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Wonderland: Parker Dreavana Akeldama

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Wonderland: Parker Dreavana Akeldama

Post by Sentinelle on Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:30 am

Name: Parker Dreavana Akeldama

Nickname: "Dreava"

Gender: Female

Species: Human(cursed)

Age: 13

Religion: Indifferent

Height: 5 ft 4

Weight: 80 lbs

Hair Color(apparent): Red
Hair Color(actual): Black

Eye Color(apparent): Brown
Eye Color(actual): Blue

Face Claim:
Face-Claim for People like Ten:

Special Traits/Appearance: Parker has a tendency to wear mismatched outfits, since she really doesn't care what she wears and most of the time just grabs the first two things she can find. Despite that, she doesn't like it when her hair is messy, so she always finds the time to brush her long, mousy red hair. Her eyes are so brown that they are rather mesmerizing, in the sense that Parker's gaze can almost make people feel sleepy. Many boys find Parker to be unusually pretty in a petit sort of way, even though most people older than her won't admit it on the grounds that she is younger than them.

Personality: Most of the time, Parker is asleep. When she is awake, she is always drowsy and often clumsy, with sunken eyes and a slight monotone in her voice. Even though Parker is very small, she makes up for it with pure, undiluted brain power. She thinks extremely quickly, like a very adept battle tactitian. Parker is indifferent towards most people at first, since she has her own conflicts, and although she is smart, there are times when she is too drowsy to think things through to their fullest extent.
Likes: Sleeping, Mental Challenges, Reading
Dislikes: Reckless People, Being Woken Up, Messy hair, "Feelings"

The Gift: (Keep this empty)

