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RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

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RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by Führer Lunarnox on Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:22 am

Hello everyone. The show is nearing its premier, but before we can start, I need to take your information reasons. Anywho, fill out the form and post it down below. You have until Sunday Morning. Then, we can have our fun.

Age:(between 16-21 unless discussed with Ruby or Luna)
Species:Human or Faunus. (Human is self explanatory). Faunus are very similar to humans but bare animalistic traits such as ears (animal ears also retain normal human ears) or tail. Some types of Faunus are more common than others, example being Faunus with mammalian traits are the most common. Some faunus may have inherent night vision. Faunus may have other less apparent traits such as retractable claws, animalistic eyes and food preference. e.g. a cat faunus would like tuna. (Note: If you have traits of an animal that can help you in battle, you will also have downsides of that same animal as well. 1 negative for each positive.)

Face Claim:(picture or 100+ words)

Personality:(100+ words) What your character looks and acts like.

Backstory:(200+ words) Your characters past, present, and aspirations.

Weapon: Your weapon can be a single weapon, however in the RWBY universe 99% of the people own hybrid weapons. This can be something as simple as a rifle with a bayonet or something as crazy as a rocket launcher katana. You would be able to switch your weapon form at your command, allowing for maximum flexibility during combat. As explained above Dust can be infused into the weapons to give various effects such as elemental attributes. Include a picture of each form of the weapon (2 weapon pictures of each form if hybrid. 1 If picture has both forms or using a non-hybrid weapon.)

Fighting Style: How does your character fight? is he/she calm and collected, strategizing before rushing in or does he/she charge in guns blazing with complete disregard for their own well being and the safety of others?

Aura Type: What kind of skills your character will have. Basically, an example would be speed. Your skills should revolve around said aura characteristic. The physical, more tangible projection of ones Aura is called Semblance, Semblance can be combined with Dust to add greater diversity such as adding elemental effects. 40/40 (NOTE: This is essentially the energy system. Your aura is tied to your life force. The lower it gets, the more fatigued you will feel. Hitting 0 could make you pass out or sustain physical/mental damage.)

Abilities: Max 3. I will be creating a system to unlock other benefits using points that are awarded after each chapter. Some of these benefits include more skills.

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by necruta on Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:44 am

Name: Orajeo
Gender : Male
Age: 17
Species: Faunus
Faunus type: Fly
Faunus pro: Fly eyes in the pupils of his eyes which allow him to process thing he sees 5 times quicker and allow him to track things which move 5 times quicker than a normal human eye can track.
Faunus con: Due to him having fly eyes he contantly sees everything multiple times and his brain pieces it together to form one entire image, due to this he is weak to all attacks that are aimed towards his visual sense.
Height: 1.65m
Weight:  60 kg


Personality: Orajeo usually is calm and collected, and thinks things through before doing them even while in company of other people. Because of this he constantly thinks about things that might offend other people so he won't say those. At the same time he's an introvert preferring to stay to himself as social interaction exhausts  him quickly. However there are times when he just changes, while nothing is visible he becomes way more protective and aggressive. He will lash out towards anyone trying to communicate with him without caring about their feelings. However he becomes very social and likes to talk to people and it actually recharges him.

Backstory:  When Urgeo was born the doctors and his parents were shocked, he looked very human except his pupils. If you looked long and hard you’d see that his pupils were made from multiple hexagons. He and his parents lived in a cottage just over the edge of Vale with a few other Faunus. During his childhood the Faunus kids shunned him because he looked “human” and he should just play with them, due to this he often snuck into the town and found a few human kids he started to hang out and play with, while the human kids played with him they still teased him that he was hanging around Faunus multiple times and lived in a neighborhood where a lot of Faunus lived. They had no idea he was a Faunus and so they talked openly what they thought about the Faunus while he was around, things about discrimination, things their parents told them about Faunus and how they thought about them and how they were just filthy animals. Due to him being able to talk, walk and do things so “freely” in the city his parents decided it might be good for him if he enrolled into a school so that he would learn things they couldn’t teach him.

During the time he spent in primary school he never felt he belonged anywhere, so he often spend his time alone,  where he spend his time designing his future weapon. Due to him being a Faunus and seeing that he saw the world differently than most other people he focused on making a weapon which made full use of it, yes he had amazing eye sight but he didn’t like the usage of guns and thus created a weapon which was completely focused on melee combat and used his eyes to block or dodge the gun fire,  the weapon eventually got more and more forms and the closer he got to graduating he realized he needed to pinpoint on how his weapon would look. Eventually he went against how most people designed their weapons with a small size to put it away, to put his weapon away it fully unfolds in a small sheet of metal which is completely flexible and would wear it as a cape. Once he had designed his weapon he started wearing it, this was when he was around 10-11 years old. While the metal is very thin it’s still quite heavy and durable so at an early age he already was training his core by just wearing the cape. During this time the Faunus kids had enough of him being treated as a human just because he was lucky his traits weren’t very visible so they pretended to start liking him more and more and eventually played with him. After about a month they decided to play hide and seek in the forest, and he was the seeker. During this time the Grimm appeared, while they were rather small sized they still were a force to be reckoned with. Urgeo was scared, he froze up and didn’t know what to do. During this time the most primal instinct in him awoke, fight or flight. His body subconsciously chose fight, and started moving on its own. It grabbed the cape and made it transform into a stylish blade and waited for the enemy, with completely calm eyes. Urgeo couldn’t believe his own eyes what he did, while he was in the heat of battle it seemed as if his normal vision became even better, everything slowed down and allowed him to easily react to everything. A swing from a claw was easily side stepped and countered with an upwards slash cutting off the paw. Followed with the blade spinning in his hand and a quick stab in the beast’s belly. Next was a bird like creature which dove straight for him, while his blade was still in the beast he transformed it twice into a machete which pulled it out of the beast and allowed him to move freely. He rolled out of the way while cutting through the bird’s right side. After this he just ran home completely unresponsive and out of it for the next 2 days. His mind was recovering from what happened. From the kids who just up and left him, from the Grimm who nearly ended his life and how he easily handled them as if he had been doing that his entire life. After these two days he slowly but surely became his old self and showed up to school again and he had decided to go all the way, he would go to beacon to help people and learn more about combating the beasts of Grimm, it was clear he has some kind of gift for it and he shouldn’t waste it. While his early childhood and time in school wasn’t anything special he never felt like he belonged somewhere, He hopes this will be different once he gets into beacon though.

Weapon: A sheet of flexable metal which can take multiple forms,  which are a dagger(reach=20 cm), a machete(reach is 40 cm), a katana(reach is 80 cm), a stylish sword (reach is 110 cm), a western long sword(reach is 110 cm) and a staff(180 cm in length). This weapon can only go from one form to the next, and from dagger to staff, from dagger to machete takes 0.1 seconds, from the machete to a katana takes 0.5 seconds, from the katana to the stylish sword takes 1 second, from the stylish sword to the western long sword takes 0.1 seconds and from the long sword to the staff takes 1.5 seconds. The staff and dagger can switch between each other but it takes 3 seconds to fully transform.

Fighting style: he is a counter fighter who switches up his style depending on how the enemy fights, but if he’s pushed into a corner or if he is unsure of what to do he always falls back on the stylish sword. Using this weapon he uses it more like a staff than a real sword. The sword’s handle has enough space for 2 hands so it can be dual hand wielded, but the first part of the sword also has no edge so he can also grab it there, this makes the effective reach of the sword between 1.1 meters and 80 centimetres.

