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Important PSA (MUST READ)

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Important PSA (MUST READ) Empty Important PSA (MUST READ)

Post by Alisae on Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:44 am

Because we are starting up Mafia, as well as the RWBY RP, I would like to remind EVERYONE (RPers and Mafia Players), to do the following (If they have not done so already).

1. Reproduce the following steps here:
Important PSA (MUST READ) Dfef622ff70c49038be382cd5a2fee32
2. Mark all of the posts and click the big red button that says "Delete All"

This allows you to keep track of posts you have missed when you were gone in a thread that you are watching, assuming you keep the notifications bar updated. If you wish to not watch a thread, go down to the bottom of the thread and click on the button that says "Stop Watching Topic."

Also, if you wish to not watch topics that you post in automaticly, do the following:
Edit Profile -> Preferences -> Display a notification when new replies are written : [Check this option to no]
And Save it.
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