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Niles Al Dente

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Niles Al Dente

Post by YoungX on Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:30 pm

Full name: Niles Al Dente
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'11
Weight: 164 lb
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Hazel
Face Claim:
Positive character traits: Easy to get along, adventurous, adaptable, ambitious, optimistic
Negative character traits: Easily distracted
Likes: Adventuring, Loot, Pasta, Rain
Dislikes: Waking up late, spicy food
Fears: Spiders
Aspirations: Becoming a successful merchant and adventurer
Background story:
Niles was born into a family of businessmen. His mother and father both own a business all about resources. While they weren’t the most successful, they at least did their job well enough to live a middle-class life. The prospect of business and the angles surrounding it was something Niles took deep interest in. Plus because he and his mother often went towards other locations to get new resources, Niles often would often find himself exploring places where he lived to see if he could find anything of value. This would also create a deep interest in adventuring as well. Throughout numerous small expeditions, Niles would often look at numerous materials. Most he had no idea what they were so he would read up on books to improve upon that. It also improved his observation skills s he took note of minor details within objects.

Fast-forward to his 21st Birthday. It was around this time when Niles had awakened his powers. How did it happen? Well he was going to go another expedition to one of the local caves when he noticed that he could see things that he couldn’t before such as hidden writings. There wasn’t much evidence to give a reason as to why it happened but Niles had an idea. Years of identifying items and having a well-trained eye must've awakened a latent power within him. Niles decided that he wanted to head out into the world so that one day he could become a true successful merchant/adventurer. His parents were supportive but of course they were worried he might land himself into trouble. Still he was now free to make his own decisions and from there Niles would set out on a journey. Along the way he would find himself joining the Guild for not just accomplishing his dreams, but doing some good for others with his powers.

Ability/power sheet
Skill: Identifying
Power source: Inherent
Being granting power, for spiritual and Fae: N/A

Name: Enriched Sight
Cost: 2 Energy
Duration: 6 posts
Cool-Down: 8 posts
Description: Through his own power, Niles allows his eyes to see sights that one would regularly be able to not see such as traps, hidden switches and invisibility. This ability can also detect fake objects as well.

Name: Stealth Mode
Cost: X Energy per post. X being the amount of things turned invisible
Duration: As long as the cost can be paid
Range: Touch/5 meter range
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: When Niles activates this ability he and every non-living object he touches become invisible. His movements will not produce any sound while this ability is active. He can also use this ability on objects he touched and is in a 5 meter range of. Currently Niles can make a maximum of 2 things invisible.

Name: Potions for Sale
Cost: 4 Energy + 80 or more G for Health or 120 or more G for Energy
Duration: N/A
Cool-Down: 8 posts
Description: Niles uses his energy in combination with G to conjure a random recovery item, either Health or Energy which he can choose when activating this ability. The more G used, the higher the chance to conjure a stronger recovery item.

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Re: Niles Al Dente

Post by necruta on Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:18 am

I accept this character, now gather your money Scrooge McDuck

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