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TAoB Adam Ashour

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TAoB Adam Ashour

Post by AdamAshour on Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:53 am

Name: Adam Ashour

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Adam is a one big dude. He is 6'6 weighing 250 pounds. He has a dark brown jewfro often mistaken for black. He has big rimmed glasses due to poor eyesight. Born in NYC he is often seen wearing his favorite New York Rangers hoodie with jeans and usually with a can of sweet tea.

Personality: Adam is a caring dude but sometimes doesn't think before saying so he naturally gets into bad situations. His friends often call one funny dude as he likes to make people laugh with his sarcasm. people find him as a jerk but if you speak and get to know him you can tell he cares and will stand up for his morals and what he thinks is right. When dueling Adam uses logic and finds out the best cards to use that would help him win the duel. Adam is one smart and gifted duelist with unlimited potential he just needs the right people to guide him to success.

Backstory: Adam was born to a lovely family. He has two older sisters who care for him a lot and vice versa. Growing up Adam loved sports. Adam was a gifted hockey player who could have gone pro after high school but his parents wanted him to go to college. When he was little Adam use to play Yugioh and little Adam was really good at so he use to play in tournaments and did pretty well winning some and coming in second but few gave him a good challenge. During his junior year of high school he suffered a horrible foot injury and he wasn't able to get a full scholarship to his dream school so Adam wanted to do his third favorite thing right after sports and eating so he applied to the Alpha Knight Academy

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Re: TAoB Adam Ashour

Post by necruta on Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:03 am


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