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Zwei, the Construct

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Zwei, the Construct

Post by Tamashii on Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:21 pm

Full name: Zwei, the Construct
Age: ???
Gender: None
Race: Doll
Height: 5’6”
Weight: ???
Hair color: Dark Pink
Eye color: Hazel (right eye), Pink (left eye)

Face Claim: Zwei is a slender, shorter being. Its eyes have two different colors to them, with its hazel eye constantly changing colors due to its magic influxes. