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Rp Character Rating and Reviewing Thread

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Rp Character Rating and Reviewing Thread

Post by Jet Valentine on Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:24 pm

So, I made this because it sounds fun to me. And considering rp is pretty popular here... It sounds a bit logical to me, too. So, a character that the 1st person posts and you do the rating and reviews is what this is based around peeps... After all, you don't want to rp with a Mary Sue running around, do you? (Only a small amount of 2 will get that joke)

Here I go guys! With how to do this. (Troll much? I figured) Anyway, you post a character sheet in a topic in this here wasteland, and us rp'ers swarm and tell you pros and cons and what you should fix and things like that.

I'll start... writing the rules

1) No vulgar language.

2) Read the 1st Rule.

3) Follow the 2nd rule.

4) Call me a troll.

Now then, with the rules set... Let's begin for real... seriously, I won't troll you anymore, you can trust me. Wait, really stay and read this and rate and whatever, I won't trol- HEY! Don't go man. Welp... fine then.

Full name: Honey "Jetsu" Sweet
Race: Candyan from Candyland. (Humans that only eat candy but are always in shape, are not sticky though they touch candy, and can't get cavities.)

Age: 15
Weight: 98 pounds of pure bulk.
Height: 5'3

Personality: A sweet, caring, and kind teen. He's always thinking about the positive side of things and always seems to keep his cool... except when he can't do it.

Traits: (Keep in mind he's one of the 3 characters of a "land" prince series I am making.) Trained by the legendary Candy Knight, He wields the legendary candy sword, a lollipop that is endless and has the best taste in the whole wide world. It has such a connection with Honey that it knows when to stay in lollipop form or go sword mode. This legendary artifact is a double edged one-handed blade... (It's face-claim is the lollipop Honey is holding... In sword mode it's just a double edged one-handed sword as I said, but with a swirling blue-purple pattern) He tamed Nutty which is his pet and companion, much like a Pikachu, Nutty is always on Honey's shoulder. Honey is a pacifist, and though he's always saying hello, he never challenges people to fight, but will fight if it's needed.

Background: Born as a sweet prince in Candyland, St. Sweet. Honey had lived a life showered in luxury and gifts from neighboring kingdoms. He was used to getting them on an early age and showed his appreciation as hard as he could for them.

At The age of 5, his father and mother introduced him to the commander, Candy Knight, clad in shiny edible armor, Candy Knight took Honey to a training site at that early age for his 5th birthday, and proceeded there to show Honey the ways of Sword fighting, even going on war with the kid safe behind him and kicking enough ass by himself.

Honey was trained for 3 years straight without seeing anyone but the Candy Knight and his reflection, but at his 8th birthday, Candy Knight asked Honey to see if he'd liked to go see his family again, to which Honey smiled and said yes, but Candy Knight wasn't going to leave Honey go with nothing, Candy Knight after all, couldn't accompany Honey because he had gotten old and sickly, he wasn't fit enough as to walk back. "Honey take this'' Said Candy Knight, as he showed Honey with his legendary Candy Sword, Sweetsalibur. "The sword sire?! Oh no, surely you must be kidding, I'm still not good enough to use such a powerful weapon sire." Exclaimed Honey, as he looked at Candy Knight's eyes... "Take this Honey, go back and ask for The wizard that goes by the name of Sugarlin, he shall finish your training, fulfill my last dying wish Honey" Candy Knight started to close his eyes, and Honey grabbed the sword, in it's lollipop form, for Honey wasn't in a fight. "Sugarlin, I'll be sure to find hi- Sire!!!!" Honey looked at Candy Knight, and as his eyes swelled up, he cried tears of honey dew. "You can't leave me yet!! We haven't finished OUR training, Wake up sire!!!!" Honey started pushing at his shoulder... "Please... Sire..." Honey stayed the night in the cabin on the training site.

"Morning Sire" Honey said, as he looked back to find the dead sire on the ground. "Why sire... why did you have to leave me so soon... it's only been 3 years..." Honey grabbed the Candy Knight's armor in it's choco bar form, but didn't wear it, the suit was a tad bit too big for him anyway.

