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All "known" gifts SF2 CH1

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All "known" gifts SF2 CH1

Post by necruta on Mon May 16, 2016 8:25 pm

Jade: Ruby
Name: Bubble Shield
Cost: 2 Points
Duration: 4 Posts
Description: She creates an energy force field with a 5 yard radius in the shape of a sphere (Can go through walls) Projectiles can not go through it, inside and out. They will instead bounce off in or out of the shield. Jade can open parts of the shield for her to shoot for an extremely brief moment before closing it again.

Echo: Valkoor

Name: Dimensional Shift
Cost: 10% of energy/10 feet
Range: N/A
Duration: N/A
Cool-Down: 10 seconds
Description: Echo can teleport at will. She cannot use another skill for 1 post after the teleport, but she can use them before.

Aegan: Necruta

Gem Unlock: Obsidian (x2)

Name: Gem conjuring
Cost: 1
Range: 15m, must first conjure them near him
Duration: Until he absorbs it.
Cool-Down: 1 post
Description: Aegan is able to conjure any gem he has absorbed in the past and return them to him.
Current gem list:
Blue Obsidian

Name: Gem crafting
Cost: 2 for a orb, 4 for a sword, 5 for a staff and 6 for a armor.
Range: 15m
Duration until absorbed
Cool-down: 1 post
Description: Aegan is able to create an object from the list from a gem when he's conjuring it, he can not make multiple objects from the same gem.
Current gem list:
Blue Obsidian

Name: Mythic gem power
Cost: Depends on the effect/gem
Range: Around the gem/the one touching the gem
Duration: Depends on the effect/gem
Cool-Down: 10 posts
Description: Aegan is able to activate the mythical power a gem has, the effects will differ depending on what object the gem is.
Gem list:

Orb: 2 points, The agate orb will ignite causing harm to any who touch it except Aegan. 3 posts
Sword: 4 points, Makes the wielder immune to mind altering effects for 2 posts or will dispell those. 6 points
Staff: 5 points, anyone but the wielder can be targetted, said target gains X points every 3 posts. 9 posts
(X=chapter number)
Armor: 8 points, Increase the wearer's strength to their peak physical condition. 4 posts.

Orb: 4 points, The Obsidian orb will start to be clocked in twilight causing it to deal light and dark damage at the same time: 3 posts
Sword: 6 points, Makes the wielder be able to ward of negative energy and protect themselfs against it once the negative energy is gone. 6 points
Staff: 0 points, The wielder of the staff will have it's eyesight, both physical and spiritual, enhanced for as long as they hold the staff. N/A
Armor: 8 points, Protects the wearer against psychic attacks, lowers the negative spiritual or mental effects on the wearer and absorbs negative energy in the surrounding area. 6 posts

Blue Obsidian
Sword: 5 points, The Obsidian Sword can be encased with blue fire, the weilder is able to send a burning disk of blue fire, if hit the opponent will get 3rd degree burns the heat of the sword will constantly rise to the point of it melting itself. 6 posts before it melts itself.
Staff: 8 points, The staff's design is a black long staff with blue fire along it, but instead of burning the blue fire is warm to the touch. Each time you hit something with this staff it creates a fire blast, one enough to blast someone backwards 10 feet if directly hit. No matter WHO it is, or what conditions. Only a living being.
Daggers: 10 points, you are able to summon up to 4 daggers, one of these daggers effects are a flaming blade, another one would be connection. If you stab the ground with 2 of these daggers you are able to connect the daggers with a line of fire, that creates a wall of heat, that if you stand long enough could cause 2nd degree burns. As long as you are stabbing something with two or more daggers they can connect with a line of blue fire. If you are standing inside a square od your daggers you will slowly heal up. Anyone else holding a blue obsidian weapon will also start to heal. Any wounds such as bruises or cuts will heal up quickly, deep wounds like a finger will take longer. You are able to regrow limbs if the time is taken to regrow it.
Orb: 3 points When thrown lights on blue fire, returns automatically when thrown. When it comes close to Aegan the Fire goes out.
Sword: If you hit someone with a blue fire slash, everyone gains 1 energy
Staff: If you hit someone with the staffs blast you will gain 3 energy. There is a 1 - 2 post wait before you can gain more energy.
Daggers: Instead of energy, if you are able to stab someone, you are given a 5th dagger, this stacks up, the more you stab someone, the more daggers you get.
Orb: you are able to create a core and send it up into the middle of the arena, this core will emit the area with a blue light, that will slowly heal up anyone with the other blue obsidian weapons energy by 1 post everytime any of the other 3 weapons are used precicely.

