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Wonderland: Echo Caecus

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Wonderland: Echo Caecus

Post by Valkoor on Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:20 pm

Full name: Echo Caecus

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 37, looks 19

Religion: No religious affiliation, but due to certain similarities and uniformity noticeable through the Sight, she believes in some higher power.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 140 lb.

Hair color: Mud-Brown

Eye color: Milky-White (Blind)

Face Claim: Her features are soft, and she’s actually rather striking. Her skin is pale as can be, and her facial expression seems to be constantly contorted into some sort of boredom or awkward shyness. Her hair is shoulder length, and totally straight. Her body is petite, and she really doesn’t have any curves to her at all. Her usual attire is mainly composed of simplistic brown robes, the hood of which often cover her eyes so only her hands and lower face are visible. She wears bandages on her eyes, so they’re rarely seen by others, unless she’s changing or in the shower.

Special Traits: Totally blind, which causes the milky coloration of her eyes, as well as a long, gnarled scar that stretches from her upper right shoulder down to her left hip.

Personality: Echo is a quiet and shy girl, although she certainly wouldn't be considered anti-social. She will talk when talked to, and if she notices someone with an interest similar to her own she will sometimes commence a conversation. Despite this, she avoids ever getting too close to anyone, for fear of losing them. When she talks, it's often of her research or hobbies, as well as other seemingly simple things. Her face always seems bent in one of two expressions, either a sorrowful smile or a thoughtful frown. In battle, her attitude changes, and she becomes rather cold and malicious, trying to finish her opponent as soon as possible.

The Gift: TBD

Background: Echo was born to a small coastal village, one which was rather isolated from the rest of the world. She grew up as a rather cheerful child, playing in the sand when she could, swimming when she wasn’t. That all changed, however, with one foul wave of fate. A giant tsunami struck the village, wiping away property, killing the innocent, leaving almost nothing in its path… except Echo. She was the lone survivor, the only one to witness the tragedy and tell of it later. Despite this, she didn’t come out unscathed. She was knocked unconscious by the wave, only avoiding being swept away by being caught on a piece of debris stuck in the sand. During her slumber, she was approached by some strange presence, a presence we now know as her spirit. She offered herself to Echo, offering to stop her from drowning in return for her body as host, and her sight as payment. Echo readily agreed, and when she awoke, she was greeted by an almost empty beach, a single piece of debris, and a long gash along her back where it had struck. Since then, Echo’s childish innocence was lost, instead being overtaken by an air of caution and seclusion. Ancilla and she are on very friendly terms, and they regard each other as their only true friend. She has traveled far, and has finally reached the Spirit Force. She has no desire to help the troubled, but it is a bonus. She instead wishes to use this as a way to learn more of the spirits and mysterious ways.

*The events of SF1 happen. Yay.*

After the universe was recreated, Echo was dropped into a brand new world. A new plane. Of course, Asuya was there with her; all in the name of love, right? Well, regardless, the world was filled with lush forestry, overgrowth, trees and bushes, flowers and blossoms of every kind. Of course, because the power of love reigns supreme in all things, Asuya had dropped in with her (Asuya's sisters too, but who cares?). Who hadn't stayed, though, was Ancilla; Echo's friend, and for the longest time, her only one, had now ceased to exist. It came as a shock to her, needless to say, and Asuya tried her best to comfort and support her. It took a while, but eventually, Echo managed to get back on her feet, with minimal lasting damage. She always took time to either draw or paint in her spare time, though. The subject was always of eyes.

Eventually, Echo and Asuya moved in together, living in a small house outside of the nearest town, surrounded by the woods of this new world. Willow and Kado had moved into the town itself, and they often visited each other. Fast forward a few years, and Echo and Asuya were married, two small and simple silver rings symbolizing a lifetime of love between the two. Eventually, they decided that they should continue the family lineage and have others subject to their love, and they adopted two young children: a boy and a girl. Since then, they'd lived happily, but Echo became worried. She was twenty-four, and she was aging at a disturbing rate. The Sight had natural draining effects, but she hadn't thought they would be extreme. She looked about fifteen years older than she should have. So, she approached a young alchemist. Although the girl was nothing more than, well, a girl, she was able to provide Echo with a small vial of potion for rather cheap in return for the studying of the Sight. Echo obviously agreed, and after drinking the potion, she found herself once again young, looking very similar to what she looked like when she first met Asuya. After that, every day, Echo would go back to the alchemist, letting her study her eyes, working at a doctor's office in between that and living at home with her family.

(Not this is a quick backstory I put up just so there was something that I could turn in with my sheet. I plan to post a longer version with much more detail at a later date. Seventeen years is a long time, don'tcha know.)

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Re: Wonderland: Echo Caecus

Post by Firebreath on Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:23 pm

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