Background: Parker was born a prodigy. At the age of one, she could speak extremely clearly and say full sentences worth of words. At age three, she taught herself how to read and frequently went to the library on her own. Her parents, instead of marveling over their daughter, called her a noisy chatterbox and constantly told her to shut up. They were more intent on swindling people. Her father ran a pawn shop and constantly got products for thousands of dollars less than they were actually worth, while her mother was a gambling addict who had found numerous ways to cheat people through her years of experience. Parker was distraught at first, but she learned that her parents weren't like normal parents, as they hadn't the foggiest idea of how to raise a daughter in the first place. Heck, she was willing to bet that they barely knew their own child's gender, hence why she had been given a name which was most normally given to boys.
Parker was five and a half when she enrolled in school, as her parents had been late to sign her up for school on account of their neglective behavior. When Parker entered school, she was immediately showered with marveling teachers and students at her odd cognitive abilities. She didn't know what to think of it, she wasn't really a fan of all the attention.
Parker ended up skipping a few grades. Eventually she found herself at a prestiged high school, which, at her current age, was still something she found rather easy. However, she found it difficult to make friends in this new school setting. Everyone she met was either jealous of her or simply ignored her.
Bored with her high school assignments, Parker started delving into her own research and tried to figure out things on her own about the world. She started with the phenomenon that was her own intelligence. Despite her prodigal behavior, she was always a large believer in the ways of magic and supernatural things, and decided to start her investigation there. She tried to find everything she could about the ways of magic. Through her investigations, she was one day greeted by her mother after coming home from school, who told Parker that she had been mailed a letter. She tossed the letter to the curious 11 year old and returned to her over-the-phone bingo tournament. Parker was elated as she tore open the letter. It was written on a sheet of pink paper, with two typed sentences and an address that looked like it had been scrawled on hastily in black ink:
Parker found this a little shady, but Death's Door actually was a location near her. After realizing that her parents wouldn't really care either way, she decided to attend whatever was about to happen, grabbing her father's cell phone in case of an emergency.
Parker arrived to find a lady who looked about 19-20 years old. She had short pink hair, black garments and a pointy hat, indicating that she was a witch of sorts. The woman set her brilliant, bloodred eyes on Parker as she approached and smiled.
"You made it."
Parker proceeded to have a conversation about the laws and rules of magic, as well as plenty of other useful things about her search.
After about thirty minutes, Parker stood to bid the lady goodbye. Her expression changed.
"Oh, I almost forgot." She gently pressed two fingers to Parker's head, causing her to suddenly feel faint and tired.
"You shouldn't dabble with magical affairs without knowing what you're doing, dear girl. Now sleep..."
Those were the last words poor Parker heard before she passed out.
Parker awoke in her bedroom, but it barely felt like she was awake at all. Her eyelids were still heavy. Everything she had had on her had been removed from her person; cell phone, clothes, everything. Confused, Parker put on a new set of clothes, but the cell phone was gone for good.
As she went downstairs, Parker found that she was extremely clumsy while moving. She wanted to go back to sleep. Coming downstairs, she found that the woman had done more damage than Parker had originally thought.
Her parents both had their eyes closed, keeled over on the floor. Parker checked their pulses. They were both dead as doorstops.
Parker was too drowsy to be panicked. Her parents had never truly cared for her, and at least now she wouldn't have to face the wrath from her father of having to pay for losing his phone. Parker assessed the situation. If the police came, which they eventually would if people stopped seeing her parents around, they would have to find a culprit for the murder. And their most obvious solution would be to ultimately frame her. Granted, Parker could easily put the blame on someone else, as her parents had numerous enemies from the people they had cheated over the years, but the fact of the matter was that this was her fault. Her curiosity had killed them. Parker decided that she could not stay, so she put together a list of essentials and small trinkets which she had grown attached to, threw them in a knapsack, and left on her bike.
As she soon found out, she was very inept at riding a bicycle whilst trying to stay awake. She crashed numerous times and received numerous cuts and bruises, but somehow managed to get about a mile away from her home before entering a nearby motel and paying for a room with money she had taken from under her father's mattress. Seconds, after Parker closed the door, she fell over and passed out on the cold, crusty carpet.
Parker's eyes fluttered open. She looked around to discover she was once again back in her bedroom. Anger boiled inside her. All of that was for nothing. She sighed and got up again, looking down at herself. Parker was surprised to find that she was wearing her school uniform; a white, long sleeved shirt, red sleeveless vest and white skirt. These were the same clothes she had been wearing before the incident had occurred. She felt the fabric of her vest. It felt real. Then, coming to a stop, her eyes widened.
She was no longer tired.
Whatever curse had been placed on her was gone. Parker was free. It would be as if nothing had happened. It would be as if-
"Foolish girl..." The voice echoed throughout the room, the hallway, and Parker's mind. Parker suddenly felt sick to her stomach. Bile rose in her throat, but she fought back the urge to vomit.
"You chose this path." The voice said. "It has led you to endless torture..."
And just like that, the image of Parker's room was ripped to pieces. She fell, screaming, into an icy darkness before hearing a sound similar to bones cracking.
Parker stood at the foot of an abyss. Everything around her was black laced with white, chaotic patterns that would have driven anyone else insane. Parker recognized the patterns. It was the checkered suit her father always wore in the mornings before heading to work. It was at that time every day when he was at his best, which for Parker meant the time he was cruelest to her.
Parker sank to her knees. Now that the curse had lifted, she was hit with the full force of what had just happened to her. Her parents had been killed, she had been cursed and she was now on the run. She pressed her palms to her face and wept, tears running through the spaces between her fingers.
"Get up." The voice said again. Parker looked up from her now-soaked hands to find the owner of said voice.
It was...Parker.
Parker stared at what would have been a mirror image of herself, with a few major differences. Parker had black hair and blue eyes, but this girl had white hair and green eyes. Not eyes that were green like the sea, or like lush grasses and herbs, but eyes that induced fear and pain, a mottled lighter green like sea scum or acid. Also, Parker was adorned in her school uniform, but this girl was dressed in completely different attire; black leggings, a purple shirt and silver jacket. Finally, this girl's expression was not a face that Parker would make at anyone, even her deadbeat parents. It was an expression of tortured madness.
"You're as pathetic as I assumed you'd be." The girl said.
Parker spoke in between erratic breaths from her crying from earlier. "Wh...who..."
The girl's twisted smile seemed to be accentuated by the checkered walls of the box she was in. "I am Dormire. The god of this world. And you bow to me."