Ravin. Necro.

Name: Ammunition Capsule Reload
Cost: N/A
Range: Low/Med/Long
Duration: Until he runs out of the specific ammo
Cool-Down: 1 chapter
Description: Ravin's Omega Striker Armor carries a variety of colored Capsules that form different types of rifle ammo for various tasks he may face. Each Ammo Capsule holds 5-10 shots. The ammo he carries are as follows:

EMP Grenade (Blue) - Sends an EMP pulse to disable any machine in proximity to it
Spike Camera (Black) - Launches a spike into a wall and activates a camera Ravin can check through his gauntlet. Used mainly in stealth missions
Armor Piercing (Red) - Used to strike past dense armor and hit a person inside.
Gas Grenade (Green) - Launches a canister of gas for smokescreens and can be altered to use Sleeping Gas
Sticky Shocker (Yellow) - Sticks onto people and delivers a jolt of electricity strong enough to stun enemies and paralyze them for 2 posts

Cylon: Ten (Depending on how you use this, Ill change it >.>)

Name: Technomancy
Cost: 1
Range: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Description: Using even the most primative parts, even rocks and plants, and water can be transformed into extremely advanced technology. Depending on the situation it could call for different parts, or different machine. Some of it is better to imagine something like Rex from Generator Rex. Once made, they are not able to be negated, as they are real, solid, and conventional machines. They continue to exist until destroyed. He can also hack and manipulate any machinery. Generator Rex.(Starter)

Oshu: Josh

Name: Shadow step  
Cost: 2 energy  
Range: N/A  
Duration: As long as the user is in the shadows  
Cool-Down: N/A  
Description: cana is allowed to walk into any shadow and remain completely undetected until she come out of the shadows. cana also has the capability to drag other people in the shadow with them. she can also use this to travel between any and all shadows. she cannot bring enemies into the shadow's.

Credo: Neon

Name: Astral Jump
Cost/Conditions: 2 per jump
Range: Up to 20 meters
Cool-down: N/A
Description: Credo can create astral markers, only visible to him. He can teleport to said marker. Up to 5 markers can be present at a time.

Name: Astral Reimburse
Cost/Conditions: An Astral Marker must be present
Range: N/A
Cool-down: N/A
Descritption: Astral can absorb an astral marker to gain 1 energy back

Katz: Eric

Angel Wings

Tatsuya: Soul

Name: Fiery Kick
Cooldown: 2 posts
Range: close to long
Description: Whiling kicking his legs and feet towards an enemy, Tatsuya can generate enough heat that causea flames to engulf his feet. While his feet have these flames he is able to kick some off in a razor motion towards a target. When he kicks a flame off that flame leves till he generates enough heat again.

Name: Phoenix Feather
Cooldown: n/a
Range: close
Description: This skill is a passive for Tatsuya, for every attack he makes he slowly causes his body to generate heat. When he generates enough heat certain parts of his body will ignite in flames.

Lucian: Ticci

Name: Shadow step
Cost: 2 energy
Range: N/A
Duration: As long as the user is in the shadows
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: lucian is allowed to walk/sink into any shadow and remain completely undetected until he comes out of the shadows. lucian also has the capability to drag other people in the shadow with him. he can also use this to travel between any and all shadows. he cannot bring enemies into the shadow's.

Nox: Luna

Name: Shadow Phasing
Cost: 3
Range: N/A
Duration: N/A
Cool-Down: N/A
Description:   The user is able to become intangible and phase through matter and basic energy attacks as well as become partially invisible in full light. The user become completely invisible in darkness and can travel near instantaniusly from shadow to shadow or other spots of darkness. Even in bright lights the user is able to 'blink' forwards up to five meters.


Name: Shichishito
Cost: 1 point
Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: 2 posts
Description: During the next 2 posts, Declan's cuts through the air in such a way that it creates small vacums which after 2 posts will fill with air, allowing Declan to manipulate the flowing wind to launch wind slashes from the filling vacuums by reslashing them.

Name: Lufthander (Air Handed)
Cost: 2 points
Cooldown: 10 posts
Duration: until dispelled
Description: Declan can use the sheath of a sword to create a sword which has a maximum length of 1 meter around and is made from pure air using circling air to create cuts against his opponent, this will be more effective if he uses the "front side" of the sheath instead of the "back side"

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