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Reference Game Thread

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Reference Game Thread

Post by Jet Valentine on Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:33 pm

Let me start anew, anyway have another thread guys, because why not?


1) No vulgar language.

2) I hate big typos, so none of them either, check your grammar people.

3) Keep in the topic, nothing outside off the main topic theme.

4) Keep it neat and clean people, too much content needs Mr. Spoiler to come and eat Mr. Content up.

5) No double posts.

Aim of the game:
I make a reference, the person below me guesses which character made the reference, or in what form of entertainment. (Anime/Manga/Comic/TV show/Movie/Anime Movie) Below your guess you make a reference from another thing, then someone else guesses below and makes a reference and so on people.

(NOTE: If the reference has been used more than once by the same person in a different media, Example "Avengers assemble!" You can name any one of those medias, or all of them.)

The 4 easy steps to sucess in this game:

1) Read rules and follow them.

2) Guess the reference.

3) Make a reference.

4) Next guy does the rinse and repeat.


Here's my reference:

"Hasta la vista, baby" -

Jet Valentine
Jet Valentine

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