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Damien Darhk (TAoB)

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Damien Darhk (TAoB)

Post by Trini on Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:33 pm

Name:Damien Dark


Age: 17

Personality: Damien is wild and eccentric. He is always looking for action, and can never stay in one place long. He disregards danger, and embraces difficult tasks."I love to win; but i love loosing just as much. The Thrill of Victory is amazing, and so is the challenge of defeat."

Backstory: Damien was born to a wealthy family. His dad an owner of the worlds largest and most secure bank(Darhk Universal Bank), and his mother a well renowned lawyer. Because of his upbringing, he was taught to be quiet, polite, and proper. He spent majority of his time locked in his house and was never allowed to attend public school. Over the years, this lead to him gaining a rebellious and free spirit. He wanted to seek adventure, and make up for the lost time in the house by exploring the world. When he was 16 he was able to convince his parents to allow him to join a sport. To no surprise he chose Motor Cross. As the months went buy Damien seemed to have an aptitude for the sport. Slowly climbing up the ranks, until he was able to go pro at the age of 17. Damien, with his thirst for a challenge, entered the junior BMX tournament and demolished the competition. As the new junior BMX World Champion, he lost interest in BMX, and didn't have the patience to wait 1 more year to enter the Senior BMX tourney. With nothing left to do, Damien looked towards a new sensation sweeping the nation. Yu-Gi-Oh. With the money he had acquired in his tournament winnings, he enrolled in a Duel Academy to learn to be the best.


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