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Galvanax Finkle III

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Galvanax Finkle III

Post by Firebreath on Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:14 pm

Full name: Galvanax Finkle III
   Age: 23
   Gender: Male
   Race: Human
   Height: 5’10''
   Weight: 154
   Hair color: Brown
   Eye color: Blue
   Face Claim:

   Positive character traits:
- Can act calm during an extreme physical setting
- Knows how to cook
- Know’s how to socialize
   Negative character traits:
- Has a hard time actually caring for people, he sees no reason for it, which can leave him saying things that are mean.
- Strawberries
- Swords
- Adventure
- Business
- Finance
- Money
- To never find his ambition
- To let the anger that comes with his power consume him
- To find his aspiration.
- To get rid of his spiritual powers.

   Background story:
Galvanax Finkle the Third was born to Baron Galvanax Finkle the Second and Baroness Bertha Finkle. They were minor nobles but nobles nonetheless so Glav was given a great education as well as formal weapons training from an old knight under the employment of his father. The Baron and Baroness however were always plotting for ways to increase the social standings of the ‘great’ Finkle family though Galvanax did not share his parents sentiment. When their son was young they called in some favors they had earned through dubious means and got young Galvanax betrothed to the daughter of Count and Countess Garin and Selina Waldegrave. Her name was Gertrude. While Galvanax the Third grew up to be a handsome young adult the same could not be said for Gertrude. A few days before their wedding the two noble families held a party where the two betrothed would meet each other for the first time. When Galv first saw his soon to be wife he nearly gagged at the sight of her, for she looked like an avatar of greed and gluttony, fat and demanding, slathered in grease from meat pies, the polar opposite of her fair parents. Galvanax was furious his parents would promise him to such a wretched cow and stormed from the party, wandering into the woods of the Counts estate. He walked for a long time fuming with rage and brooding about his spoiled position in life, he was given everything he had ever needed in life and never worked for anything, he never cared for elevating the standing of the Finkle family and he certainly did not want to marry that putrid pig of a human being. As he walked along paying little attention to where he placed his feet he tripped over a tree root causing him to fall and roll down a shallow hill and hit his head on a tree stump, knocking himself unconscious.

When Galv came to, he was met with a giant knight. One with beat up amour and two long swords latched onto his back. “who are you!?” Galv screamed at him. The rest of the conversation between the two consisted of the Knight convincing Galv why he should accept the spirit to help him in his search for aspiration. It was a tough conversation but in the end Galv accepted the spirit in hopes of finding his true meaning in the world. This was five years ago, since then Galvanax and his spirit Otcho wandered from town to town, doing odd jobs, searching for something Galvanax could put his heart into. Occasionally they would come across a town or village besieged by strange creatures that had started appearing around the same time Galv met Otcho and Otcho taught him to fight as he did. During their travels the caught wind of a guild that had been forming with people who had powers like Galv and Otcho, and he decided to enlist in hopes it would help him find his ambition.

Ability/power sheet:

Skill: Weapon Mastery
Power source: Spirit
Being granting power: Otcho The Forgotten Knight

Name: Knight's Valor
Cost: N/A
Range: N/A
Duration: N/A
Cool-Down: N/A
Description: If Galvanax fights an opponent which has higher HP and Damage, HP and Defense or Damage and Defense, than Galvanax then all attacks of his attacks on that target will deal 1 more damage and all damage recieved from that target is reduced by 2.

Name: Knight's Honour
Cost: 5
Range: 15 meter
Duration: None
Cool-down: 15 posts
Description: Galvanax is able to intercept any attack within 15 meters which was directed towards a target with Lower HP than Galvanax

Name: Knight's Pride
Cost: 15
Range: N/A
Duration: 5 Posts
Cool-down: 20 Posts
Description: Galvanax calls upon Otcho and his blades to empower his sword for the next 5 posts, dealing 1 more damage, dealing spiritual damage and ignoring all non physical defense for 5 posts.

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Re: Galvanax Finkle III

Post by necruta on Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:41 pm

Character accepted now go and find your purpose!

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