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AKA Update 5: Making AKA Great Again! Starting with Credits!

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AKA Update 5: Making AKA Great Again! Starting with Credits!

Post by Alisae on Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:07 am

AKA Update 5: Making AKA Great Again! Starting with Credits!

This is the update where I reference Avenue Q. Multiple times. Why? Because it works. Also wynaut

Anyhow, I want to thank everyone that took the survey, from the fucks who didn't take it seriously and said "fuck you" when the written portion was needed, to those that took it very seriously and went super in-depth, to those fucks who didn't even take it because they remembered that there is life outside their apartment.

The Small Things
With that said, we got a few small things first. For example, the forum background and the blue changed, making it completely black. 2 new emotes, like the wynaut emote and the RIP emote. The ladder has been cut, so ranking up through dueling is not a thing anymore. Also the new tournaments table. Though look out for a snazzy little banner for that to make it more appealing.

Also, in a thread, try clicking on an image. It pop's out now! And also, if you hover over a topic name on the main page, you'll notice that it looks bigger and better.

The Section about Credits
And because we're going to be introducing a lot more things relating to credits, teachers now have moderator permissions in certain forums, meaning they can help do credit transactions. And within the next few days, AKA is going to give you a lot more opportunities for you all to get credits. Because it helps us feel closer to god and when we help others, we can't help helping our self.

Also, we plan on hosting more tournaments very soon, but before we do that, tournament rules are currently being in the works. The most important thing about the tournaments rules is that due to the lack of people actually playing their matches, we're introducing a entree fee, that you will get back if you see the tournament to completion and are not dropped for inactivity. Also the entree fee will help go to the prize pool. So more participants = Bigger prizes!

So, we're going to be making a lot more things to help you get credits! One of these methods of getting credits that our newest teacher: @YoungX has come up with, is homeworks! So you'll be seeing a lot more homeworks. We've also introduced the credit lotto, and I am currently writing up the weekly achievements.

We're also going to actually try to make new dice games. One dice game thats being in the works is going to be called "Daily Dazo Abuse." Staring me, Dazo. Essentially you roll the die and abuse me, Dazo, and you get payed for it! It's like you're at a birthday party beating up a Dazo Pinata for Credits! And it's funny as fuck because Schadenfreude is a concept. It's a nazi word for the happiness of the misfortune of others. Yep, that IS a nazi word. Here's a preview of some art for it. We may not use this final banner at the end of the day because Marcus likes to say my art is bad, but here a preview of what we might use:

Yes, it really is going to suck to be me in the next few days.

Testing's Future
Also, @Master Marcus is rewriting the rubric. Cause we really just can't seem to ever get our rubrics right. So we cannot wait to see what he proposes to us, cause we are going to attempt to have the best testing rubric an academy could have!

But as we are trying to make AKA great again the next few days, we know from the survey that you guys want more YGO content. And we plan to give you more YGO related content. So hopefully, throughout the next few days, AKA will have a lot more yugioh relating content, and we'll all be making it the best academy we can have! That's my purpose: To make AKA the best academy it can be!
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