Semblance: Senses.

Normal mode:

Sensory overload
2 Aura for tier 1 per post
5 aura for tier 2 per post
15 aura for tier 3 per post
Orajeo causes his aura to flow through his senses to enhance them immensely.
Current senses able to be enhanced:

Sight enhancements:
Tier 1: Bullet time vision. Orajeo overloads his eyesight to the point where everything seems to slow down for him visually, however his other senses do not catch up to this thus causing a desynchronization of his senses, he hears things before he sees them happen for example. Especially useful against projectiles.
Tier 2: Lightwave sight. Orajeo pushes his eyesight even further allowing him to see past the normal spectrum and see the lightwaves of the other colours beyond the 7 normal humans can see. This includes IR and UV.
Tier 3: Lightspeed glimpse: Orajeo goes to the extend of his powers and enhances his fly like eyes to the point of it being able to track electrical current for a few seconds. After using this ability the strain on his eyes is so much that he loses his eyesight until the start of the next chapter or month whichever comes last.
Downside: With every Tier his weakness to attacks focused on the sense of sight will affect him more. If something would blind a normal person for 1 post, in his normal form it'll be 2 posts for him, in tier 1 it'll be 4. In tier 2 it's 16 posts and in Tier 3 if the light wasn't caused by a lightning bolt or a form of natural lighting it'll extend his blindness for another post/month.

"Hunter" mode:

Apex Territory
5 aura per post
Aoe: 5 meters and growing every post by 1 meter, max of 10 meters.
Effect: Causes everyone in the AoE to feel as if they are currently being hunted, constantly watched and bloodlust directed at them. Over time this will cause their senses to dull, more effective against faunus than humans

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by Tamashii on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:58 am

Name: Declan Ashveil
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Wolf Faunus
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs
Face Claim: (Wolf ears are beneath his hood)

While he prefers to be quiet and alone, doing his own thing, Declan can be a very outgoing individual when he is around people he trusts. He does not enjoy going and talking to people he doesn't already know, but if someone were to come up to him he would be kind enough to endulge in a conversation. Very mellow in nature, Declan likes to keep his hood over his head for comfort. However, if he feels his friends are threatened he will shift into a more aggressive personality, though he never fully loses his cool. He takes every situation with quick thought and concentration and has a very high resolve to try and solve problems. He is a friendly individual who values the little things in his life and very rarely enjoys receiving things as gifts, but instead he enjoys giving them. In combat, his quiet nature remains though he is much more focused, always thinking and planning his next move for almost every situation. While he is friendly, however, he is also skeptical of people who appear shady or suspicious in nature and will usually take what is said to him with a grain of salt.

Born to a human mother and a wolf faunus father, Declan had difficulties growing up as a child. Ever since he was young, he and his family were ridiculed, even though both of his parents were accomplished hunters. His father, a sword wielder, was renowned in their home town as a hero most of his career and his mother was well respected in her own home town for her amazing sniping abilities. However, in both towns--especially Declan's mother's--dual species marriage wasn't only frowned upon, but it was also forbidden. When Declan's parents married, their friends, family and acquaintances all shunned them; before long, they were driven from their homes and forced to take refuge in a small village hundreds of miles away. Eventually, Declan was born.
Growing up, Declan's parents had moved him to a nearby town in Vale to go to school, however they were not welcome with open arms. Facing the persecution of being a faunus due to his exposed wolf ears, Declan began wearing hoodies constantly from a young age, but it did not stop the bullying he received by the human kids. Even then, Declan also could not find solace in his fellow faunus, as they shunned him for having a human mother; he fit in nowhere. As he got older, Declan's parents started training him in the various fighting styles they knew in order to defend himself from the bullies in his school and the townsfolk who would repeatedly assault his family, both verbally and physically. His parents would have rocks thrown at them when it was discovered what their marriage was and Declan would repeatedly be attacked for his money by older kids. But even then, Declan kept his head up high and wore a gentle smile. Even when under these circumstances, Declan would watch as his parents shrugged off these acts, and he took the heart their words that not everyone is evil or bad, but ignorant.
His faith would be tested, however, after one incident. When Declan was a teenager, as he was walking home from school one day he was approached by a group of adults. At first they gave him the typical treatment: Yelling, denouncing his name and his family, but then it got hostile. One of the adults, a large gorilla faunus, in an apparent drunken stupor, had pushed him to the ground and as the other adults held him down, the faunus picked up a large boulder-like rock and dropped it on Declan's right arm, shattering it entirely. At the hospital, his arm had been crushed so severely that it would never recover and as a result it was amputated. For the next couple of years afterward, Declan was depressed; he only had one arm and he was losing faith in the humanity of both humans and faunus. It wasn't until his 16th birthday that he would begin to regain hope.
His father came home one day with a mysterious man wearing a suit. He was middle-aged with short grey hair and he explained to the family that he himself had mechanical limbs and because of what had been happening to the family and because of the accomplished history of his parents as hunters, the man offered Declan a chance to have an experimental mechanical prosthetic. After a long procedure and a lengthy recuperation process, Declan had a new right arm. He would continue his training for another two years until being accepted into Beacon to become a hunter like his parents, and shine light on the harsh reality of not just the faunus, but children born to faunus and human parents.

Weapon and Fighting Style:
Weapon: A mechanical sword 32 inches in length (hilt is 4 inches, blade is 28 inches). The blade itself has a long sniper barrel inside of it, which slightly shows at the very top of the blade. The top of the blade has ridges that can unlatch and form into a sniper scope. The hilt is angled diagonally and contains a trigger that will fire the gun aspect of it. The sword contains 10 high-caliber sniper rounds which are loaded into the side of the sword and held inside the barrel of the gun inside of it. For further distances the metal of the sword can fold out and become a tripod for sniping. The sword's sheath is 35 inches long and contains a trigger near the end of it where the sword is inserted. The sheath is mechanical and holds a cartridge of 10 blanks which are used to propel the sword out of the sheath and allow for faster and harsher swings and combos.

Fighting Style: Declan uses the Iaido style as his primary offense with his weapon. If he is without his weapon, he will resort to several forms of Martial Arts to defend himself. He plans his every move, including two or three backup plans in the back of his mind, before attacking and takes into account his opponent's movements as he prepares his own. If fighting from afar, Declan will transform his blade into a sniper and fire at long-distanced enemies.


Aura Type: Wind; Declan always has a slight and gentle breeze around him when outdoors.

Name: Steel Tempest
Cost/conditions: 10
Range: 1 Meter
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 2 Posts
Description: Declan withdraws his blade and channels his semblance to fire a quick tornado in a targeted direction. The winds of the tornado stop at the first being hit or up to 3 meters in distance, and whatever is hit will suffer a series of sharp cuts from the whipping winds.

Name: Misdirection
Cost/Conditions: 15
Range: 1 foot in a chosen direction; 5 feet wide
Duration: 3 Posts
Cool-Down: 5 Posts
Description: Declan withdraws his blade and sweeps upward, creating a wall of roaring wind. The wall will deflect a projectile of any type that touches it and send it back in the direction it came; afterwards, the wall will stop non-supernatural projectiles but will not deflect them until it comes down.

Name: Aerowaltz
Cost/Conditions: 10
Range: Immediate area
Duration: Up to 5 posts
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Declan channels his semblance and uses the air around him to create doppelgangers of himself. The doppelgangers cannot physically harm an opponent but can be used to deceive and catch others off guard. The doppelgangers will talk, move, think and act like Declan however if they are touched, whatever touches them will instead pass through them as they are made of air.

