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Breaking News: April 8, 2016 Banlist is out!

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Breaking News: April 8, 2016 Banlist is out!

Post by YoungX on Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:53 pm

Performage Damage Juggler
Performage Plushfire
Chicken Game
Wavering Eyes

Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer
Performapal Monkeyboard
Performapal Skull Crobat Joker
Wisdom-Eye Magician
Elder Entity Norden
Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Ignister Prominence, The Blasting Dracoslayer
Draco Face-off
Upstart Goblin

Debris Dragon
Allure of Darkness
Emergency Teleport

Dark Magician of Chaos
Advanced Ritual Art
Crush Card Virus.

Your thoughts? Enjoy your new list.

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Re: Breaking News: April 8, 2016 Banlist is out!

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Fri Apr 08, 2016 3:33 pm

This list is so much bullshit. Where do I start?

Chicken Game and Upstart Goblin:
[Internal Screaming]
This card's design is one of my most fair in the game. It's very balance, so no need for a ban. The only reason it was banned was because of Monarch FTK, but Life Equalizer being hit would've saved these two. Now a lot of decks die because they now have 0 consistency.

Wavering Eyes:
This card deserved to be limited, not outright banned.


DMoC: I don't care.

E-Tele: Should've been limited.
Asgore Dreemurr
Asgore Dreemurr
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Re: Breaking News: April 8, 2016 Banlist is out!

Post by Tamashii on Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:04 pm

I actually disagree. Chicken Game left a lot of FTK/OTKs open for use (Including my Gem-Knight OTK but whatever) and while the biggest problem in FTK-Land was Life Equalizer and Royal Magical Library, banning Chicken Game left RML kiiiind of weaker. Taking away Chicken Game and leaving no use for Pseudo Space takes away 6 counters from RML and thus 2 draws. As for Upstart going to 1, ehhh...I can see why they did it. Free draws, even when giving your opponent 1000 life points, has always been strong in the game, and nowadays with decks like Mermails, Dracopals, Odd-Eyes and even my Gem-Knight OTK deck, taking down 11,000 is not hard. 1 draw for such a minimal "cost" is still strong. As for Chicken Game in terms of draws, comboing 3 Chicken Game and 3 Upstart is REALLY powerful and thins the deck down to 34, and honestly the whole "The player with less life points takes no damage" is irrelevant as you can just set another Chicken Game or blow it up yourself and proceed with the OTK. So that's my opinion towards the draw power cards.

On to Wavering Eyes--This deserved a ban purely due to the amount of Pendulum decks running around that got consistency due to this card; Dracopals, Odd-Eyes, Pepe (Yes there are still variants running around), Igknights and such all made use of it, but you also have to think about what's coming out soon. Decks like Amorphage could abuse the living fuck out of Wavering Eyes so seeing it go before it got out of hand is good in my eyes.

As for Kozmos and Monarchs: Monarchs brick like a motherfucker, and even when they don't, while yes they have brutal combos, many side deck cards take them out in the later rounds. For Kozmos, they brick really hard at times as well, and both of these decks, I'll argue, were indirectly dealt with with the Upstart/Chicken Game hits.

E-Tele is irrelevant these days aside from being in Kozmos, so no matter what they did with it it wouldn't exactly matter. Dark Magician of Chaos is fine to see, and I'm happy to see Thousand-Eyes Restrict come back after all these years. But the thing people seem to forget about is the unlimiting of Crush Card Virus.

With PK Abyss seeming to become the new big thing, Crush Card at 3, while they may not use all 3, is a pretty good asset to them in countering decks like Monarchs and Kozmos and puts them a bit closer to being on par with the two of them. On top of that, Allure of Darkness going to 2 will put them even further up, while Reasoning being limited destroys any chances Infernoids possibly had for making a comeback, and it further limits Kozmos which use Reasoning almost religiously.

Advanced Ritual Art to 3 is pretty cool, and it'll be fun to see if decks like Nekroz, Gishki and Herald come back a bit, but it'll be unlikely.

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Re: Breaking News: April 8, 2016 Banlist is out!

Post by 阿尔法龟 on Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:00 am

this banlist i ACTUALLY agree with

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Re: Breaking News: April 8, 2016 Banlist is out!

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