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DMU Chapter 1: Calm Before the Storm

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DMU Chapter 1: Calm Before the Storm

Post by Tamashii on Thu May 26, 2016 8:22 pm

First topic message reminder :

The Duel Monsters Universe: A vast and mysterious plane of existence, giving sanctuary to the various monsters of its world. From this universe, much like many others, comes times of harmony and peace among the various tribes and villages and "archetypes." But through times of harmony and peace lies war, conflict, and bloodshed. The winds will rage and cut down all before it; the flames of damnation will burn and scorch those in its path; the water will roar as massive waves crash down and swallow the land; and the earth will crumble and quake, sending all upon it to the depths of despair. This chaos and destruction is what the Monarchs strive for. From the times of the Monarchy arose several groups with aims of rebellion, each group set to defeat the tyrants and bring peace to the Duel Monsters Universe once again. And here, is where we find our heroes.

Dark Lucius: A once-noble man dedicated to vanquishing the darkness now consumed by his very blade; before going upon a rampage, he was captured in time and his sword was confiscated from him before the group that captured him brought him from area to area, trying to figure out what to do with him. In the midst of this, however, a severe battle with the tyrants' vassals allowed him to be free--though without his sword. Instead, he found a new sword once wielded by a former warrior who died proudly in battle. Wandering for what seems like ages, Dark Lucius would find himself within the Mist Valley territory, heading towards a nearby campsite, hoping to find the blade he lost.

Mokey Mokey: A gentle, kind and laid-back fairy of the Duel Monsters Universe, he himself cannot determine why or even how he ended up in the Mist Valley territory--only that there is a camp nearby that appears to have sustenance for his growling, rectangular stomach.

Silent Swordsman(s): Both swordsmen from their home country were once living peacefully, with LV3 hoping to learn from his master, the much older Silent Swordsman. However, much like Dark Lucius, constant attacks by the tyrants' servants caused their home to be destroyed to the point of having to relocate. Losing contact in the midst of battle with their allies, both swordsmen found their way to the Mist Valley area in order to find some answers from any allied camps, and so that is where they are heading.

Gigobyte: Unlike the others, Gigobyte never had an actual home. Abandoned when young, Gigobyte was forced to learn how to fight for himself. Across his travels, he met various warriors, guardians and brawlers, all of whom he now aspires to be like. As a result, he landed in the Mist Valley area to continue his travels with the hopes of someday becoming a famous warrior much like those he admired.

Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks: A newly-hatched dragon born of cinders, Burner travels the Duel Monsters Universe in search for guidance and growth, in order to enhance his own power as that of an infernal dragon. While traveling, he came across the Mist Valley area--home to several of his "cousins" (dragons like him but a different attribute) in hopes to unite with his family and grow together.

Gazelle, the King of Mythical Beasts: Gazelle was king of the forest-grown regions of the Duel Monsters Universe. At one point, he ruled over his fellow monsters and worked with his "subjects" in order to build a vast kingdom for the Earth attributed-plainswalkers and forest dwellers. However, upon finishing his kingdom it would all come crumbling down in ash as the Monarchy lit ablaze his vast forest domain, forcing he and his subjects to flee to new areas. Gazelle himself now finds himself in the Mist Valley area to find his subjects--or even make more--and take back the kingdom the Monarchs took from him.

Maiden of the Moonlight: A fair maiden of the fairy type who adopted the moon's vast power for her own. A worshiper of the moonlight, this maiden has acquired knowledge from her fellow Fairy types that no other monsters could even begin to comprehend--even herself. While she gained some of this knowledge, she herself was not able to learn how to use it properly and now aims to travel from place to place in order to fully comprehend herself and her powers.

Witty Phantom: A devilish, sneaky monster hailing from the dark alleyways of the Dark Territories, the Witty Phantom enjoys nothing more than ripping people off and, more often than not, thievery. He strives to take what he feels belongs to him--which mostly involves powerful and shiny objects other people have--and thus he travels from area to area in search of powerful items to aid him in his quest for riches.

Superheavy Samurai Battleball: Sent by the great emperor Benkei of the territory of Machine monsters, Battleball and his fellow Samurai were attacked by the Monarchs as well. Their homes crumbled and collapsed under the massive earthquakes, so Benkei sent Battleball on a mission to gather as many allies as possible to take down the Monarchy and establish Benkei as the almighty ruler of the Earth territories.

Exodia, the Forbidden One: Summoned long ago by the ancient ones of the Duel Monsters Universe, Exodia's power was deemed too great when he was summoned to aid the ancient ones in a war of power many millennia ago. As a result, his power--and his limbs--were sealed away by various means, leaving him a disembodied head. Exodia now travels through the Universe in search of his missing limbs in order to regain the Godly power he once held.


-Enroll into the Resistance.
-Develop your Characters.
-Get a feel for the RP (Walk around, talk to NPCs, explore the camp, etc.)
-Enjoy yourselves!

-Valk: 0 Gold
-Young: 100 Gold
-Necro: 20 Gold
-Videns: 100 Gold
-Luna: 20 Gold
-Fire: 20 Gold
-Ten: 0 Gold
-Jess: 0 Gold
-Ailo: 0 Gold
-Ticci: 0 Gold
-Racemouse: 60 Gold

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Re: DMU Chapter 1: Calm Before the Storm

Post by necruta on Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:23 pm

(Anyone who has not posted since the previous post is concidered dead due to the attacks of the army, So that is Witty Phantom, Burner, dragon ruler of sparks and Dark Lucius LV4.)

As Mokey mokey charged towards one of the winged beasts, as he came closer he could see clearly that the dragons were wearing some kind of grey armor. As he got closer and closer one of the dragons moved into the way, the moment the punch connected with the armor the power seemed to vanish and mokey felt an incredible amount of pain through his everything. He was dying, but the armor was shattered.

The other dragon swooped down towards the brown haired maiden which seemed combat ready, he slashed his scimitar side ways as he was downwards causing it to have a weird downward arc in it's slice making it harder to dodge.

One of the gryphons was diving towards gigobyte thinking it was an easy target. while the other was diving towards the two swordmen in a altering zig-zag pattern. As all of this was happening the wind vassal ordered the cannons to shoot, seconds later a lound sound was heard and all magical and curse items were disabled for a moment.

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Re: DMU Chapter 1: Calm Before the Storm

Post by Asgore Dreemurr on Sat Jul 16, 2016 4:46 am

(I'm gonna bunny Necro)
The Silent Swordsman tracked the movements of the gryphons that came towards him. He figured the zig zag pattern was to confuse him, but he ultimately knew where the gryphon would end up. He lifted the sword and quickly slashed horizontally in front of him at a slight upwards angle, and LVL 3 was behind him ready to lend support once the gryphon would react, a team effort.
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Re: DMU Chapter 1: Calm Before the Storm

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