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Mafia for a Week! Easy Way to Earn Credits

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Mafia for a Week! Easy Way to Earn Credits

Post by Alisae on Sat Feb 06, 2016 2:51 am

The title says it all. For this week, until next Friday, the Mafia tab will become an offical tab. In here, whenever we have activity in the chatbox, I will be offering to host mafia games.

For those that have no knowledge of Mafia, its Town of Salem except only with the town and mafia role, and it's done in a chatbox.

For those who have no knowledge of Town of Salem, there are 2 phase: Night and Day. During the night phase, the mafia must kill 1 person. During the day phase, you get 10 minutes to decide who you want to lynch.

To play 1 full game of Mafia, we need at least 4 players minimum. And we can have as many that want to play as is. For ever 4 players, we get 1 mafia member. THE MORE PLAYERS, THE FUNNER IT GETS.

There will also be prizes! Mafia member get 40 Credits for winning a round, while the town (including dead) get 30 Credits. If you are alive however and you win by being apart of the town, you get 40 credits instead of 30.

Make sure you stick around for when I chose to host mafia games, cause its an easy opportunity for credits. Everyone who participated can say that they had fun (at least I hope so). Besides Joshy. He died night 1 everytime. May we have a moment of silence for Joshy's deaths.
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