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SF2 Wonderland Character Sheet: Ravin Necron

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SF2 Wonderland Character Sheet: Ravin Necron

Post by Dragonecro0987 on Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:19 pm

Full Name: Ravin Necron

Gender: Male

Species: Necrosian - The term for the people of Necrosia. Necrosians, by birth, have pale horns, pointed ears, and pale blue skin naturally. However they can mask their appearance to look human.

Age: 24

Religion: None

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 150 lb (250 lb wearing his armor)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Stormy Grey

Face Claim:
Out of Armor:
In Armor:

Special Traits: Ravin's Armor, the Omega Striker Armor, is made of a special Tungsten-based alloy. Another key ingredient of this armor is Morphtanium, an element from Ravin's time period that shifts the chemical balance of the armor and give it unique resistances to particular attributes. However Morphtanium requires a trigger device or catalyst to trigger. For Ravin, his catalyst is his bond with his dog Tarnhelm.

Personality: Ravin is partially kind to those he considers worthy. Coming from a future where people are all kind except for the liars and thieves who wish to cause chaos, Ravin has learned to hate people who, inherently cause chaos. Ravin finds the Past as interesting, but feels his world and its technology is better than the past.

The Gift: N/A

Background: Born in the future, Ravin Necron is the grandson of the King of Necrosia, Shinyo Necron. Ravin's life in the future was calm and peaceful and everyone was happy. Ravin lived in a nice home with his dog, Tarnhelm, and his little sister Ambrosia.

One day, some kind of force wave washed over Ravin's hometown and the world he inhabits that turned it on its head. Criminals and Convicts were super charged with some kind of magical energy that allowed for them to cause chaos. The event, soon named the Magic Boon, also cause Tarnhelm and Ravin to become bonded . The man and man's best friend duo fought in this utopia turned dis-topia and soon found the cause of the Magic Boon. Someone had uncovered ancient ruins in which a demonic force called Flandre resided and Flandre, having been imprisoned for over 5 centuries, symbiotically bonded with the person who accidentally released her and created the Magic Boon to let loose the stored up power.

Knowing his new goal, Ravin went to find the person who was bound to Flandre. He was shocked however, as the person he hunted for was his own sister and Flandre turned Ambrosia from kind and sweet into a stone cold assassin.

Ravin was disgusted and as he tried to help, Flandre made him suffer. She took away one of Ravin's eyes and scarred his body with cuts, burns, and bruises. Ravin then met a scientist name Dr. Makros who replaced the torn eye with a robotic eye that enhances Ravin's line of sight as well as the Omega Striker Armor with a Warp Drive that fed on a power source to allow him the power to warp back in time in order to make sure Ambrosia did not accidentally release Flandre but in his desperation, he set the Warp Drive too far and was flung back to his great grandfather's time. He then decided to try and find Flandre's orb and remove it from its original location to hopefully save his time period.

Weapons: Ravin keeps 2 capsules concealed with him at all times and his Omega Striker Armor stores 6 capsules in special compartments. These capsules that are from the future are registered to Ravin and will only open for him via fingerprint scan. The capsules are also hack proof and Ravin can swap the capsules as he sees fit before being deployed for a mission. The 2 capsules he carries varies between his weapons.

Ravin's main weapons include the following:

  • An energy saber set that are powered by a photon generator in the handle that has a crystal to boost its charge and turn it into a blade capable of cutting through a boulder with ease.
  • Dual handguns called Omega Handguns. These guns are modified 5-7 handguns with 10 shots per clip. Ravin can also use 2 energy to create a brand new clip to reload the guns. They can fire both energy shots and regular ammo as well as specialized ammo for specific missions; such as assassinations and infiltration.
  • A multi-purpose assault rifle that can fire a variety of ammunition and has special attachments to turn it into a shotgun or sniper rifle
  • a Cyber Shield made of photons that are specially designed to repel items used against it.

Capsule FC:
Energy Saber FC:
Omega Handgun FC:
M.A.W.S. Cyber Rifle FC:
Energy Shield FC:

Name: Satanael
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Necro's Theme Song:


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Re: SF2 Wonderland Character Sheet: Ravin Necron

Post by Firebreath on Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:19 pm

Character Accepted

Necro will be starting out with armor, but that is because future and it would be stupid to give it to him in chapter 1. Because that type of future is in chapter 4.

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