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AKA:TAoB intro and information.

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AKA:TAoB intro and information.

Post by necruta on Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:34 pm

It's 2002 and a new game called Duel Monsters has just been released to the public, after a few months it was clear this game was changing the world rapidly. People playing the game called themselves duelists and there were a few Duelists who were so good at the game they could make a living with it. A small company saw a chance and made a plan, to start a school where children would learn to duel and become a future pro duelist. A couple of months and a lot of money later and in 2003 the school had been formed. Having formed close ties with I2 and Kaiba corp. Alpha Knight Academy finally started to open it's doors for the public with advertisements and speeches everywhere to get people to enroll.

Hello everyone and welcome to the first official RP on alpha knight academy. This RP will slowly go through the history of Yu-Gi-Oh, both the card game and the anime/manga, this means the RP takes place in the anime world of the series. I also hope that those who don't have much of an understanding in the game can learn from this RP and also slowly become better and understand the game better. This however does not mean that everyone can just play whatever they want according to the meta of old, to prevent this I've made 2 rules for this RP.

The first one is that your deck can only contain 2 copies of each card instead of 3, except for cards that mention themselves in their card effect like Thunder dragon, the only exception to this are cards that exclude themselves or effects that can only be used once per turn.
The second rule is that summoning in defense position is allowed in this RP until said otherwise.
Also, until we reach that point in time the first player WILL draw a card due to us "going back in time" and NO, priority will not get the same treatment.

Lastly everyone will begin with a premade starter deck of their choice AND 5 cards from Legend of Blue-eyes white dragon and Metal raiders picked through a RNG. Later on in the RP you will be able to earn points, trade, sell or buy cards from eachother or the shop. Please post your character sheets with as title
[TAoB](Character name), template is posted below.
With that said I hope you guys will enjoy this RP and make it last a while.

4-1-2016 update: It occurred to me that I never gave 2 pieces of important information, the first is that the sign-ups for the first "round" of this RP will end on the 10th of January 2016. Any sign-ups after that date will have to wait a bit before they will be incorporated into the story.
The second piece I forgot to mention is that there will be a custom banlist for this RP which can be updated whenever it is deemed necessary.

Character sheet template
Starter deck:(pick 1)
Wings of legend
Shining dancers
Mischievous minds
Forest ambush
Revolution overclock
Arcane spasms
Battle hunger
Maidens of the coast
Circle of unlife
Blaze of Glory

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Re: AKA:TAoB intro and information.

Post by necruta on Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:09 am

29-01-2016: This Roleplay will now accept new character sheets until said so otherwise. Your characters will try to be implemented ASAP.

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