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[TAoB] Jason Brimcove character sheet

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[TAoB] Jason Brimcove character sheet

Post by soul kitten on Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:43 pm

Name: Jason Brimcove
Gender: male
Age: 17

Appearance: Jason is a slim 5'7 110 teen with messy brown hair. He sports a black short sleeve hoodie with a red t-shirt inside. His hoodie is normally open except when it gets cold. Jason wears baggy dark blue jeans and orange and black sneakers.

Personality: Jason is a very caring person who tends to stand up for others. He is laid back due to his lazy attitude towards any situation, but is still able to get any job done.

Backstory: Growing up in a financially struggling family was not easy. His parents couldn't afford to get half the things everyone else around them had, but this did not ruin their happiness. Jason's parents spent day and night making sure their child learns how to do the right thing. This ideal bleed into his social life as he quickly became known for fighting people who bully others. Despite all his attempts he always ended up on the ground losing the fight. Things changed one day when he was arriving home from school after a busy day. On this day he saw a crying child handing over a deck of cards to this group of men. Stepping in like he normally does quickly led to him having to duel these people using this kids deck. After many close calls he stood victorious and managed to return the deck back to this child. Now Jason seeks to enter the world of duel monsters and become a champion.

starter deck: Weapons of Legend
soul kitten

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Re: [TAoB] Jason Brimcove character sheet

Post by necruta on Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:04 am


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