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Wonderland Shop

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Wonderland Shop

Post by Firebreath on Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:40 am

Spirit Force Shop

Name: Second Chracter
Cost: 500 Gold.
Description: You are able to purchase a second character to roleplay as. This will not replace your first character, and does not include making a new character if one of your already existing characters die. Your character count cannot exceed two, and you will be able to buy an additional character from chapter 5 and onwards.

Name: Enchantment
Cost: Tier 1: 100 Gold Tier 2: 200 Gold Tier 3: 300 Gold
Description: You are able to enchant ANYTHING you own within the roleplay. The cost will depend on the power of the enchantment. The tiers are listed below:

Tier 1 Description: Simpler or weaker enchantments, such as magically enchancing the strength and/or sharpness of a blade.

Tier 2 Description:
Stronger enchantments that will start to more accurately resemble traditional fantasy enchantments, such as an activated flaming effect on your weapon.

Tier 3 Description:
The strongest enchanements available, and what you will likely strive for during the end-RP. These practically resemble character skills in power; for example, the ability to craft a weak curse of your choice on a cooldown of ten posts.

Name: Weapon
Cost: Dependant on weapon
Description: You are able to buy any basic, unenchanted weapon for one of your characters. The price will be determined by the DM upon request.

Name: New Skill
Cost: 300 gold
Description: You are able to buy a new skill for your character, following the format given at the beginning of the roleplay. This skill's power should be balanced for the point of the roleplay you're buying it in; for example, you cannot buy a skill similar to the power of a skill you receive in chapter 9 during chapter 6. In order to purchase the skill, you will leave your purchase request on the shop, but you will PM the skill to the DM. Skills posted in the shop will be denied without question. Additional discussion over the thematics and balance of your skill may be required by the DM, depending on the circumstances.

Name: Pet
Cost: Depends on the pet; obviously, a dragon is more expensive than a parrot.
Description: You're able to buy a permanent follower or pet for one of your characters during the rolelpay. This partner can aid you in battle, during free roam, etc. The pet cannot be another human or humanlike creature, and it must be approved by the DM before your purchase it. New species can be created and presented as a pet, but extensive detail must be provided as to the creature's powers, appearance, anatomy, etc. Any additional information mentioned during in the roleplay that was not included at purchase will result in an immediate warning.

*More will be added later in the Rp*

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Re: Wonderland Shop

Post by Sentinelle on Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:06 pm

Hey, can I buy a new skill to remove a skill I have and replace it with a different one?

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Re: Wonderland Shop

Post by Jet Valentine on Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:12 am

So... can I get this as a pet?!

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Re: Wonderland Shop

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