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Post by Yio on Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:36 pm

Yhello, there name is Yio, and for first deck profile I will cover frog Manarchs. wynaut
monsters- 21
3) Vaintys fiend
3) majestys fiend
3) caius
3) Gorz
2) jinzo
3) Battle faders
2) treeborn frog
1) glow-up blub

3) upstart goblin
3) creature swap
3) enermy controller
3) spacgoat
2) mst
1) one for one
1) foolish buriel


side deck
3) dark dust sprit
2) dark hole
1) soul charge
1) ally of justice birdman
1) grand mole
2) spell canlcer
3)cardcar d
1) LaDD

3) black Rose dragon
1)stardust dragon
3)formula syncorn
1) shooting star dragon
2) photon bounzer
1) gauntlet shooter
2) Gaia charger
1) spark dragon
1)scrap dragon
Tips For making your own Build of MANARCHS!!!

first of all, make sure your deck can defanced its self against/toward the meta at all times.
secondly, make sure you at least main gorz because you need a comeback option in case your op gets over your Board.

thrid make sure you side deck can beat rouge/ off beat meta decks because your main is made to fight the meta.

Good main deck choose other then what is stated here.

mytic piper
ghostricks(the whole deck works great use the level 1s and jin to add them to your hand)
ice/fire hand
Kuriboh engine( lets you swap out kuribohs and tokens for beaters I chose goats because its more consistent.)
Obelisk the tormentor - it is ok you only use it during formats where field wipes are less offen.
swap frog- it is good because of tossing your treeborn while being able to bounce your caius to your hand for a second target.

Any Who's this is my first deck showcase and I hope you enjoyed the show.
(any feedback you be nice as well)- Yio  Very Happy

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