2 days later:

"Finally in the kingdom's walls... this shall be such a treat!" Honey exclaimed... "Mom... Dad... Sugarlin... here I come!!!" He asked for the bridge to fall down. As it did he fantasized about his family's expressions when they see him. "Prince Honey?!" the Bridge guard exclaimed.  "In the flesh" Honey smiled, as he heard the announcer shout the following: "Prince Honey is here!! Tell the royal family!! The prince has returned!!!" "Wow... now that's a welcoming that I'm proud of" he said... as banners and caravans arose in the streets in an instant, and the villagers broke into a shouting of his name.

In the tower, that very same day:

"Seems like the prince has returned, Honey has returned, I guess it's time to train him" Sugarlin exclaimed, a girl not older than 9, Sugarlin had always liked Honey and kept a photo of him. "How sweet... I wonder if he'll visit his future bride first" she whispered... "Or in other words, me" she laughed in a happy tone.

Back to the hero:

"Mom!!! Dad!!! Guess who's home?!!!" Honey shouted with all his might, as he ran to the thrones, looking at his mom and dad get up to hug him. "Hello Honey!!!" they screamed, as their child jumped into their arms.

"Mom! Dad! Candy Knight... he's passed..." Honey sobbed and grasped on tighter.
"Candy Knight? Such a shame, we shall order people to go get his body, he'll get a proper burial Honey, I assure you" The king said in a cold tone... "Now go to your room and get ready... you're living here anyway" the queen said, as Honey went to his room, took a bath and got ready to meet Sugarlin.

"Well... time to meet him... time to meet Sugarlin" Honey exclaimed, as he went to the tower that he had heard Sugarlin resided in.

Sugarlin was waiting impatiently... "Making me wait, he's so mean... who does he think he IS?!" Honey had entered through the window to practice climbing. "The prince" he said in a soft voice. "The prince?! Who cares hes making me- Oh... umm... have a seat Honey, get comfortable" She said. "I thought so" Honey said in a softer tone, keeping his cool and taking a seat. "If you could start the training hun... It'd be perfect" Honey had poured some sugar on his tea he had brought and then went down formally... waiting for his trainer.

"Wow... Honey is so... mean" Sugarlin had whispered... "guess he wants to start training then" she went down, "Here you'll learn the last thing, the secrets of the sword Honey, now lets get started"

Current time:

"Wow... Nutty look at this" Nutty ran to Honey's shoulders and looked out Honey's window. "Seems Candy is visiting..." he said looking at Sugarlin through the window. "Candy Sugarlin... I wonder..." he whispered... as he fell asleep on his bed... tomorrow was going to be a wild day.

Welp... that does it for him himself... now to his moves guys.

Name: Hot! HOT! HOT!
Cost: TBD
Range: 5 meters
Cool-down: 4 posts
Description: Honey does a getsugatenshou like move from his sword, firing a slash of hot chocolate that causes major burns to who it hits.

Name: Hole Maker
Cost: TBD
Range: 12 meters
Cool-down: 8 posts
Description: Honey does a getsugatenshou like move from his sword, firing a slash of razor sharp rock candy and razor sharp witch tooth candy that can penetrate any armor.

Name: Candy armor fusion
Cost: TBD
Range: N/A
Cool-down: N/A
Description: Honey puts on the legendary armor, which is almost unbreakable and defends him from most kinetic energy based attacks and enhances his speed and strength.

Name: Let's go to the candy realm
Cost: All his energy except one.
Range: N/A
Cool-down: Only once per 2 chapters and after it, coming back to the main world Honey is KO'ed because he broke his physical limits.
Description: Honey and his opponent are transported to the candy realm, where honey is at his full potential and is with home advantage, in this realm Honey's speed is increased tremendously and his strength too, he can unleash Honey Candy mode in this realm only. His opponents everything becomes chocolate except his body.

Name: Honey Candy Mode
Cost: His control over himself and all his energy except 1. (His energy resets when gets to the candy realm)
Range: N/A
Cool-down: 5 chapters, if used in the candy realm, Honey has a set limit of time to beat his opponent, or if not he comes back to the main world.
Description: Honey becomes a god of his own realm and unleashes power beyond power, this gives him the ability to smite people with electric snicker flavored thunder.


