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SDA and AKA Award Winners!

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SDA and AKA Award Winners!

Post by Alisae on Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:07 pm

Yay! So, I get to announce the awards for this! Woot. Anyhow, so let's get to it. Anyhow, I can give these people who won a special rank, but I may or may not make userbars for these people for it. But I will definitely do the custom rank if you ask me for it. It'll probably be something like "Best Admin 2015" or something like that depending on what you won.

Let's congradulate these people.

Best Admin: @Mudkip (7 votes)
Votes and Nominees: Moka (3 votes) @OpTic MiDNiTE (1 vote)

Best Moddie: @Necruta (6 Votes)
Votes and Nominees: @Some Fat Guy (3 votes)  @Führer Lunarnox (1 vote)

Best Teacher: @Master Marcus (3 Votes)
Votes and Nominees: Lever10 (2 Votes) @Necruta (2 Votes) @Valkoor (1 Vote) @Dragonecro0987 (1 Vote)

Best Tester: @White Rose Dragon (3 Votes)
Votes and Nominees: @Dragonecro0987 (2 Votes) @Valkoor (2 Votes) Lever10 (1 Votes)

Best Member: @Valkoor (3 Votes; Tiebreaker: 4 votes)
Votes and Nominees: @Alpha Tortoise (3 Votes; Tiebreaker: 3 Votes) Kilna (1 Votes) @Tamashii (1 Votes) @Asgore Dreemurr (1 Vote) All of the people Jif voted for (1 Vote)

Best Duelist: @Führer Lunarnox (3 votes; Tiebreaker 5 Votes)
Votes and Nominees: @Necruta (3 Votes; Tiebreaker: 3 Votes) @Tamashii (1 vote)

Best Deck Builder: @Necruta (4)
Votes and Nominees: @Valkoor (1 Vote) @Dragonecro0987 (1 Vote)

Best Artist: @White Rose Dragon (3 Votes)
Votes and Nominees: @OpTic MiDNiTE (2 votes) @Twisted Like Me? (1 vote) @Firebreath (1 vote) @Mudkip (1 Vote) @DIO (1 Vote)

Best Roleplayer: @Necruta (2 votes; Tiebreaker: 4 votes)
Votes and Nominees: @Firebreath (2 votes; Tiebreaker: 2 votes) @Trini (2 votes; Tiebreaker: 1 vote) @Führer Lunarnox (1 vote)

Grammar Natzi:  @Voltage Cutlass Diana (4 votes)
Votes and Nominees: Moka (1 vote) @Necruta (1 vote)  @Führer Lunarnox (1 vote)

Overachiever: @Mudkip (4 votes)
Votes and Nominees: @Master Marcus (1 vote) @MetsRule97 (1 vote)

Best Nub/Nublet: @Oshu (3 votes; Tiebreaker: 6 votes)
Votes and Nominees: Gajeel (3 votes; Tiebreaker: 1 vote) @MetsRule97 (1 vote) @OpTic MiDNiTE (1 vote)
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