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Wonderland: Declan Ashveil

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Wonderland: Declan Ashveil

Post by Tamashii on Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:29 pm

Full name: Declan Ashveil

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 25

Religion: None

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160 lbs

Hair color: Black with a silver tint

Eye color: Grey

Face Claim: Pale white skin that slightly shines in the moonlight; Grey eyes that are dull no matter how much light is shining on them; Has a "gloomy" look to him (although he's always optimistic); Short black hair with medium-length bangs that are cut asymmetrically; pale lips.

Special Traits: Does not believe in good nor evil; Loathes those who steal.

Personality: Declan prefers to remain alone and to himself. Calm and collected, he never speaks unless spoken to or unless the timing feels right for him to speak. Usually the timing involves him having to put someone in their place, or is to show respect toward a superior. Declan is usually quite mellow and rarely smiles, but he does enjoy having fun with either his comrades or friends.

The Gift:

Background: Not much is known about a ronin who wanders the world. Usually, this is because they have nothing to tell. It's always the same story: Travel from place to place in silence. Their hoods or hats always cover their face, and they always leave a dark or troubled past in their demeanor. That is why they wander; they wander because they feel it will set things right in their world. This story is no different. There is no special case for this particular ronin. The only difference is, this man is never alone like most ronins are; this man walks with the wind by his side.

Fifteen years ago, at the age of ten, a young boy named Declan Ashveil began to take an interest in the ancient art of the samurai of feudal Japan. He loved every single thing about them: Their stories, their legends, their swords, everything. Taking notice in this, his father began to search for a teacher who could train him. Eventually, he found an old man at the far edge of town who was willing to train him.

Over the next several years, Declan was trained in several martial arts, ranging from Tae Kwon Do to Jujitsu to Hapkido; but his favorite art to learn was the art of Iaido. Iaido was the art of sheathing the blade and unsheathing it for quick, deliberate strikes and then resheathing it. For years, up until his 21st birthday, Declan would go to school and afterwards would go straight to the old man in order to train. On his 21st birthday, the teacher gifted him with Izayoi--his most valuable possession and a very powerful sword. It was legendary, and was only passed down through the generations...but it wasn't exactly a secret. One day, the old man asked Declan if he could go to the local store and pick up some groceries for him as a favor. Without hesitating, Declan ran out the door and went to the store to pick up what the man asked for.

Upon returning, however, Declan opened the door and stared, petrified at what he had seen. The house was torn apart; the television was shattered, the couches were flipped, and every picture had been smashed. Declan dropped the groceries and ran up the stairs to his teacher's bedroom. There, he found his teacher in bed, motionless...

As the paramedics carted the bag containing his teacher's body into the ambulance, Declan overheard them speaking about him. Apparently, the teacher's house was broken into in search for Izayoi, which Declan had with him. Gripping Izayoi in his hand, Declan picked up the bag of food he had just bought and began to walk...and walk...and walk...Declan traveled from place to place in search of whomever it was that murdered his teacher in cold blood, and for the next 4 years he wandered, vowing to avenge his master.

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Re: Wonderland: Declan Ashveil

Post by Firebreath on Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:35 pm

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