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(TAOB) Videns Akemi

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(TAOB) Videns Akemi

Post by Videns on Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:54 am

Name: Videns AkemI

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Videns is your typical young, and quite Handsome man. He is roughly six foot tall and weighs about 13 stone. His body is fairly well built, hard and quite sturdy, showing quite a bit of muscle.He keeps his body quite healthy, trying not to gain much if any excess body fat. Videns usually has quite shaggy hair which is usually kept around his head, but will sometimes let it grow down to his neck if he is in the mood. His hair colour is a dark Navy/ blue, the same colour as most of his ancestors before him. His eyes are a deep Azure. They do well catching light and often give themselves a Jewish quality. He was often told he had his mother's eyes as well has her kind nature, while having his Father's Physique and commitment. Although having a fairly muscular body and weighing heavy, Videns still looks rather skinny despite this.
Personality: Videns is your typical Farmborough.  He is far too polite for his own good at times, often giving other people chances when he really shouldn't,  or giving them something he needs, just because they also need it. All around he is fairly selfless and polite, never meaning to start fights and always wants to have fun, hence why he can always be seen with a smile on his face.  

However when he duels, it alters slightly. He turns slightly more cocky and often mocks his opponent,  trying to psyche them out of anything. While dueling he can also get rather annoyed if his plan is foiled or if things don't go his way, but even if he looses or wins he is humble about the outcome,  and will more than likely ask for a rematch!

Backstory: Videns was born in the slightly remote county side. Where he lived was rather black,  the most interesting place being a football field. He would often spend time with his cousin's which lived just down the road from him or play with friends,  who also lived close by. There were some towns of ingress,  but they were too far to get too by foot,  and Videns parents were always busy, so Videns rarely went there. He didn't mind though as he did not have much to do there.

For as long as Videns can remember, he enjoyed the game of duel monsters. He was first introduced to it by his brother and cousin. They also introduced him to an array of other things their generation liked, however none stuck quite like duel monsters. Videns would often try and duel his brother and friend,  usually being turned down, because they thought he was too young and too inexperienced. However now and again his brother would play with him, often resulting in a tight game,  although ending in the loss of Videns.  He enjoyed everything about the game that when his brother came home from school, the first thing Videns would ask was, "Any new duels, any new cards!" And his brother never disappointed. The time now came for Videns to go to school, and he of course brought his deck.  It was a quite school in his area and it didn't even have one hundred pupils. But worst of all, none of them liked duel monsters. Videns realised his brother had grown out of it too, so in a desperate act to play he would often duel himself. He eventually gave up the idea for a long time. Until the day kiba corp said they were opening it's school doors.  Videns rushed at the chance to join, after getting his parents permission of course!

Starter deck: Eternal Fire

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Re: (TAOB) Videns Akemi

Post by necruta on Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:38 pm

I accept this deck, fun to see someone else who picked Eternal Fire though.

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