she was cured, her Grandmother passed away, leaving her to tend to the dojo that was left behind and being the only remaining piece of her family left.

Kaoru was invited to associate herself around the temple of the Psycho Soldiers and since then, has watched over the temple, but since she has heard about Duel Monsters, Athena encouraged her to try it out, instead of study up on it so much. Although having never dueled or even played before, she knows of a few cards and small, small basics. Nervous, but adventurous, she travels out into the world, only hoping to see what this opportunity will bring her as she is not used to being out in the world by herself.

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Re: [TAoB] Kaoru Watabe

Post by necruta on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:38 pm


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