Leave any ratings or reviews down below.
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Re: Rp Character Rating and Reviewing Thread

Post by 阿尔法龟 on Fri Mar 25, 2016 8:10 pm

uhh just a suggestion put dat in a spoiler o.o

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Re: Rp Character Rating and Reviewing Thread

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Fri Mar 25, 2016 11:08 pm

Ayyyy character:
Spoiler please.

This is a Gunlocke character. This is one of the two people who will guide you through the wasteland, and serves as a sort of "tutorial" character. She's technically a sort of NPC, if you will. I'm still working out the whole ability/weapon system, so it may look much different when I launch Gunlocke, if it wins. If it's close, I might make 2 RPs, one being the winner and one being Gunlocke.

Name: Ada Da'Mark
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150lb

Personality: Very wild and punk-like, almost tomboyish. She hates girly things and tends to be more rough around the edges. Her gruff exterior hides a softer and more caring side. She treats her partner, Gentlebot, as if it were child.

Traits: Slight case of ADHD which she keeps under control. When nothing is going on she tends to wonder around aimlessly. There is a scar on her right arm.

History: She grew up in a land where little was available. She salvaged what she could, and stole in times of desperation. She has always been alone, so she began to grow extremely lonely.

It was until she came by a strange mechanical contraption -- an unfinished mech. She knew her way around a wrench, so she gathered necessary parts and fixed it up. With the little magic she possessed, she brought it to life, and now serves as her main weapon and friendly robot partner she deemed "Gentlebot", after she slapped on a cigar and top hat to it. She thought the giant exhaust pip on his head was ugly, and the hat covered it up nicely. She cut a hole at the top to left the smoke escape.

Weapon Ability: Mechromancy

Gentlebot details:
Weapon strength, speed, power, special attack, attack, defense, and special defense are all measured on an equal radium of a total of 500. Use those points wisely.

Strength: 100
Speed: 70
Special attack: 80
Special defense: 30
Power: 50
Defense: 50
Attack: 120

Fuel: Magic, coal.

Abilities (Max 3): You can spend 300 points on ability capabilities per category divided by the three abilities. Each category has separate points cap, but each category is totaled to 300. Spend them wisely. (Still figuring this part out.) Basically a 1200 point total, since 3 abilities, 4 categories.

Name: Hydraulic Hammer
Duration: 1 post
Ability type: Physical attack
Strength: 100
Speed: 80
Attack: 100
Special Attack: 0
Drawback: 2 post delay after using.
Cost: 3 Magic Capsules
Effect: Gentlebot's hydraulic forearms can pump forwards for quick and damaging volley of hammer punches. Countered easily by special defenses.

Name: Cinder
Duration: 1 post
Ability type: Special Attack
Strength: 80
Speed: 100
Attack: 0
Special Attack: 150
Drawback: Depletes half of the coal that fuels Gentlebot.
Cost: 5 magic capsules
Effect: Gentlebot leans its head forward and fires a blast of burning ash and cinder at the opponent. Easily countered by a physical defense.

Name: Parabolic Discharge
Duration: 3 posts
Ability type: Special defense (Instead of Attack and Special attack, it is replaced with Defense and Special defense, but still counts towards the Defense/Attack total.)
Strength: 120
Speed: 120
Defense: 200
Special Defense: 150
Drawback: Can only be used once. After use, a battery needs to be replaced.
Cost: 5 magic Capsules
Effect: A chain of ions is formed to create a spherical shield around Gentlebot. Resists special attacks, and increases the strength of Gentlebot's body for a brief period, allowing it to take a heavier beating.
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Re: Rp Character Rating and Reviewing Thread

Post by Jet Valentine on Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:36 am

Caspy, bad suggestion... If spoilers are there some people won't read or look at it. .-.

Anyway... Did no one really feel like pointing out that Honey is a bit unbalanced? God damn it... I had to add stupid things to him on the get go. But fine... just talk entirely about a different thing. .-.

Also Asgore... you are ment to like... make another wasteland topic... Guys read the things above the god damn character sheet that I destroyed with broken powers. .-.
Jet Valentine

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Re: Rp Character Rating and Reviewing Thread

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