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by Sentinelle on Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:47 pm

Name: Quaid Erelia
Gender: Male
Age/Birthday: 17, April 22nd
Species: Human
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Amber

Personality: Quaid is a very confusing person. He calculates all of the pros and cons of a situation...and then disregards them completely. He isn't an idiot, he just doesn't care. This odd behavior has been a staple of Quaid's since a very early age. Quaid is often very hyperactive, but also very pensive. He is normally rather kind-hearted and concerned with the safety of others, but he can also be extremely impulsive and hot headed when he gets annoyed or just downright mad. He knows when to respect someone's authority, and also when to question it. He has a very strange relation with girls; it's not that he's anti-feminist or gay or anything like that, it's just that most women make him extremely uncomfortable, and some of them can even terrify him.

Backstory: Quaid was raised in a small town near Beacon. He never knew his father, but his mother was a beautiful and intelligent lady who was a professor at Beacon(she taught the history of hybrid weaponry) and an active member of the Vale militia. She loved Quaid very much, and she promised she would protect him to the greatest of her ability until she died. Upon turning five, Quaid lost his mother to the Grimms, forcing him into a depressed state. Her military comrades greeted him at his doorstep to give him the terrible news, as well as to bequeath her final belonging to him; a red scarf with a note that said: "To my dear little Quaid, may you always prosper in your life, with or without me." They had also suspected that something strange had happened to her, as she had rushed into combat and not come back out. They found her blade buried to the hilt in the soil, and when they pulled it out, it shattered to pieces. Unsure of what to do, Quaid ran off and lived on his own in the school, bawling his eyes out in solitude for five days with his face pressed into the scarf until he was found by some teachers. But instead of going to an orphanage, he was taken in by one of his mothers associates at Beacon, who originally taught a different class but had filled in his mother's role as a teacher by filling in for all the classes she taught as well. She was very kind to him, and since she didn't go home until late hours of the night, Quaid spent most of his day at the school with all of the students. All the students and teachers at the school seemed to know him, and they liked to spend time playing with him and teaching him things. Throughout all of this, Quaid always wore his red scarf, he almost never took it off, he was even hesitant for his guardian to take it away so she could wash it. Being a little boy, Quaid was very inquisitive and would always ask questions. He saw the other students carrying around their weapons of choice and always wanted to know when he would get his own weapon, and she would always laugh and say: "When you're older, dear. Just be patient."
And so Quaid was patient.
When Quaid wasn't at the school or at home, he liked to wander around the forest near Vale. Once Quaid turned eight, he went for another leisurely trip into the forest, except this time he found that something was different. Some paths that he thought he knew and he SWORE that he had carved out himself weren't there anymore, as if the entire layout of the forest had changed. He kept walking, hoping he wouldn't get lost, when he came across something he had definitely never seen before; a large stone altar with a sword inside of it.
The sword was beautiful; painted with every color of the rainbow imaginable, and glowing with a green aura of power that Quaid was certain only he could see. However, Quaid's fascination was driven to fear by what came next.
"Well, kid, it looks like you were the one destined to remove me. Are you gonna do it or not?"
Confused and frightened, Quaid backed up, then panicked and ran after hearing the sword talk. He decided not to tell anyone about the event, not even his legal guardian, and he wouldn't return to the forest for two years.
The two years after Quaid's encounter with the mysterious sword in the stone, he lived his life as he normally did, hanging out at Beacon with other people. However, after he turned ten, Quaid learned of something that caught his immediate attention while sitting at breakfast with his guardian. She told him that they were going to build another wing to the school, and that they were going to level a nearby forest to do so. Quaid took off running to the forest, where he remained for an hour searching for the sword, until he finally found it. The sword spoke almost immediately.
"I see you've returned...two years get pretty lonely, you know."
Quaid exhaled and spoke back. "Are weapon?"
The sword replied back. "I'm not quite sure what you mean, my young friend. Might I know why you returned for me?"
"I'm here to save you. The forest is gonna get chopped down soon, and you along with it."
The sword laughed. "Silly thing, do you honestly think I can be stopped by something as trivial as that?"
Quaid ignored it and stepped up to the altar. "I'm destined to remove you, right? Here we go!"
He pulled the sword from the stone with relative ease, to which he blacked out.
Upon fainting from the blinding light of the sword, Quaid dreamed. He dreamed of very strange dreams, they plagued him. All he could see were people getting massacred, being destroyed in front of his very eyes, and images of Grimms, from his extent and knowledge. Finally, he could hear a cackling female voice while looking at her. She was beautiful, but in a haunting way, her hair was purplish, her eyes were gold and she was beckoning him forward with a long, curved finger. She resembled a Grimm somewhat, but he couldn't be sure. Then the entire dream faded to black.
When Quaid awoke, he was in the nurses clinic at Beacon, which he recognized because he had once cut his finger with a stapler while trying to help someone with something. He was greeted by four boys who were 6-7 years older than him, wearing concerned faces. " long was I out?"
"Quaid, you okay, big guy? The lumber guys found you in the forest passed out and brought you here. You had this in your hand." Rasa, the first boy, explained, as his best friend to his left, Coronus, held up a sword, THE sword, and handed it to him, followed by a pat on the back.
"Congrats, man. You have your own weapon now."
Quaid was both happy and confused. The sword spoke to him again.
"Feeling alright? You were twitching in your sleep."
Quaid thought it would be weird to talk to the sword, as the boys around him clearly hadn't heard it. So he tried responding in his head.
"I...I don't know, Sword...I had a weird dream..." He felt like he should be traumatized by the images he had just seen, but somehow he wasn't. To his surprise, the sword responded.
"I see, I see. Well, it's all over now. And no need to call me 'Sword', that's demeaning, it makes me think I'm not special. The name is Sylvan Excalibur."
After having a thourough checkup, Quaid left the building and ran back to his house to find his guardian and show her his new sword, except he was now feeling strange about it. Except he couldn't find her anywhere. Her ceremonial blade that she used in special occasions was buried hilt deep into the linoleum floor. Quaid pulled it out, and it shattered to pieces. A look of realism spread across his face. She was gone.
There was a large funeral for her, just like with Quaid's mother. He was saddened, and everyone was constantly trying to comfort him. After the funeral, numerous people offered to take Quaid in, but he declined. He decided that he would live and train on his own with the support of the rest of his student and teacher friends, and he set up an empty room for himself by decorating it with his stuff. He suddenly developed a strong fear for girls, mainly because of the dream he had had that fateful day. He tried to use his weapon, and he mastered the capabilities of it, as well as learned a bit about his aura, also discovering that Sylvan Excalibur could transform into a shield(though the voice still stuck with him regardless of the form), and by the time he turned 16, he was ready to enroll in Beacon as a student, and live up to his mothers legacy.

Quaid's weapon, Sylvan Excalibur, morphs from a sword into a shield by expanding and folding outwards, almost instantaneously. Both the sword and the shield have three ranked tiers of power. The weapon also manifests as a strange voice inside of Quaid's head, helping him to make decisions and decide how he feels about certain things. This voice remains attached to Quaid, so even if his sword is missing or broken, the voice will remain with him forever.
Sword Form:
Shield Form:
Fighting Style: Leading The Charge, mainly close combat but has a few mage-type tricks as well
Aura Type: Earth/Nature/Metal

Ability Sheet:

Name: Minor Geokinesis
Cost: Depends on what is done, but at Quaid's current level of mastery it doesn't often go over 5
Range: N/A
Duration: N/A
Cool-down: N/A
Description: Quaid can manipulate(to a small extent) the effects of earth, plants and metal. He's most proficient with earth, second most proficient with metal and third with plant life. He must be touching ground, nature or metal to activate any of these abilities.

