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Favorite Dark Souls Bosses?

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Favorite Dark Souls Bosses? Empty Favorite Dark Souls Bosses?

Post by Tamashii on Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:08 am

So after going a few weeks without playing it then picking it up again, I have regained my love for the Dark Souls series as a whole; more specifically, Dark Souls 3. So, out of curiosity, for those who have also played the Dark Souls series (Including Bloodborne), I want to know your top 5 Dark Souls/Bloodborne bosses. I'll start it off:

5) Nameless King (Dark Souls 3): The first time I fought this boss I was awestruck at his entrance alone. Riding in on a dragon like a complete badass before absolutely demolishing me due to his difficulty spike as compared to the rest of the game. This was one of those bosses that was very difficult and annoying, but fair to play against because he was (supposed to be) fought near the very end of the game, even though he was optional. As a result, his overwhelming damage, his ocean of HP, and the fact that this fight was two bosses in one, on top of his lore, really made this fight enjoyable for me. However, because I spent so much time fiddling with the camera angles trying to fight him, it got tedious over time and the feeling I got when beating him was more of a "Finally" rather than a jump for joy.

4) Dark Sun Gwyndolin (Dark Souls): This one was moreso a niche pick for me as I love Gwyndolin's lore and personality. The fight itself was pretty straightforward (You literally run down a hallway to hit him) and bland but I liked Gwyndolin's character design the most out of the first Dark Souls game. This also ranks pretty low though because, as I said, the fight is nothing special.

3) Soul of Cinder (Dark Souls 3): Being the final boss of Dark Souls 3, which was the first Dark Souls game I played all the way through, I initially didn't see anything special with him aside from his moveset and his battle music. It wasn't until I went back and played through Dark Souls 1 where I realized why many long-time Dark Souls fans loved this fight. It was nostalgic--seeing his second phase resemble Gwyn so much even down to the music must have struck a chord in so many players. The fight overall is exciting and intense with the Soul of Cinder switching between a longsword, a lance, a curved sword/pyromancy style and a spellcasting style during his first phase to resemble the fighting styles you as a player have gotten familiar with until that point. After beating him, I was left with a smile on my face but was kind of sad too; as epic as the fight was, knowing the game ended right there (Before NG+) was kind of melancholy to think about.

2) Lorian, Elder Prince/Lothric, Younger Prince (Dark Souls 3): A lot of Dark Souls 3 made it on this list due to it being my first real Dark Souls experience, but here goes anyway: I love almost everything about this fight. The opening cutscene, the backstory behind it, the mechanics of the fight, the music--all of it, except for one thing. Lothric's a bit of a bitch. Not a bitch in the sense that he's annoying but in terms of lore and even in the fight, he's a kid who was supposed to become a Lord of Cinder and link the first flame but wussed out and said "Screw this." and this attitude of his is resembled in the fight where his only purpose is to cast magic from afar while riding on his brother's back--his brother, I might add, whom his curse crippled because Lorian tried standing in for him. Aside from that, the fight is pretty intense and knowing it's the penultimate mandatory boss in the game ups the ante a bit in terms of how far you've come, trying to best the final lord(s) of Cinder to get to the end.

1) Abyss Watchers (Dark Souls 3): Surprise surprise, a Dark Souls 3 boss as my number one. Hear me out: When I first played Dark Souls 3 and finally navigated through the annoying-as-all-hell poison swamp in Farron Keep, I was met with my favorite cutscene in all of Dark Souls (this lasted even after I played the first one and Demon Souls). You are met with the clashing of steel inside a room littered with dead Watchers; a sign showing how they have been corrupted by the very darkness they swore to defend against and resorted to killing their own clan to prevent it from spreading. Once inside, you see the "boss" and his compatriot dueling to the death, only for the boss to land a somber, yet definitive stab through his friend's chest. Turning to you, the boss picks up his Greatsword and knife and points it right at you, as if saying "Come at me." This boss is the first Lord of Cinder you fight in the game, and while the difficulty isn't very high, it's hard enough due to the mechanics of the fight itself, with other Watchers rising to fight against--and even with--you every so often. The fight forces you to keep an eye on your surroundings at all times lest you be ganked on two sides and absolutely destroyed. While this is happening, the best Dark Souls music (in my opinion) chimes in the background, getting you pumped for phase two, where the boss summons the Wolf's Blood coursing in his fallen companions' dead bodies to ignite his blade and enter his Cinder form. At this point it is no longer a group fight, but a 1-on-1 showdown to the death with the Lord of Cinder, and once I beat this boss it left me in awe--the only boss to do so. I sat there in my seat for a few minutes with chills at what I had just fought. The atmosphere, the music, the mechanics, the lore: All of them were on point with this fight and that's why it deserves my number 1 spot.

