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The Dankspacular Signatures Contest!

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The Dankspacular Signatures Contest!

Post by Firebreath on Thu May 12, 2016 8:41 pm

This is. The Dankspacular Signatures Contest. And this is a message to all the Photoshopers out there in this forum. I request a signature. A signature so dank that its danker than any other. And the one who wins this contest, will have the honor of having his signature under my name. Throughout the entirety of SF2. Just as how i had this signature throughout all of SF1!

I will provide a number of pictures/renders. You are allowed to use any one of these picture or renders to create said DANK signature. You can use 1 2 all of them i dont care. Make them dank. Danker that dank on a cool day.


This is purely for fun and i hope people actually make something xD. Got you guys a mix of things you can use, DIVERSE. Anyways let the contest begin!

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Re: The Dankspacular Signatures Contest!

Post by Twisted Like Me? on Sun May 15, 2016 5:27 am

here are my entry's for your contest Fire (if you don't use the 2nd image here i would like to use it as a sig or avatar for myself if you don't mind of course)

Twisted Like Me?

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