Name: Sword Tiers
Cost: 5 for Tier Two 10 for Tier Three(both sword and shield, tier three can only be reached once Tier Two is active)
Range: N/A
Duration: Until Deactivated(Deactivates automatically at the end of every fight)
Cool-down: 5 posts for Tier Two, 10 posts for Tier Three
Description: See Weapon
Tier 2: Beryl Edge
Description: Sharpens Blade, allows for small blasts of aura that cost 2 points each, slightly increases physical speed, strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, thinking skills, etc. Amplifies Power of Super Slice
Tier 3: Valiant Edge
Description: Greatly Sharpens Blade, allows for larger blasts of aura that cost 4 points each, greatly increases physical speed, strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, thinking skills, etc. Amplifies Power of Super Slice.
Tier 2: Beryl Tank
Description: Increases Shield Durability, Allows for very weak full body aura shield that can be cast on him or an ally, slightly increases physical speed, strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, thinking skills, etc. Amplifies power of Ultra Block.
Tier 3: Valiant Tank
Description: Quaid

Name: Soul Tether
Cost: N/A
Range: Unlimited
Duration: N/A
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: At any point, Quaid can call his weapon back to him, no matter how far away it is. If it has been broken, it will deposit all of the broken pieces at his feet.

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by Valkoor on Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:38 pm

Name: Morrigan Merletta

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Species: Crow Faunus

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 118 lb.

Face Claim: Morrigan has pale skin, with flowing, fiery red, wavy hair that falls to her shoulders. Her eyes are a brilliant emerald green, filled with a simple joy. She isn't muscular, but she is definitely toned, with clear ab lines and muscles as she moves. If she isn't training or and simply relaxing, she'll usually wear loose jeans and plain t-shirts; if she is training, though, she'll wear black plate armor that covers her chest, shoulders, crotch, and hands.
FAUNUS TRAITS: Morrigan has a pair of crow wings that come out from her shoulders, extending to a ten foot wingspan. She is able to fly with them and use them to hit enemies, but their weight and their unusual balance makes it difficult for her to fight on land or move very quickly or stealthily.

Personality: Morrigan is a very lively woman, usually smiling and cheerfully interacting with whatever company she has. She can be very loud, laughing and cracking jokes as often as possible. Of course, neither of these translate to the battlefield or study; on the battlefield, she becomes deadly serious, calculating and estimating attack and defense alike. In the study, she's not quite as serious, but she is calm and extremely focused, and will become quickly annoyed at anyone interrupting her.

Backstory: Morrigan was born to a rich family in Atlas, and grew up in those same conditions. She never did go to school; instead, she had a private tutor that taught her as she grew, giving to her all the knowledge and learning her family could afford. One subject always stood out to Morrigan, though: history. She had a profound love for the subject, and always found it difficult to become bored by anything pertaining to it.
One day, the tutor finally reached a point where it was time to properly discuss the Great War. She was only eight at the time, but eager to learn, and learn she did. She drank it up, more interested in this than any other topic they had studied thus far. By the end, something had finally clicked inside her. War was her passion, battle her calling.
She began to study the art of war incessantly: war tactics, various fighting styles, the most up to date technologies, anything she could find on the matter. Her parents quickly picked up on her passion, and when asked if she wanted a trainer to learn what she had been studying herself, she eagerly agreed. With as much passion as she had given to her studies, Morrigan quickly found herself working her hardest to become a skilled soldier, using every weapon she could find. One weapon always stood out to her, though. It was simple and went against the technology she had spent so long trying to learn, but when she held and fought with a spear, the world around her shrank away in favor of the rush of battle, the thrill of fighting. Even with the simple spear, though, the technology of Atlas could be applied, and she did just that. Eventually, it became evident she had grown beyond what simple tutors and trainers could teach her. With their daughter in mind, they finally asked her if she wanted to go to the academy of Atlas; to their shock, though, she actually said no. She enjoyed the rush of battle too much, she enjoyed being face to face with her enemy too often. Her sights were set on somewhere else: Beacon. And, her parents, as ever-understanding as they usually were, agreed.

Weapon: Spear/Harpoon Hybrid
It acts as a simple spear, but the head of the spear can burst out using a strong spring and be short forward like a harpoon, the body and blade connected by a strong but flexible cable. The harpoon can travel approximately 20 feet, and can be pulled back into the spear at will.

Fighting Style: Morrigan has two means of fighting. Against weaker enemies, she'll charge headfirst into the fray, taking part in the thrill of battle while maintaining her distance well enough to compensate for her wings and spear's reach. Against stronger foes she knows she has to be careful with, she'll take to the air where she's much more mobile and comfortable, using her soldiers as a front line while she attacks from above.

Aura Type: War

NOTE: All of Morrigan's abilities have a static, global cooldown. This means that once she uses one skill, instead of only that skill being on cooldown for 5 posts, ALL skills will be on cooldown for 5 posts.

Name: Wail of Badb
Cost/conditions: 9
Range: 10 feet
Duration: 3 posts
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Morrigan summons a soldier ten feet from where she's standing. The soldier has the same strength as a standard, train troop in the army would, and comes equipped with a one-handed sword, a small buckle shield, and a full suit of chain mail. If the soldier manages to land a hit on an opponent, he will cause unnatural feelings of fear and confusion in them. This will last until the soldier disappears or is destroyed, at which points the effects will require one additional turn of recuperation of the victim before they fully recover. The soldier will dissipate in a flash of black smoke at the end of the skill's duration.

Name: Call of Macha
Cost/conditions: 9
Range: 10 feet
Duration: 3 posts
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Morrigan summons a soldier ten feet from where she's standing. The soldier has the same strength as a standard, train troop in the army would, and comes equipped with a one-handed sword, a small buckle shield, and a full suit of chain mail. If the soldier manages to land a hit on an opponent, he will cause feelings of fatigue and tiring in the victim, wearing them out. This will last until the soldier disappears or is destroyed, at which points the effects will require one additional turn of recuperation of the victim before they fully recover. The soldier will dissipate in a flash of black smoke at the end of the skill's duration.

Name: Shriek of Nemain
Cost/conditions: 9
Range: 10 feet
Duration: 3 posts
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Morrigan summons a soldier ten feet from where she's standing. The soldier has the same strength as a standard, train troop in the army would, and comes equipped with a one-handed sword, a small buckle shield, and a full suit of chain mail. If the soldier manages to land a hit on an opponent, he will send the victim into a battle frenzy, causing them to attack wildly. This will last until the soldier disappears or is destroyed, at which points the effects will require one additional turn of recuperation of the victim before they fully recover. The soldier will dissipate in a flash of black smoke at the end of the skill's duration.

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by Oshu on Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:40 pm

just be cause i got nothing better to do.

Name: Kino Nagai
Gender: male
Age: 19 years of age
Species: Human

Height: 5'11
Weight: 170lb
Face Claim:

Personality:his personality is unknown do to how random it can be.

