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Wonderland: Nox

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Wonderland: Nox

Post by Lunarnox on Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:58 am

Name: Nox

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 38

Religion: Primidog

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair Color: Silvery blue

Eye Color: Blue

Body stopped aging after 21.
Nox is slim but physically fit  and extremely agile. Beneath her clothing her body is covered in scars. She wears a form fitting black leather armor  reinforced with metal in some places, especially the arms, shoulders and  hands. Additionally she wears a mask to cover her face and a faded and  tattered dark red cloak. She carries a heavy bladed naginata and two katana-like swords.

Special Traits: N/A / mentioned above.

Personality: Nox is a raging  kleptomaniac, unable to resist the urge to steal anything and everything  for no other reason than it's there. However she never steals from  beggars and instead donates to them some of the various things she's  stolen, in fact it is her goal to improve the living conditions of  everyone living on the streets. She also acts well at ease and very  friendly in any situation, casually chatting and joking around with  people.

The Gift:



Nox was born in another world, in the city of Mizograd, capital  of Mythril, under the name Iona to a poor family. For years her parents  struggled to support the family when finally, when Iona was six her  father got what was to be a lucky break and won big while gambling.  Ecstatic, he gather the money and ran to tell his wife the good news.  Sadly those he won from set up an ambush a few blocks away and he was  beaten to death. Grief stricken by the death of her beloved, Iona's  mother fell terribly ill forcing the young girl to resort to stealing to  feed herself and her ailing mother. However her petty thefts did not  earn enough money to pay the rent and the two were cast out into the  streets with a small bundle of belongings shortly after. Iona stumbled  along the streets with the mother for hours before coming across an  abandoned building. Iona continued to steal when and where she could she  became adept at it and grew physically fit and agile due to the  demanding nature of what she did. Miraculously her mother held on for  two long years before passing. When that happened Iona vowed she would  become someone of great influence to help the lower class and prevent  others from suffering a similar fate. She began to call herself Nox,  wearing a cloak and mask to conceal her features and went on more and  more thieving endeavors taking bigger risks for bigger payouts each  time. Over the years she conditioned her body to the peak of physical  fitness. Watching the soldiers train she mimicked their moves and even  found combat masters to tutor her, paid for with the money she stole.

 At  age 17 she crouched in the shadows stalking her next target, a wealthy  noble with a fat purse, when she felt something watching her. She turned  quickly to face the threat and saw something darker than the blackest  night and two radiant red eyes. Nox became paralyzed with fear as this  entity rushed towards her and into her. When the thing touched her  Nox passed out. Coming to hours later she realized she was not only  hidden by shadows she was the shadows. Nox jerked back and became  tangible once again. After getting over the shock of what happened she  began testing the limits of this new ability and found she could become  one with the shadows, phasing through solid matter and travel much fast  while like this, the darker the shadows the faster and farther she could  move and could even become invisible and rush forward a short distance  in broad daylight. With this new found power Nox took her biggest risk  yet: Rob the Sage, the most powerful man in the kingdom. Nox watched and planned for weeks before making a  move to make sure her plan was foolproof, then, when the time was right,  she acted. Thus succeeding in robbing the sage of nearly all his worth  Nox hid the money in a cavern below the earth only accessible through  the use of her power. She took a portion of this money to a black market  blacksmith, himself a spirit user who could enchant the items he  crafted and requested he make her armor that would constantly generate a  slight miasma of darkness and a Naginata that could manipulate shadows  into powerful attacks. The smith requested a week to construct the  requested items. Returning a week later Nox collected her items, payed  the smith and donned the armor when out of sight. As she headed back to  the cavern where she kept her remaining money, she liked to call it her  lair, she noticed wanted posters all over the place. They had her face,  albeit a masked and hooded face but there was no mistaking who the  picture was depicting, that and the fact the poster read "Wanted:  Notorious thief known as Nox for theft, embezzlement, forgery,  pick-pocketing, counterfeiting, burglary, conspiracy to
commit theft,  grand larceny, tax evasion, slander, fraud, perfidy and impertinence. Description:  Wears a mask and cloak, presumably female, between 5 and 6 feet in  height, slender build. Eye and hair color unknown.Any citizens with  information regarding this individual report to the nearest authority.  Reward: $500,000,000,000,000"
Nox smirked to herself as she descended to  her lair. For the next four years Nox continued to steal, spend and  expand her lair until she was living in better conditions than most High  Lords whilst regularly anonymously spreading a small portion of the  wealth among the masses.

The First Adventure:

While  scoping out a small family owned shop one day one of the homeless of the  city approached her and handed her a letter. Thanking the man and  handing him a coin Nox read the letter. It seemed there was a new  organization being formed that was recruiting spirit users such as  herself. Drawn in by the prospects of tons of loot Nox joined this  organization, stealing the sword of the leader, a man named Panda... He  was not in fact a talking Panda much to the disappointment of everyone.  During their first adventure they were forced back into time to the  Roman Empire and while trying to find a way back to the future Nox ended  up befriending Julius Caesar himself. Nox was relaxing in the palace  with her new friend Julius when a group of powerful mercenaries arrived  from the future to hunt them all down and capture them. The team being  unable to defend themselves were all quickly captured, except Nox who  ended up befriending her would be captor who then betrayed her not a few  moments later. But hey, it was her job so no hard feelings. After being  brought to the future and imprisoned they soon realized they were in an  alternate time line. The team broke from prison and as they made their  escape Nox found evil Panda and stole his sword... Again... and escaped  with the rest to an airship which they took to a temple in the  mountains, unfortunately already looted. The temple itself retained some  strange energy that reacted with the power of the Swords Nox stole from  the Pandas, opening a dimensional rift that dragged her into another  realm.

Spirit Force Shenanigans:

In this new world Nox  found herself in spirit users seemed to be hated and were hunted down,  though this didn't worry her much at all, she had never been caught  (unwillingly) before. Having been in this world for only a few weeks she  heard about a maximum security prison for spirit users in the middle of  nowhere, and of course, she was unable to resist investigating it. When  she got there the building had a large hole in it an there was a group  of people facing down a rather scary looking person full of tubes who  seemed like he was about to make the group of people have a very bad  day. Something about this creature seemed... valuable.. and Nox's raging  kleptomania kicked in and she just HAD to have him. Warping behind him  she hit him in the head with her Naginata and phased away with his  unconscious body, stuffing him into her bag of holding. Not being one to  leave loot unacquired she returned to the group and nabbed various  trinkets from each of them, they seemed like nice kids, much like her  own old team. Eventually the guy she stole woke up and they had a chat,  in the middle of their talk some big scary guy by the name of 'Havoc'  rudely interrupted them claiming he had need for the other guy, who  happened to be named Zeroth. Nox agreed to let Havoc take Zeroth  claiming Havoc now owed her and then she continued her livelihood she  had before ever joining that very first organization. The perks of being  a professional thief. But of course, this wasn't going to last long, oh  no. The entire universe decided to explode, probably because some  stupid moron fucked up terribly and had to have someone else fix his  problems.

The New World:

Work In Progress

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Re: Wonderland: Nox

Post by Firebreath on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:13 am

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