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Wonderland: Aegan Dusileet

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Wonderland: Aegan Dusileet

Post by necruta on Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:56 pm

Full name:Aegan Dusileet


Species: Drustian. Basicially a Drow with some differences.

Age: 16

Religion: None

Height: 1.6m

Weight: 55kg

Hair color: White

Eye color: Red

Face Claim:

Special Traits: Able to absorb Gems into his bodily structure as a way to gain nutrients besides the normal ways.

Personality: Aegan is rash and very stubborn and will rarely change his mind about something whe he has formed an opinion about it. He tends to act without thinking and just rush forwards without thinking about the consequences. He gets really excited when gems are involved and will prioritize the gems over the original goal without exception. Worried more about things being fun and enjoyable then about what is actually happening or what would happen and would intervene if things aren't fun ore exciting to make it more fun to experience or look at.

The Gift: (Keep this empty)

Background: Minutes after the Universe was created Aegan was born. Having a relatively normal childhood Aegan spend his time learning basic things like reading and calculus. However they didn't seem to spark a huge interest with him. When he was 5 years old a Gem crafter came to his villaget to set up shop there and the moment Aegan saw the gems he KNEW that was what he wanted to do when he grew up. Work with gems. From time to time the craftsman came to his village and everytime Aegan learned more and more about the gems the man was carrying on him. About how to handle them, where they were usually found, how much they were worth (he couldn't fanthom the numbers the man said but they sounded big) and their mystical powers some believed they contained.

When he was 7 after one of the lessons from the craftsman he went to bed being dead tired he heard a weird distorted voice from a place which was completely black. "If the Imagination learns about the answer of the most important question, then it will cease to be. In it's place there will be a light shining brightly, not because of it's light but because of the light shining upon it." As he heard these words a few distorted faced started to haunt his dreams, nine in total but he couldn't make out their faces at all. As soon as all the faces slowly faded away a loud noise and a bright light appeared causing him to wake up from his dream drenched in sweat.

Over the years he kept having the same dream over and over again and he got used to it but was never able to make out any of their faces. During the day he kept learning about the gems and their attributes from the crafter and when he became 15 years old he was allowed to help at his shop from time to time due to him knowing enough to help some customers despite being extremely young.

A few days ago he went on a trip with the crafter to see where he got his gems from and would teach Aegan the ways of bargaining to get cheaper gems so that the profit would become greater. During the trip they stopped because it was getting late and they needed a break, using his knowledge while exploring Aegan spotted a Agate geode in the walls of the cave they were currently in. Using the tools they had with them both he and his teacher pulled it out of the wall and then his teacher asked him what he wanted to do with it, it was him who found it after all. He wanted to keep it as it was the first gem he had found but it was too big for him to carry around, during the rest of the trip the crafter made it into a sphere he could easily carry around. The moment Aegan touched it his body absorbed the agate into his body. Panicking about what happened to his gem, the crafter explained what had just happened to it. He had realised it too late, in his shop Aegan ALWAYS carried gloves so that the gems and the juwelery wasn't directly touched. However now he touched it with his bare skin and thus it was absorbed into his body and it was using it as nutrients.

Sad about his loss but happy it had happened with the one he found and not one of his master's creations in the shop they continued their trip. A day before they were supposed to arrive at their destination Aegan had the dream again, it had been a while since he had it however where as it normally ended with aloud bang and a flash of light it felt now as if he fell down into the darkness and the light never came, he shot up awakening from his dream and looked around only to see a small sandy island with a single palm tree on it not knowing what happened he fell back and hoped someone could explain what had just happened, but this wouldn't change anything so he closed his eyes and went back to sleep hoping that after he had a good night of sleep something would have changed or that he would be able to think of something.

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Re: Wonderland: Aegan Dusileet

Post by Firebreath on Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:44 pm

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