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Aaron Silverwing TAob rp

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Aaron Silverwing TAob rp

Post by 阿尔法龟 on Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:56 am

Name: Aaron Silverwing
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Personality: Aaron is quite doubtful and un-confident. despite being a good duelists he is hindered by alot of self-doubt, he always doubts himself which usually results in him losing. Aaron is influenced greatly on how his older sibling treats him,his older sibling has always outranked him,defeated him and has overall always been above him whilst Aaron has always been in his siblings shadow. Aaron has a dream of one day over coming his fears of losing and becoming a great duelist, one of that is better then his sibling

Backstory: Aaron has grown up in a middle class family, Aaron has always lived in the shadow of his older sibling, his sibling would get all the attension whilst Aaron stayed in the shadows, Aaron grew bored of this he wanted to be a great duelist one better then his sibling, to a point to where he would get all the attension. Aaron has been enrolled in the Alpha knight academy to improve his dueling skills. Aaron, had rushed to get in as soon as possible, however complications arose, which had delayed him greatly.

Starter deck: Warriors of Legend

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