On the word bow, Dormire thrust her foot down onto the back of Parker's head. Her forehead hit the floor hard and she cried out in pain.
"Weakling...I'm going to have fun making you suffer." Dormire chuckled evilly.
Parker whimpered. "Wh-wh-why are you doing this to me?"
"Because I can. I want to make you suffer through all of the pain you deserve." Dormire lifted her heel off of Parker's head. She sat up shakily. "I..."
"Do not speak, ingrate." Dormire's fists lit up with black energy. Parker shakily scooted backwards, but was stopped cold and found that she couldn't move. She was scared, no doubt.
Dormire waved her hand, and a large contraption appeared, complete with a rope and a large, rectangular blade. A guillotine. She grabbed Parker and forced her onto the neck rest. Parker couldn't move, she was petrified.
"You're...going to kill me?" She managed to squeak out.
"No." Dormire smiled. "I'm just going to wake you up." She disappeared, leaving Parker with the guillotine. Parker still couldn't move, but the checkered walls collapsed around her, revealing a new scene.
She was looking at two strange figures that resembled glass curving outwards, into an image that Parker barely recognized, since she had been half asleep when she saw it. With a shock, she realized that it was the motel room she currently resided in.
Parker was staring straight through her own eyes.
With a start, she woke up. She felt around. Everything seemed natural. She groggily went to the bathroom and glanced into a mirror. Her eyes were sunken, her skin was pale and she once again felt drowsy and clumsy. It was a cycle.
And so, for an entire year, Parker traveled around the continent. Whenever she was awake, she would almost die on a daily basis from being too tired to move out of the way, always wanting nothing more than to go back to sleep, and when she was asleep, she would be hurt physically, mentally and emotionally by Dormire. Parker could feel herself slipping, succumbing to the sleep curse. She had absolutely nothing to drive her to fight back.
Roughly one year ever since the incident, Parker was so beaten down that she had stopped going forward. She had been taken off the streets by a kindhearted old man who told her she could stay upstairs for as long as she wanted. She barely even left the room, as she spent half the day asleep, only coming downstairs to get food. One day, Parker came downstairs for breakfast and found that the old man wasn't there. She could vaguely hear muffled construction sounds outside that hadn't been there before. After finishing her daily morning bagel, Parker experimentally attempted to wak outside to see what was going on. She opened the door and was stunned to find a wrecking ball in front of the house, waiting to smash it down. With a start, Parker realized what had happened. Through the few conversations she had had with the old man and observation of her surroundings, she had realized that his house was very, very old. She had also realized that the man had a strong case of memory loss. Chances were, he had forgotten about her and vacated the premises. Parker gulped. The men in the construction truck most likely would not be able to see her, which meant she had roughly five seconds before she was going to die. Suddenly, her senses cleared, and she took off for the back door, rushing through and jumping over the fence. The wrecking ball came down, unleashing a shower of bricks. Miraculously, Parker survived the oncoming onslaught of bricks without a scratch, but she was now lying in the grass, once again asleep.
Parker was once again brought into her white and black torture room, complete with the presence of Dormire.
" survived..." Dormire said.
"I...I could think clearly. What was that?"
"It was me. I can do that, but only in a life or death situation, and only for a few seconds, after which you immediately fall asleep."
"But don't you want me to die?"
Dormire smiled coldly. "Oh, no. I want to keep you alive as long as I can." She walked forwards and brushed her hand against Parker's cheek before forcefully grabbing her by the throat. Parker whimpered and lost all motion in her body as Dormire's hand lit with black fire, the same fire storing behind her eyes. Parker screamed, the searing pain touching her.
"That way I can make you suffer for as long as I can..." Her dream ripped away again, leaving Parker alone in a vast area of salmon-colored land. Somehow, Parker knew that this was how she pictured her own brain. At the end, there was a small, black dot.  Parker walked towards it, but after a while found herself back where she had started.
"The occipital lobe...also known as my domain. You'll never be able to reach it, unless you want torture beyond belief..." Parker's world shattered as she stared back into her glassy eyes.
Parker snapped awake and looked around. All she could see was darkness, and she felt what felt like hard leather, hearing engines from outside. With a shock, she realized she was in the trunk of a car. Parker assessed the situation. She remembered reading an article about what to do when kidnapped, and she decided to use that knowledge now. Parker, still drowsy and tired, managed to kick out one of the tail lights on the car. She looked outside and eventually got a bearing of where she was, but by the time she had, it was too late. The car stopped and the trunk lifted, revealing the gnarled face of a man who looked like he was in his thirties, with disheveled hair and a stubbly beard. He grabbed Parker, who could barely fight back, and threw her into a small, empty tool shack outside of his house, locking the door behind her.
Parker spent the week cooped up in that shed. The man came in the shack at 8:00 every morning/evening and routinely raped her. Parker was finally close to going insane. Not only had she been held hostage by her own consciousness, but she spent all of her time awake struggling to stay awake, much less survive. But there was nothing in the room to kill or maim herself with, which was both a shame and a reprieve to Parker.
Parker was one day awoken by the sound of the shack door bursting open. Cops filled the scene and rescued Parker. While on the way to the station, Parker overheard their conversations. Apparently, the man who had been raping her had been caught and arrested with the cops finding her in the shack shortly afterwards. The cops took Parker back to their station, giving her some hot chocolate and asking her to answer a few questions. Parker managed to stay awake through the whole conversation and give the cops the information they desired about the criminal. They seemed to understand that she had gone through some trauma in the past week, so they allowed her to stay at the station for another week before finding her a home at a local orphanage. During her time there, Parker gradually got better and more relaxed, no longer wanting to kill herself. Besides, death wouldn't mean relief from pain. It would bring loss of all feeling.
After a month of living at the orphanage, Parker felt content, even through the torture she went through while asleep. Parker feel asleep one night, and after seven hours of pure pain, she awoke to a beautiful sun shining through the open curtains in her window. Life was good. The curse was hurting her, no doubt, but at least she had a life to look forward to when awake, instead of being on the run.
"I'm alright now..." She thought to herself as she feel back asleep peacefully.
The next time Parker awoke, she would be in Wonderland.

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Re: Wonderland: Parker Dreavana Akeldama

Post by Sentinelle on Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:14 am

(Bumping this topic, since I won't be on most of the day on account of the fact that I'm sick and I'm not sure what more Fire wants me to show him in order to accept my character. I'll try to be on for the actual Roleplay start.)

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Re: Wonderland: Parker Dreavana Akeldama

Post by Firebreath on Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:19 pm

Character Accepted

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Re: Wonderland: Parker Dreavana Akeldama

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