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Let's Make A Story (Game)

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Let's Make A Story (Game)

Post by YoungX on Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:47 pm

Welcome to Let's Make A Story!

Humans have made stories since probably the Bible Times (I"m probably sure about that). The ability to create beginnings, endings and lore is pretty fun. So about we, AKA, create our own story?


  • Please do not double post. You may post only until someone else has posted.

  • No Auto-Hitting. That means if a character that is made in the story is going to hit someone, then you must give another person the part of response.

  • The Lore shall be concise. So as someone creates lore, the story must remain consistent with it.

  • Plot-twists are allowed so long as it remains consistent with the story.

  • No one-liners. Please. Three warnings and your banned.

  • Take time.

  • Do not BS the story to make it flow through the story.

Lets begin the story:

Harry, an intern at Boring Inc, is at his desk. He is doing typical office things such as staring at the computer screen or ordering the coffee for the staff at StarBuks. It's during this time he takes a daily 1 hour nap at his desk. No one around him seems to give a crap, so it's usually ok. When Harry woke up, he found that no one was around.

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Re: Let's Make A Story (Game)

Post by Oshu on Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:14 am

(i assume this is just like RPing than? xD)

Oshu, a simple kid. his grades could......use some work but he is a expert at sleeping in class. currently he was just outside his school i the town known as "Felridge". he was leaning up agence the side of the school building. his head angled upward slightly as he sat on the grass. his eyes closed as the wind blew past his face. moving his slightly long brown hair with it. he wore a white t-shirt with a black long sleeve button up shirt over it with a pair of black jeans. next to him could be seen a pair of black vans. they seame to had been his as all he had on his feet were black socks. people that were currently exercising on the track in front of him could hear him snoring as well as see a bubble growing and shrinking every so often that seams to be coming out of his nose. his build seamed normal for his age and height. 18 years old. 5'8. his arms were just resting on ether side of him. on his hands could be seen two rings. one on each ring finger. both seemingly stainless steal.
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Re: Let's Make A Story (Game)

Post by Lux on Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:07 pm

Well now we got two different stories. I'll continue Young's one.

Harry went to see is anyone here, and when he went to see what happened, he was shocked. His boss has been murdered. Since then, Harry's life changed. He wasn't just wasting air anymore. New boss treated him a lot better and he got promoted. Soon, he met girl of his dreams - Jessica.

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Re: Let's Make A Story (Game)

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