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Taob - The Dumb Version #3 Dumb & Dumber

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Taob - The Dumb Version #3 Dumb & Dumber

Post by YoungX on Sat Apr 02, 2016 3:49 pm

Warning: This is a parody. Any ideas or characters represented do not fully represent the actual Role-play itself. So if you feel offended by the portrayal of anything here, well too bad you've already been warned.

Pay no attention to the title. It makes absolutely no sense. Yup, absolutely no sense.

Dumb & Dumber:

Taob: The Dumb Version #3 
Lydia: Finally the time has come to show these plebians who the REAL dueling master is. 
Daichi (To Lydia): I'll duel you with the power of my white hair!
Lydia: Finally a poor defenseless victim to stroke my ego.
Jason: I'm going to watch two people play a card game!
Daichi: My white hair gives me super strength!
Lydia: That may be so, but my money gives me the power to make you my bitch this duel!
Daichi: Oh no!

Intro :

Morgan: Man watching people play with starter decks is surprisingly entertaining. I wonder if they have any TV around here?
Lydia: That's one plebian now my bitch. Who wants to be my bitch? I'm here to kick ass and make bitches, and I'm all out of bitches.
Everett: I'll duel you. With the spirit of my dead father on my side I can win!
Lydia: Too bad the power of money is stronger than your dead father. Your poor status can't simply withstand the power of an egotistical bastard like me.
Everett: Darn. Looks like I'm going to actually have to rely on character development and the plot to be able to win. I remember when an old man from out of nowhere taught me how to play Duel Monsters.
Old man: Hey you wanna learn how to play card games?
Everett: Your an old man who I've never have met, but I see no reason to not trust you.
Learning later 
Old man: Ok now these green cards are called Magic cards.
Everett: But it clearly says Spell card.
Old man: Hush you little punk. It says MAGIC cards. Ok M A G I C Cards.
Everett: Magic carpet?
Old man: Holy shit you really are dumb. God why did I ever think teaching a poor kid how to play a card game was a good idea? 
During a card game
Everett: I'll activate my Magic Carpet and use it to ride to Arabia!
Old man: You are the biggest idiot I have ever met...
Everett: I'll go find a magic lamp and find a blue genie inside.
Flash back ends
Everett: That magic lamp was the best thing I ever found. It only cost me 2 cents at the flea market! My dead father gave me those 2 cents on my 8th birthday. Glad I could use it.
Lydia: I could pay you a dollar and you would probably believed trap cards are trap doors. Anyway I'm off to look for more bitches.
Megan: In a bit I’ll mysteriously disappear so someone duel me.
Daichi: My white hair would like to duel you!
Megan: Perfect.
Lydia (To Daichi): You there, peasant I just dueled, I would like to show off my superiority complex. If you would be so kind and become my bitch for a moment that would be splendid.
Daichi: (Oh God an egotistical bitch.) Fine, but it’ll be you who will be my bitch with he power of my white hair. 
After the duel
Daichi: Well good game, BITCH. I’m out of here. *Walks like a pimp. Cue the music
Lydia: ... *Grabs the phone and starts calling
Phone Operator: Hello you’ve reached the Existential Crisis Hotline. Press 1 if you are question your life’s purpose. Press 2 for anything else related.
Lydia: *Press 2

Phone Operator: Thank you for calling the Existential Crisis Hotline. You have selected for matters else related than option one. Please wait while a representative is being selected to talk with you. *Phone music

Lydia: *Waiting.
Phone Operator: We are sorry but there is no representative available to take your call right now please call back later.
Lydia: … (Internal Screaming)

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Re: Taob - The Dumb Version #3 Dumb & Dumber

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:24 pm

Phone Operator: We are sorry but there is no representative available to take your call right now please call back later.

Lydia: … (Internal Screaming)

Asgore Dreemurr
Asgore Dreemurr
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Re: Taob - The Dumb Version #3 Dumb & Dumber

Post by Numbuh24insane on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:42 am

Man I love Everett in this more than in the regular RP

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Re: Taob - The Dumb Version #3 Dumb & Dumber

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