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AKA Maintenance June 12th-14th

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AKA Maintenance June 12th-14th

Post by Alisae on Sat Jun 11, 2016 4:07 am

AKA Maintenance June 12th-14th
Hello Guest! We in the AKA staff team would like to announce that we will be performing maintenance on the forum starting June 12th, and it will end no later than June 14th. This means that during that time period, access to the forum will be restricted to staff only. We are undergoing a large number of changes, such as a new forum skin, updates to important posts, additions to the forum sections, new forum sections, and much more. A detailed list of all changes will be posted when the forum is back up for the public, for user convenience. On June 12th, we will also be announcing the new AKA Discord channel, so our community can keep updated on the changes as they're happening. For you Skype users, no worries; we will also be announcing everything on the AKA Skype chat, as well. Thank you for all your cooperation and patience!
Cheers, the AKA Staff.
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