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What kind of specific content?

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What kind of specific content? Empty What kind of specific content?

Post by YoungX on Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:17 pm

After looking at the poll that I posted a few days it seems that there is an earnest interest in pokemon, yugioh and RP. So now I ask you guys what exactly would you like to do? Interest is great and all, but without a direction its probably going to be forgotten. So I would like to hear your guys thoughts on this in more detail.

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What kind of specific content? Empty Re: What kind of specific content?

Post by Alisae on Sun Apr 03, 2016 6:55 pm

I'm going to quickly address the pokemon direction. I know personally I added Pokemon Showdown as a blocked website mostly because if I didn't, I would probably get back into that site's RP room, and that is a VERY shitty place to be. The community on pokemon showdown is awful, and it's probably worse in the RP room since that room has 12 year-olds shitposting in it all the time, not to mention the staff- I could go on and on but that wouldn't contribute to the conversation.

Anyhow, I could get a PS server, and if I do that, I would disable the chatbox on here, since there would be no use for it. Also, if I got it registered with Smogon, people on that PS server could get a custom trainer sprite, or something thats 80x80 pixels. This would give us more shop items, moderators could mute for 7 or 60mins before kicking them from the chatbox, and (if people are still having this problem) solve our current chatbox's lag. I'm actually for this, but there are several cons to this as well. And hell, if someone knows PHP, then we could even have a bot. And if we wanted to go towards the pokemon direction, this could happen a lot more easily since finding each other for pokemon related content like tournaments would be a lot more easier.

The first being it costs $. I mean, sure I could provide it, but this could easily be solved if I got help from donations. So this isn't really such a big deal. And even so, I'm not going to go straight to the "Please donate to me" solution, I would try to provide as much as I can from my own pocket.

Another con is that it's another site. I mean, we already use DN to duel on, and this. That's 2 different sites as is. But this would cause accessibility problems. Even though I would definitely put it on the menu on the right, would people see it or care? Probably not. So people would complain about "oh my god, where's the chatbox?" or "No chatbox! I'm leaving!" In the long run, it would make things more complicated.

Also, if we were to get registered with Smogon, you would see troll attacks a lot more often. Someone could spam it at like, 4am and if no one was on then, spammer can go have fun spamming. I've seen it before.

Anyhow, that's my little rant of a potential PS server or not. In general, without a PS server, the pokemon direction wouldn't last long.

As for YGO, if there needs to be more interest in doing YGO stuff, then our staff aren't doing their jobs properly. There should ALWAYS be YGO stuff to do. Articles, Lessons, Discussions, Tournaments/Events. Content. I personally believe that we should probably include using dueling platforms such as YGOPRO Percival, or Devpro, or even Salvation. And using YGOPRO Percival or Devpro for an acad is not a bad thing. Resurrection DA, the academy that @Master Marcus had experience from was a VERY successful academy, and they only used YGOPRO. Even with a testing system (which they eventually dropped).

Anyhow, that's my POV on the subject.
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What kind of specific content? Empty Re: What kind of specific content?

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:48 pm

I think Dazo is right, but honestly it may be worth taking the risk. I feel like we can't gain anything if we don't at least try. Who knows, this might get us really big -- or it might completely demolish us. Our expansion as an academy should be perceived similarly to a business strategy, such as what much of the big social media sites do. I'm for the PS chat and server, but I would also keep this chat box for insurance.
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What kind of specific content? Empty Re: What kind of specific content?

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