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[TAoB] Edward Blake

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[TAoB] Edward Blake

Post by Edward Blake on Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:14 pm

Edward Blake
Scarlet Hair, Red Eyes, 5'8 145 pounds In-shape
Cocky, Confident, Cheerful, Upbeat, Friendly, Always hungry, Competitive, Always Motivated, Great Leader, Responsible.
Edward Blake the III was born to a rather wealthy family, in the country called the U.S. He was born in the state Texas. His father Edward Blake the II instilled the basic principles of Leadership, Responsibility, and Integrity. Edward was held to a very high standard by his father, but Edward never hated him for it in fact he loved his father very much. However, one day Edward ran away from home because he couldn't handle the stress of always trying to please his father. Edward found himself lost in a forest, when he smelled the scent of smoke. He followed the smell and saw a great forest fire. Edward was amazed by the great fire to the point he didn't realize his shirt had caught on fire. He suffered a burn on his back however, he is still excited whenever he sees flames. After this incident his family moved to Japan when Edward was 10. When they arrived they had ramen and from that point on Edward adored ramen to the point it became him favorite meal. On his 15th birthday he and his family went to a fancy ramen restaurant on the way home they were stopped by a mugger and he demanded that his parents give him all there money or die. Edward's father fought the mugger to the point he was shot and killed, the mugger ran away. To help Edward cope with his loss of his father his friends introduced him to the card game Duel Monsters. Edward loved the game to the point he became the best at his school. At his school he used a Fire-based Deck inspired by his love of fire. However some of the card Edward player hurt him as well as his opponent. Edward played very risky and aggressive when he dueled. Edward has now applied to the Alpha Knight Academy in hopes of learning more about Duel Monsters.

Eternal Blaze
Edward Blake

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Re: [TAoB] Edward Blake

Post by necruta on Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:37 pm

I accept this character, I've already send the decklist in a PM together with your starter booster

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