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Wonderland: Katz character sheet

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Wonderland: Katz character sheet

Post by MetsRule97 on Fri Feb 12, 2016 9:04 pm

Full name: Katz Rose

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Angel/Dragon

Age: 17


Height: 5'7

Weight: 132 pounds

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Red

Face Claim:

Special Traits: Suffers from Narcolepsy

Personality: Katz is a cold person. Like his sister, he doesn't talk much and has a mysterious personality. From Alisae's viewpoint, Katz is a gentle person who has always cared for her. He is deeply devoted to his sister. Around his best friends Alisae, Cylon, and Spark, he tends to be the 'leader' in which he decides what they do, and listens to other ideas of course. He tends to lead their band.

The Gift:

Background: Katz was the first born child of Jaden and Sasha Rose, growing up he always looked up to his father and wanted to train under him. He however is cold towards people he doesn't know but once he gets to know people he opens up. At a young age his Mother and Father were killed, leaving him and his sister alone in the world. He met his best friends Cylon and Spark and eventually they formed a band. He took his father's leadership trait and Trains every other day to stay strong, after hearing his father's stories he wanted to become a hero, just like his father and his team were (Except when they weren't and his father's uncle decided not to go to the bar with the depressed lady, leading to everything bad that happened) Katz suffers from Narcolepsy though and has been dealing with it since a young age. Katz strives to become stronger to make up for his mother and fathers death. Katz had been out on his own training when suddenly he woke up on a sandy beach, not knowing where he was, and that's where the story begins.


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Re: Wonderland: Katz character sheet

Post by Firebreath on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:12 am

Character Accepted

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