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Favorite Dark Souls Bosses? Empty Re: Favorite Dark Souls Bosses?

Post by soul kitten on Sat Jul 30, 2016 4:14 pm

5) The lost sinner : There are very few bosses in dark souls 2 that I really did enjoy, and the lost sinner struck a cord with me. The arena you fight in is intense as it forces you to learn rolling and timing. This boss is a bitch for pure magic characters but it feels amazing when you are able to dodge her attacks and go on the offensive. What makes her low is that on ng+ she gets these two pyromancers that help her in the fight and it just ruins the effect.

4) Gehrman the First Hunter: The whole premise behind Gehrman is amazing, him being the first hunter and his desire to simply free you from the nightmare. You can chose to let him kill you or to reject his wish and face him. The fight itself is very fast and requires focus because his scythe will punish you. His music gives the fight an element of sorrow as this was an encounter that could have been avoided. Gerhman is one of my favorite final bosses in videos games and I hope from soft continues to give us amazing bosses like him.

3) The Bell Gargoyle: There is nothing quite like facing a boss and bringing him to half health. It is a sign that you are nearing the end, but no one is prepare when BAM ANOTHER BOSS STEPS INTO THE RING. The bell Gargoyle is a great introduction into the challenges you will face in dark souls because it teaches you to be prepared for the unexpected in this bleak land.

2)Soul of Cinder: Why do most people love the red vs gold fight in pokemon. One answer being that you have the opportunity to face off against the player character from the first game. The Soul of Cinder does that and more, his move set is comprised of aspects from the first game. The ninja flip ring, lightning, pyromancy, etc and to top it all off his second phase mixes his moves with that of Gywn and those small notes of Gywns theme just gives you a pretty emotional boss fight because it shows you that this is the end of the dark souls series.

1)Orn and Smough: I have a personal story with this boss. Over the course of my summer I made it to anor londo and it was brutal as the archers wrecked my day. The giants butt fucked me at every corner and I finally made it to the boss. They destroyed me every single time and when I finally beat them I threw my controller in the air and cheered so loud that it resonanted through my entire house. This boss is challenging but the room is designed to slow one of them down at a time and I haven't had a greater feeling then when I finally beat them.
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Favorite Dark Souls Bosses? Empty Re: Favorite Dark Souls Bosses?

Post by Shiki on Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:50 am

Dark souls 1 :
Artorius the Abysswalker:
For me by far the most troubeling boss in the 1st game . He si super aggressive and his damage output. The alomost no time to heal openings and the small windows to crawl away from your shield to slap him were small. Get caught in a combo and ur dead. Overall the fight feels really epic.

Ornstein adn Smough:
THis duo works really well together to try to kick your butt. Till I got to them everythign was easy. Did beat it all on my first try and it was going so easy that I was not prepared when those two showed up. The bttle feels great even whenyou die you curse but then also feel good because the design of the boss is so good. Luckily they didnt hold em back for long. I did beat them on the 2nd try as you can see on my youtube channel :3

Dark SOuls 2:
The Ruin Sentinals:
WHen you enter it the first time you see 1 on a ledge . It scares the living hell out of you but you decive to go down. TO fight it one on one with more space. You then hear in your head "This is the moment I know I fucked up" and 2 more jump up. So its was kind of insta death. After that I took the first out on the ledge and the other 2 in the big room. Despite being 1 man (2 instead or 3) it wa s challanging and the satisfaction after finally kicking their asses was just too good.

Looking GLass Knight:
Its a basic 1 v 1. Nothing special but the boss feels good looks strong and all. THe ight feels epic. ALso I like the idea that people can invade you while you are fighting. To like totally kick your ass or just so you can kick more ass then just the boss itself. The idea is new and special. Usually you are safe from invaders while doing a boss but the Glass Knight says no fuck that.

Dark souls 3:
Kiln of the first FLame:
THe last boss of dark sousl 3. THe final boss of the trioligy of pain tears and victories this guy shows up to show you Dark sousl wants to leave a mark in your soul forever and that even if its the end it ownt be easy and that you have to keep on your toes and fight or your life one more time by kicking oyur butt so hard like you will never forget.

Dancer of the Boreal Valley:
Just a beautifull intense boss fight enjoyable from start till end. Amazing experience

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Favorite Dark Souls Bosses? Empty Re: Favorite Dark Souls Bosses?

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