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Jack Goodsworth [TAob]

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Jack Goodsworth [TAob]

Post by Firebreath on Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:23 am

Name: Jack Goodsworth
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Tall looking teenager with brown hair and sharp eyes, he usually wears a white shirt, jeans, and a light blue plaid shirt.

Personality: Jack is a weird one. On the outside he reveals regular emotions of a boy, he has fun he seems completely normal. On the inside though, his brain isn't quite right, seeing things differently than most people, puts him in an almost lost trance some of the times. An example of some of the things he might see, which can be dark but he's gotten used to it is that some people to him look like they are smiling so much that their muscles are ripping apart, the skin itself stretching out blood coming out of their faces, all the while still smiling. This is one of the many things he see's throughout the day. His dreams though are more normal than anything he experiences throughout the day. (If its too dark for Rp ill cut that shit down xD)

Backstory: Jack was born in a small family, a mother and brother, growing up in a small suburban town. Everything about his childhood was small, around the age of 6 he started to notice that things were different, though he kept it hidden thinking it was not that big of a problem, he lived most of his life enjoying this extra view point on the world, it gave him promising images, something to laugh at sometimes. Though around the age of 15 it would start to get darker which disturbed him but he would get used to it, he assumed that it would go away after a few years. This was the reason why applied for the yugioh academy, it was a game he liked to play with some of the very few friends he had made through out the years, and for some reason he wouldn't see any of the crazy images, he would see the world for what it really is. So joining an academy was an instant click for Jack.

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Re: Jack Goodsworth [TAob]

Post by necruta on Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:25 am


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