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Wonderland: Jade Wilson

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Wonderland: Jade Wilson

Post by Führer Lunarnox on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:04 pm

Full name:Jade Wilson

Gender: Female


Age: 43 Years old

Religion: None.

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 115 lb.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Very Dark Blue

Face Claim:

Special Traits: Tattoo on her right arm.

Personality: On the battlefield she is cold and calculated. She would do anything for the mission, even she could die. She kills without remorse, as she has become use to the fact that death will happen. Now colder than before, she has gone back to her mercenary ways of having little emotion on the outside. The only thing she shows any sort of emotion towards, may it be good or bad ones, is her daughter Last Order aka A.A.

The Gift:

Background: Jade grew up living a fairly normal life growing up as a kid. Instead of going to college however, she joined the military at 18. Jade had to go through intense training, from using firearms, hand to hand combat, field medic training, and combat simulations. Within 2 years she was the best of her squadron and became a squad leader. 6 months later she was dishonorably discharged for killing a squad-mate who actually went rouge, but she was framed for killing an innocent. Before going to jail she was contacted by the leader of a special forces group, offering for her to work for them or face the sentence. She agreed and worked with them for 3 years, obtaining more experience.. Retired from active duty at 26, Jade needed another way to pass the time, so why not join the spirit users.

Afterwards, she went on many missions with the spirit users, meeting her lover and later on wife Alanna. Then with Alanna, their combined spirit made A.A, who was made into a human after the recreation. Jade lived a life with Alanna for a good amount of time until Alanna got sick and died. Destroyed mentally and emotionally, Jade became angry and secluded, often lashing out at her daughter when she doesn't want to. Now, she works as a Freelancer agent, doing whatever task is asked of her.
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Re: Wonderland: Jade Wilson

Post by Firebreath on Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:44 am

Accepted, you will be given your first skill when the "Gift" is unlocked in the Rp. Early in chapter 1.

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