Backstory: when kino was young he was forcufly trained by his father in the art of sword combat, this started around age 5. kino would train day in and day out constantly, just to pleas his father. he would normaly use just a bamboo train ing sword to train with and spar agence his father. even thow kino was agence the training at first, he started to enjoy it as the years of training went on. around age 8 he was walking down a dirt path with his father on one of his few breaks from training, after a while of walking a un known man stepd out of the tree line in front of kino and his father. the unknown man was wearing a black hoody and jeans with his hood up and a bandana covering his mouth. he was holding a hand gun that he soon pointed at kinos' father. the man was yelling at kino's father to give him any money he had but the father had nothing at all. he tryed explaining it to the man, but than the man looked down at kino and said to his father that he would take the kid insteand, just as the man reached for kino, his father steped inbutween them and pushed the man slightly. the man dident hesitate but to pull the trigger of his gun, shooting and killing kino's father. his father fell back, landing flat on his back next to kino, kino looked back at his dead father, fear, shock, sadness, anger, all of these emotions were going throw kino. he dident hesitate but to quickly look at the man and tackle him to the ground, he was hiting him as he was down but it dident do mutch. the mans gun had been nocked out of his hand. kino was than nocked off the man buy a masive punch from the man, nocking him twords were the gun was. kino struggled to get up, noticing the gun, he grabed it and pointed at the man that was coming twords him. he pulled the trigger of the gun multiple times, practicly empting the clip into the man. the man soon fell infront of kino that was on the ground siting up. when the man hit the ground some of the blood had splashed at kino, landing on his face.

kino's hands had started shaking to the point were he droped the gun. tiers in the cornner of his eyes as he slowly got up. when he did he slowly made his way to his fathers body, on the verg of crying as he looked at his now dead father. falling to his knees and leaning over slightly, he started crying and screaming out in sadness, his arms were supporting him up as he was leaning forward. he stayed there, continuing this for hours until some pepole passing by had disoverd him and the body's. even after his fathers funeral, he continued his training, pushing his ability's to the limit to live on his fathers legacy. one day he hopes to find the absolute limit of his ability's.

Weapon: two dual wield sword's. the swords are made out of a unknown material that is near indestructible. the swords are sheathed on his back in a X shape with the hilts upward. the sheathes are made out of black leather. (description of the sword's: )

Fighting Style: sword combat, sometimes hand to hand combat however he is not the best at it.

Aura type: aura melding (his aura melding is very limited at this moment. i would like to be able to unlock more ability's for the aura part later on)

Name: Aura blade's.
Cost/conditions: 5 and he must be holding his sword
Range: N/A
Duration: 3 action's or until he is not wielding his sword any more.
Cool-Down: 3 action's
Description: using his own aura he can cause it to form around the blades of the sword's, the color of the aura around the blade is the same color as his aura is at the time, the aura gives the sword extra cutting power making it so it can cut through most objects with eas that is not a weapon, double damage to anything it comes in contact with that is not the wielder as well as deflect projectiles that is 50. cal or lower without damaging the blade.

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by Dragonecro0987 on Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:09 am

Character: Brandon Marukada:
Name: Brandon Marukada
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Species: Human

Height: 6'8"
Weight: 210 lb
Face Claim:

Personality: Normally Brandon is a calm and collected man who is pretty smart at the best of times and is sort of a strategist in combat. However if someone decides to get him mad or attack those he considers as friends, he will enter a rage mode he calls his “Pissed-Off Mode”. While in this mode, Brandon turns into a berserker with enough strength to rip stop signs and road bumpers out of the ground to use as makeshift weapons and demolish buildings with a single punch. Brandon is very dedicated to his friends and allies as he trusts them to keep him and his rage in check.

Backstory: Brandon Marukada was an average boy born to two loving parents as the middle child with his older brother Michael and younger sister Stella. However Brandon held an abnormal inner temper that made sure he got into plenty of fights growing up. What did not help was his older brother’s streak of being seemingly perfect at whatever he did. One day, Brandon’s temper flared and he attempted to hurt his brother by lifting up a refrigerator over his head and throwing it at him. However his strength gave way and his bones snapped under the weight of the fridge and he was sent to the hospital. Being restricted to a cast, kids began to mock him for the stunt he pulled. As such, he became a symbol of fear among those who bullied him as he broke more and more bones exacting payback as more and more gutsy bullies were sent to the hospital.

One day, while walking home from school with his little sister, Brandon bumped into a beautiful girl about his age and the girl used a gentle and calming voice to subdue Brandon’s temper. She then gave him a bottle of milk and asked him to stop doing what he did as he caused pain among their class. Brandon was speechless but nodded. It was clear in that moment Brandon had fallen in love. Taking the girl’s request into heart, he eventually dyed his hair from black to a blonde color to warn others to stop picking fights with him. Eventually the number of people hurt plummeted and the school was at peace.

Everyday, Brandon would come to see the girl and they became friends. Through this he learned the girl’s name was Brittany and that her father was a famous doctor and she worked at a convenience store. Through Brittany, Brandon was then given the pet name of Brady to which he enjoyed it and it stuck. Brady then had to face his past once more after he was walking down to the convenience store to see Brittany when he noticed a robber pointing a gun at her. Reacting on impulse and a need to stop this, Brady used his strength to pick up the closest item in his vicinity, a lamp-post, and throw it like a javelin. However tragedy struck as not only did the makeshift javelin kill the robber, but the lamp bashed Brittany over the head and she fell into a deep coma.

After this moment, Brady seemingly became a hollow husk and refused to leave his room, except to only eat, for over a month. The rest of his time was spent in a corner regretting his life as his “gift” hurt the one he loved the most as a curse. After a month passed and with some help from his sister and some friends he made, Brady managed to take the needed steps out of his room. After the incident reached its first anniversary, Brady went to see her and made a promise to uphold her request and never use his strength. Brady focused on his studies at that point until he was invited by Brittany's father into his lab one day. The Doctor overheard his promise and said he would help teach him how to use his strength for the good of humanity. After refitting Brady’s bones with a special metal blend to prevent fractures, The Doctor taught Brady the techniques of a new hybrid weapon of his invention called Justice’s Counter. This hybrid weapon combined the range of a rifle and the blade of a sword. After that, The Doctor got Brady a trip to the land of Vale to order to teach him the skills needed to prove his own form of Justice to punish the evil.

Weapon and Skills:
Weapon: Brandon is a carrier of various tools he has collected over the years however there is one weapon in which he puts most of his faith behind; his hybrid weapon, the Buster Blade Axe. The Buster Blade Axe is a hybrid weapon using the frame of a minigun as the shaft with a handle at the bottom and two slots on either side of the minigun tip that can deploy two large blades that can be used like an axe or even a scythe by extending both blades outward. The minigun is fully functional as it can fire normal bullets and also shards of Dust made for elemental utility depending on whatever shards Brandon can load into the gun.

Weapon FC:

Fighting Style: Brady is typically a tactical fighter and knows when he is out classed. However when he enters his "Pissed-Off Mode", he becomes a berserker with little care except a drive to kill those who hurt the ones he cares for and finds worthy of protection. He typically will fight dirty in this mode and can destroy entire cities with his strength if left unchecked.

Aura Type: Brandon's Aura is focused mostly upon his Strength. His biological enhancements allow him to use his strength to jump massive canyons with no problem and to even withstand attacks. However this can lead him closer to drawing on his Semblence known as The Wrath of Ares


Name: Titan's Fist
Cost/conditions: 5
Range: Short
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 3-5 Posts
Description: Utilizing his strength, Brady can swing his fist at an opponent at incredible speeds with the force of a semi-truck at his enemies. However if he is wielding a Dust Crystal or shard in his hand, he can pull the attribute from the crystal to increase the power of his punch with the attribute at the cost of a longer cool-down time.

Name: Titan’s Quake
Cost/condition: 10
Range: Short - Long
Duration: 3 Posts
Cool-Down: 10 Posts
Description: Brady stomps the ground and, through his seemingly endless pool of strength, causes a quake that vibrates out over a long distance. Anyone caught by this quake will either trip up and leave themselves vulnerable or be caught in the carnage and trapped by the broken stones of the ground, allowing for Brady to manage a quick attack on his foes with his gun or fists.

Name: Semblance Trigger
Cost/conditions: Can only be triggered when below 10 energy
Range: Self
Duration: 10 Posts
Cool-Down: 1 Chapter
Description: When Brady uses up massive amounts of his energy and a certain catalyst is brought forth, he then enters his Semblance Mode. In Semblance Mode, Brady’s blonde hair grows and changes into its original color as long black hair. His blood vessels then begin to shine golden and his eyes turn a deep ruby red. While under this mode, his strength doubles and usually puts some strain on his muscles after it passes. Typically Brady will collapse after using this skill so it is reserved for particularly tough enemies he may end up facing.

Name: Satanael
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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by Trini on Sat Oct 29, 2016 12:26 am

[Name:Torch(He has an Aussie accent)
Age: 19
Species: Human
Face Claim:

Personality:Torch Is very Bold and out there, he speaks whats on his mind and doesn't give a fuck what anyone else thinks. He has an ideology that nothing belongs to one person, that they just possess it and it is free for anyone to take it if they have the skills to. He is rarely serious, and loves humor. He is always joking around and loud most of time.He is adventurous, and loves starting danger in the eye. He like to try new things even though he knows he might not like it. Because of his background he is very free spirited, and has a hard time following orders given by others. He is hotheaded and competitive. When it comes to friends he doesn't show affection like most people do, but if they are in the need to any help he is willing to set aside his agenda and help them.....if there is anything in it for him as well, but only sometimes.

Backstory:Torch was born and raised on the sea. He never stayed in one place and was constantly on the run, Mosley being due that his father was an A class Pirate that pillaged and ransacked everywhere they went. Being born this way he was raised by his fellow crew mates and his father the em famous Gangplank. Sadly his mother wasn't part of his life because she had died due to unknown reasons, and gangplank only kept Torch with him to pay some respect to his now dead lover.Torch was born and raised to be ruthless, and not give a fuck about anyone else but his crew-mates and himself. 
    Over the journey of his life torch had picked up an uncanny talent at engineering, and technology, mostly due to the fact that one of his closest friends was the ships mechanic. When Torch reached 10 he was known and respected among the crew, he had pillaged his fare share, as well as done damage. The mechanic seeing him growing up decided that it was high time to give him his own set of weapons. So days on end both the mechanic and torch worked on dual plasma guns. By the time he was 12 they were completely finished and he named them the twin calibers because of his excellent marksmanship he had showed over the years. 
    One day while they were sailing peacefully on the sea his ship was attacked by a group of pirates that had banded together to cripple the already super power known as the Blaze Pirates. The battle was fierce and intense torch witnessing crew-mates dying left and right and his father trying to hold them back as best as he could. Torch was lost and confused. Before he knew it a rival pirate was coming charging at him aiming to impale him straight through the chest. No matter how hard torch wanted to get out of the way, the amount of fear he felt was paralyzing. the blade came rushing at him but as if it seemed out of thin air the mechanic appeared in front of him taking the blade to his lower right side the blade going almost completely through and plunging into torches right eye. He screamed.But not because if the pain he felt form him loosing an eye, but the pain he felt form loosing the closest person to him. When torch crumbled to the ground his body began to feel hot. Tears where coming down form his left eye and as the did they appeared to be hot and steamy. Seconds after his body began to burn. He looked upwards through the searing pain to the the pirate that had stabbed the mechanic take the blade out of him, and then slit his throat. The mechanic fell dead on the blood stained wood. The pirate then raised his sword and brought it down hoping to insert it in torches throat. As the blade made contact with his skin, a large burst of heat pulsated out of torch, which set the whole ship a blaze as well as severely burning the murder of his dear friend. Torch looked at his body seeing that it was engulfed in flames, and that the entire ship was in the same state. He felt a sharp pain go through his head, and a surge of dizziness. He had lost to much blood. Torch fell limp to the floor. 
    When he awoke he was drifting on a single piece of plywood. The entire ship had been burned down, and the surrounding ships had either caught fire because of the embers or sailed away. He turned around on the piece of wood and looked into the sky, the sun blinding him. He touched where his right eye had been, and started to laugh. He laughed for hours, maybe even days while drifting on that piece of wood. He was so mentally destroyed  that he would only notice later that a  weirdly marked tattoo of a dragon, had been imprinted on his chest, as well as his arm.

Weapon :  They shoot flaming rounds of bullets that explode spreading shrapnel. When needed they can also be used as a flame throwers if red dust and torches flames are provided. The flames being wildly spread apart, or sharpend like a welding torch.

Fighting Style: When Torch fights he is usually highly aggressive, making sure to keep the opponent on their feet, not giving them time to rest. When he feels like he cant do much from afar he can go close as well. The outside of the twin calibers are harder , and more effective then vibranium, he is also trained in gun to hand combat.

Aura Type: Fire/reptilian 

Name:Heat Resistance
Cost/conditions: N/A
Description:Torch is immune to the damaging effects of high tempretures

Name:Crimson Scales
Cost/conditions: 10
Duration:20 posts
Cool-Down:15 posts
Description :Torches dragon tattoo glows a deep crimson, and the aura around his marked arm hardens taking the appearnce of what seems to be an almsot dragon like arm(claws and all) coverd in unpenetrable crimson scales. With this extremly defense arm, comes super human strength, being able to lift 2,000 pounds

Name:Torch Essence
Cost/conditions: 5
Duration:10 Posts
Cool-Down:10 posts
Description: Torch can engulf his marked arm in flames, the flames start at a light yellow and change color the hotter the flames get, Torch can sling fire in various forms with his arm in this state, ranging from fire balls to whips
Dark Crimson:1000 degrees C
Crimson: 800 degrees C
Red: 600 degrees C
Orange: 400 degrees C
Yellow: 200 degrees C

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by MetsRule97 on Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:20 am

Name: Julia Kashara
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Faunus, She has Black cat ears with white tips and a black tail, Julia has retractable claws that she can use in nearly any situation even in fighting, the downside to this is she sometimes relies on them more than her own weapon. Julia also can land on her feet from nearly any fall and land unscathed.

Height: 5'3
Weight: How Rude!.....114 pounds
Face Claim: (Up above)

Personality: Julia is a confident but kind girl, she cares deeply about her friends and family and looks up to her older brother, he is her inspiration. She does whatever she can to keep the people around her happy, even if it means embarrassing herself. When it comes to her ears and tail if someone makes fun of them she will get really embarrassed and upset as she was bullied about them for many years. In battle she is fierce and almost ruthless if she feels the person she is fighting deserves no mercy.

Backstory: Julia had a very difficult early life, being abandoned by her mother and father at the doorsteps to an orphanage, they were her family for most of her early years, caring for her even though she was a Faunus. Some of the other kids would pick on her and even say she would never get adopted, she never believed them and kept hoping. On her 7th birthday a family came in, they had a son who was only three years older then herself. After a few minutes they picked Julia and took her home with them, she was so happy and she instantly clicked with them all, her brother being her role model as he took care of her all the time. They didnt live a fancy life, but it was enjoyable, she just was so happy.
As her brother moved out he promised that he would always be watching out for her, with a kiss on her forehead he left on his 18th birthday and she hasnt heard from him since, her parents believe he is okay but she is still worried sick, her brother taught her how to be strong and no matter what she wont forget it. Julia wants to be as strong as he was to her, she wants to make him proud of her, so when she has time she trains almost everyday to gain more experience and skill.      
After enrolling at beacon, Julia was quickly thrown into the fray, she became the leader o team JKKZ, and did her best to lead, continually being a voice of reason and kindness throughout beacon. Once the war began something changed in her, all the fun, the sillyness gone, what was left was a cold blooded cat faunus. This would come back to bite her however as her recklessness caused deaths within her team, and of others, the impactful deaths brought Julia out of it and left her scarred, she continued to fight until the war was over, collapsing due to exhaustion, once she awoke the deaths that her recklessnes caused began to sink in, she has tried to stay enthusiastic for the survivors but she is beginning to think its in vain. Only time will tell how Julia and all the other students of beacon move on.

Weapon: Julia uses a battleaxe that she has had since she began training, it was gifted to her from her brother. She is able to change the weapon into a submachine gun and with Dust she is able to give her weapon a freezing/ice effect, also she is able to shoot freezing/ice bullets.

Fighting Style: Julia stays calm and collected most of the time, oftening thinking of ways to possibly exploit her opponents weaknesses before making an attack, she likes to use her speed to land heavy hits on her opponent.

Aura Type: Julia has an Ice/snow aura type, she can create snow or ice storms and can do many different things with her aura.

Name: Entomb
Cost/conditions: 7
Range: 100 feet
Duration: 6 posts
Cool-Down: 10 posts
Description: Julia forms a chilling wind that will follow her target without tire. If the target stays in the same spot for one full post, the wind will freeze any part of their body that's touching the ground down to it in a thick layer of ice. The wind will disperse if Julia or the target is more than a hundred feet away from the ice, if ten posts pass without the wind landing, or if enough heat is used to combat it. The freezing effect can last between 2-5 posts

Name: Ice Skating
Cost/conditions: 1 per post
Range: 2 feet around Julia's foot
Duration: Toggle
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: While activated, Julia forms sheets of ice under her feet from surrounding moisture in the air. She can step on these and is skilled in using them, resulting in speeding her up due to the sliding. In addition, she can extend these from the ground into the air or jump off of sheets of ice when already in the air, but these will obviously be less stable. The ice will disappear in 2 posts if it doesn't melt naturally.

Name: Feral Form
Cost/conditions: None but drains 4 aura per post
Range: N/A
Duration: Once Julia's aua hits below 10, muscles and ligaments begin to tear, if her aura hits 0, then she passes out.
Cool-Down: Once she is healed and aura is regenerated
Description: Julia taps into her full faunus traits, dropping onto all fours her eyes turn gold, teeth sharpen slightly and claws extend, while in this state Julia's Speed,Reflexes,and Strength are doubled. Julia's muscles and ligaments strain while in this form due to her half human body limitations but can hold this form for abit of time.

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by soul kitten on Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:46 am

Name: Jet Bligewaters
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Human
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110
Hair color: Jet black
Eye color: Brown
Face-claim: He wears a short sleeve hoodie while also having a courier bag strapped to his back. His baggy jeans have a few tears in them due to years of getting the fabric damaged. He wears a blue t-shirt with the numbers 94 written in the center.

Personality: Jet is usually laid back as he tends to enjoy just resting against a tree and letting the cool breeze flow through his hair. Even though most people think he is extremely lazy, Jet is also known by a few people to be very capable in almost all situations. He is head strong and doesn't stand down unless he is fully brought to his knees. Jet has also been shown to be clumsy around fragil objects and is sometimes described to have a face that is too innocent for his rather brash behaviour sometimes.

Backstory: Growing up in the woods of Vale was not easy. His idiot father thought it was a good idea to move into a place that is filled with dangers, all in the name of adventure. Luckly his family managed to survive most of the dangers as hey taught themselves how to shoot. Jet was your average child despite knowing how to handle a revolver at the age of 8. He would get in trouble, climb a mountain and almost die falling, play kickball with the other kids, punch trees in an attempt to knock a cat out of a tree, have a legion of kittens follow him around. A seemingly normal life. Later in his life he rejected the notion of living a boring life and chose to become a hunter. After many trials and errors he finally managed to get himself into Beacon Academy.


Fighting Style: A mix of being a long range fighter and having the ability to fight upclose while also shooting the gun. Jet trys not to get into a close range battle but if needed he is capable of fighting with and without his gun.

Aura Type: Copy. This mainly allows him to recreate bullets from his gun whenever he fires it.


Name: Scatter shot
Cost/Condition: 2
duration: N/A
cool-down: 3 posts
description: The next bullet Jet fires will copy itself mid-flight, spreading out in a flower formation, with 10 bullets forming a ring and moving diagonally around the original bullet. If Jet has A Second Gun active, then this will affect the next bullet in both guns.

Name: A Second Gun
Cost/Condition: 8
Duration: 6 posts, or until the end of Copy Cat's duration
Cool-down: 10 posts
Description: Jet creates an exact copy of the gun he's holding in his other hand.

Name: Copy Cat
Cost/Condition: 15 & the loss of a second gun
duration: 5 post
Cool-down: 8 post
Description: Jet creates a clone of himself that can fight using the gun lost at the ability's activation. The clone cannot fight hand to hand, and must mirror the movements of Jet. The clone will last until the end of its duration or until it is destroyed/killed, at which point the second gun will also disappear if created by A Second Gun.
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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

Post by YoungX on Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:46 pm

Gyro Al Dente:

Name: Gyro Al Dente
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Human

Height: 5'10
Weight: 156 lb
Face Claim:

Gyro has hazel eyes along with a well-toned face. It is not too round nor too thin. Similar to his brother his hair color is a darker shade of green but his hair style is more of a straight kind of hair. While his brother Django Al Dente has a gold earring on his left, Gyro has a gold earring on his right ear. Besides wearing a silver jacket and blue jeans, he also has some biker gloves on both hands because for protection. The biker gloves are black leather gloves with the letters G-D engraved in silver. In addition he wears a white t-shirt underneath.


Gyro is, unlike his brother Django Al Dente, is not absolutely random 100% of the time. Rather he’s much more tame compared to his brother, but sometimes he his moments where he may say a joke or two. Unlike Django who just fights without thought, Gyro prefers to have some thought before fighting his opponents. He also possesses some level of social skill as he is able to at least interact with others. It isn’t perfect, but there’s always room for improvement. Sometimes he shows his love towards weapons, semblances and basically how his fellow peers and mentors use these things in any given situation. His brother was always an unpredictable one but always had such creative ways of doing things that it made Gyro adore creativity. In a given scenario, he understands when it’s time to act casual and a time to act serious. People who have met and/or interacted with him say that he is generally rather nice and relaxed.


Gyro lived much of his childhood at an Orphanage alongside his older brother, Django Al Dente. Their parents had died after being involved with a mission as huntsman/huntress leaving the two at an Orphanage. At the time Gyro was still relatively young so he really does not remember his parents while Django was roughly around 8 at the time. Still Django was a rather unpredictable and rather comedical youth who did not seemed to bothered by his parents untimely death. Perhaps it was because he understands that lives are rather short to begin with and as a huntsman/huntress, one has to be prepared to die at any given moment. In any case, as time grew by Django would tell Gyro about their parents and how they were huntsman/huntresses who dedicated their lives fighting off the Grimm and preserving peace in the world.

To put it bluntly he worded it like this “You know our parents were like swish slash jab kaboolie at the Grimm. I’m pretty sure I once saw Dad enter inside a Grimm to blow it up using his cannon or something like dat one movie Grimmnado I don’t know. Sounds pretty dopewhacky though.”

After that, Gyro became curious about the world of Remnant and what it had to offer so he began to read some books that were at the Orphanage library though Django hated reading anything that wasn’t interesting to him. He learned about some history surrounding the Four Kingdoms, Grimm, Dust and plenty of other trivia that Django probably couldn’t care less about. Eventually as time went on, Django announced that he would be attending a Combat School so that he would attend Beacon in order to become a Huntsman. Gyro, instead of being sad and missing him, told him that he too would follow in his footsteps. All Django had to say was this:

“Well alrighty you do that. I’ll be waiting on some cool cliff with an overview scene. It’s gonna be pretty badass like in one of those fictional cartoons or something.”

Django had left to learn the ways of combat and do what he did and stuff. Gyro would bide his time and decided to read more on combat so that he probably wouldn’t be too dumbfounded by the time he went to a Combat School. Letters would be sent from Django, telling of his experiences at Beacon and how he’s pretty much being the same as he ever was. Eventually it was Gyro’s turn to enter one himself and learn the ways of fighting as well as crafting his own weapon.

His time spent at school was one of the most enjoyable times he had ever had since reading those books at the Orphanage. Weapons, aura, semblance dust, and the many applications to the four was perhaps his most favorite topic. When it came to building a weapon he would call his own, he was rather perplexed on what he would actually create in the first place. He drew up a plethora of designs but none seem to really capture his creative spirit. What he wanted was a weapon that could embody his creativity and love for the ways of unconventional like his brother. From design after design none seemed to really be the “one” to be his weapon. Still he knew that Django was out there as a Huntsman who was going to wait on a cliff once he graduated so he wouldn’t give up so easily. One fateful day, Gyro would be reading up on all sorts of books when he had happened to come across a particular one on Grimm. Some of them had claws which gave inspiration to his own weapon. From there he simply made Forever Grimm, his claws. Eventually he would head off to Beacon Academy where he would train to become a Huntsman and meet up with his brother again at a cliff.

Weapon and Skills:

Weapon: Forever Grimm

Forever Grimm is a pair of twin claws made in inspiration from the Grimm since they primarily have claws and use them. Instead of having a gun as a hybrid weapon, the claws are able to shoot out claw energy attacks. The top of the claws can act as a shield to protect himself. The weapon can convert themselves into smaller portable gauntlets with the blade parts retracted back.

Fighting Style: Gyro Al Dente likes to approach his opponents based on the situation presented to him. If his opponent seems to be one that prefers ranged then he’ll fight back with ranged until he can get close enough for melee. Vice versa for melee centered opponents. Of course there will be times when he isn’t prepared for his opponent then in that case he’ll be cautious and try to adapt towards these changes.

Aura Type: Portal Generation


Name: Portal Creation
Cost/conditions: 3
Range: Anywhere within 5 meters from Gyro himself
Duration: 5
Cool-Down: 6
Description: Gyro creates a set of two portals that anything can go through. He can also destroy the portals early if he so wishes however it must be when nothing is going through the portals. When the portals are destroyed early then the cooldown is reduced by 2 posts. The portals have the colors red and blue. The red portal is stationary while the blue portal move within 5 meters from Gyro himself.

Name: Portal Attacks
Cost/conditions: 5 for each kind of Portal Attack unleashed.
Range: 10 meters
Duration: 1 post
Cool-Down: 4 posts
Description: Gyro summons a Portal that unleashes an attack based on the type of Dust used.
   Burn Dust: Launches a swirling fireball projectile about the size of a cannon ball.
   Ice Dust: Launches four ice crystals.
   Earth Dust: A Rock Shield is brought out to be used as a shield.

Name: Portal Effect
Cost/conditions: 3
Range: N/A
Duration: 3 posts
Cool-Down: 4 posts
Description: Gyro can grant any portal that he has out an effect using aura and dust. Once a person gains a buff they cannot do so again until the skill is reactivated.

Gravity Dust: Makes anything that goes through a portal much heavier than their current weight. The weight bonus is about 100G.
White Dust (Air): Bestows a Haste effect that increases movement and attack speed.
Lightning Dust: Imbues electricity onto anything that passes through a portal.

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

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Kali Braith:
Name: Kali Braith

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Bat Hawk Faunus. (Macheiramphus alcinus)
Wings and Eyes. Flight. Poor peripheral vision but can see extremely far away with great detail as well as see things moving at speeds faster or slower than a normal human can process. Low light/night vision.

Wingspan: 5 m

Average Flight Speed: Up to 290 km/h / 180 mph
Dive Speed: 700 km/h / 435 mph

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 117

Face Claim:

Wears a dark grey tank top under long sleeve black hooded jacket and black trousers with a belt as well as dark leather boots. She folds her wings around her to appear like a feather cloak.

Personality: Kali is quiet and extremely shy around new people, not knowing how to act around them, because of this she can typically be found sitting alone with a book. However despite what would appear to most as a calm, patient demeanor, Kali is actually very impatient, being unable to wait for something she wants and gets quite agitated, sometimes to the point of frustration, if required to wait too long. Though she is impatient in getting what she wants she is also rather indecisive thus is unsure of exactly what it is she want to have or do.

Backstory: Kali was born into a small tribe of Faunus that lived a nomadic lifestyle on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Vale and as such has never encountered a human being for her enrollment in Beacon Academy. Growing up outside of the protective walls of the Human Kingdoms meant the tribe was constantly at risk of attacks from Grimm and thus the adults taught the children combat at an early age, encouraging them to develop their own fighting style and custom weapons, a tradition that some members had brought from human Hunter Academies. Being one of the only avian Faunus of her tribe, the only others being her parents Kali developed a fighting style that took advantage of her ability fly and lightweight frame.

Combat was not the only thing taught to the young Faunus though, they of course received a standard education, especially on the Faunus Rights Revolution and the reason why they chose to live outside of Human controlled territory. Not all members stayed with the tribe however, some left to join a resistance group known as the White Fang in hopes of gaining full rights so the tribe could live among the humans with no discrimination whatsoever. Others chose to enroll in the Hunter Academies, looking to better their combat skills in order to push the Grimm further away from the borders of the continent, creating a safe zone between the humans and the Grimm for the tribe to live while others fought to dissolve the discrimination they still faced as a species.

When Kali turned seventeen, the typical age when one decided if they would stay or venture out into the world Kali chose the latter, enrolling in the Hunter school known as Beacon. With her bags packed she said her goodbye's she flew off to the very edge of Vale where she landed, folding her wings into a cloak so as to not draw unwanted attention to herself and found more conventional means of travel to reach Beacon.
Weapons and skills:

Weapon: Remnant's Requiem

Fighting Style: Kali's fighting styling is to hit extremely fast and hard in hit and run tactics, taking full advantage of her Faunus traits. However she is a glass cannon and a single solid blow can be devastating.

Aura Type: Blink

Name: Extreme Speed
Cost/conditions: 1 per post actively using
Range: N/A
Duration: N/A
Cool-Down: N/A

Name: Blink
Cost/conditions: 2 points
Range: 25 m
Duration: N/A
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: Kali can instantly teleport to any location within 25 meters of herself.

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Re: RWBY: Resurgence Character Sheet

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