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Wonderland: Lucian Kasahara

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Wonderland: Lucian Kasahara

Post by Bill Cipher on Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:01 am

Full name: Lucian Kasahara

Gender: Male

Species: half Demon half Wolf

Age: 16 Years of age

Religion: None

Height: 5'7

Weight: 140LB

Hair color: (Face Claim)

Eye color: (Face Claim)

Face Claim: (without jacket) (with jacket)

Special Traits: When in combat his personality shifts from sweet and childish to very unstable and he loves to kill his opponent slowly and painfully. he has trained with his father to the point were his physical ability's easily our match a avrage human. he has always been physicaly stronger than his twin sister cana but his twin sister cana has always been faster than him. do to his father being a werewolf all of his senses are increased extremely he also can see clearly in any kind of darkness. the necklace that lucian where's cannot be removed by himself in any which way shape or form. (face-claim of the necklace: )

Personality: Lucians personality is a mixed bag. He is very childish but when it comes to his sister he is protective. He has a side to him that's violent to others who aim for his sister. Aside from these traits he is very bipolar and flamboyant.

The Gift:

Background: the younger brother of cana kasahara. only by 5 minutes however. he is fairly over protective of her older sistser. even though he knows she could take care of herself. normaly when ever a boy other than there father, cory. would even come close to her when he went to the same school as her. he would take them away from there house when they sleep and take them to a unknown location to anyone els but lucian. he would than begin torturing them in the many ways his aunt cynthia has taught him. cynthia never trained him physicaly however. just tought him the torture techneecs. his father is the one who showed him how to fight while his aunt cynthia is the one who showed cana how to fight. his mother and father both know of his...plamboinet personality. aswell as his unknown sexuality. they love him still however. no mater how many pepole go missing when they ether try geting to "friendly" with cana or if they dumped him before. however his aunt would refuse to train him period as she resent him sence he reminds her to mutch of his father in which she has a strong disliking to. even when her sister, shina. married his father cory.
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Re: Wonderland: Lucian Kasahara

Post by Firebreath on Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:06 am

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