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Mercer Sunflare

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Mercer Sunflare

Post by Dragonecro0987 on Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:07 pm

Full name: Mercer Sunflare
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 178 cm (5'10")
Weight: 86 kg (150 lb)
Hair color: Red-Brown (Like Clay)
Eye color: Red

Face Claim:

Positive character traits: Mercer can be easy to talk to when discussing his studies in potions and how to make them as well as has many strong points in his personality and snarkiness towards Carmen.
Negative character traits: Mercer, however, can be reclusive initially as it usually takes time for him to warm up to someone. He also does not enjoy reflecting on his past and as a flimsy moral code from living alone.
Likes: Spicy Curry, Brewing Potions, Dancing
Dislikes: Blackberries, Certain Ice Creams
Fears: had a small fear of Lightning as a child, but has been repressed ever since.
Aspirations: To become a merchant and travel the world.

Background story:
Mercer Sunflare grew up the 2nd child in a house of six children and their parents, who were merchants whom used their skills to become part of the upper class. However Mercer never enjoyed the status as he was raised when they were still merchants; on the road and living off the land itself. He was taught proper manners and trained in how to be a gentleman, yet longed for the freedom to make his own choices. Eventually, Mercer ran away from home and tried to live as a peasant for a while as he would steal food from vendors and trained his mobility in the cities.
One day, Mercer went on his usual route when he noticed a girl in a cloak about to be ambushed by scumbags. Mercer defended her with a custom made staff he had made and ran them away, saving the girl. Eventually, he and the girl named Carmen Albafrost got away from the city and learned of each other's backstories.
After Carmen showed her powers of ice to him, Mercer was suprised but was suprisingly calm before showing off his own power, the Flare, by lifting a large pot with one finger. Eventually they would become partners and friends who lived together to brace the world head on.
One day, Mercer and Carmen had a huge fight and eventually, it ended with Carmen accidentally knocking over the various chemicals Mercer had set up to use and caused a massive explosion that claimed her life. Strucken with grief, Mercer took Carmen's corpse to the nearest forest and met a Fae creature by the name of Puck eating an apple on a tree branch. Sensing his grief, Puck then offered a contract with Mercer. The contract allows for Carmen to be revitalized but in exchange, Mercer must always keep a firm grasp on Carmen at all times. If Mercer let go of Carmen for more than (x time), then Carmen will vanish and Puck will claim her soul for himself.
Dedicated to find a way to make the contract null and void while keeping Carmen alive, Mercer began to travel the world with Carmen for the next three years in order to make a living of their new situation. Both of them would then hear word of a guild in which the both of them could work at in order to also learn of tools to fix their condition.

Ability/Power Sheet

Skill: Potion Making
Power Source: Fae and inherent
Being granting power, for spiritual and Fae: The Contract to save a life

Name: The Flare
Source: inherent
Cost: 1 point per post when active and touching someone
Duration: when contact is lost
Cooldown: N/A
The Flare is a mystical skill Mercer has had from birth. While it does nothing while Mercer is alone or unwilling to use this skill. When Mercer is willing and is touching someone else, his and their attacks will deal damage multiplied by N. N is the number of people that are touching Mercer or people who are touching Mercer. However this power does not work on Carmen.

Name: From Flare to Blaze
Source: Fae
Cost: 5 points
Range: Touch
Duration: 5 posts
Cool-Down: 10 posts
Description: The Multiplication of N caused by the Flare ability of Mercer is divided by 2. Then the people who had the Flare buff will lose this buff while Mercer's and Carmen's damage will be multipled by N/2 each.

Name: Blaze Sustainer
Source: Fae
Cost: 1 point per post when active
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: As long as Mercer is in contact with Carmen and this skill is active all the cost of Carmen's skills is reduced by 1. For every 2 points that Carmens saves thanks to this ability Mercer regains 1 point of Fae energy

Name: Satanael
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Re: Mercer Sunflare

Post by necruta on Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:03 pm

Have fun with your one free hand, Accepted.

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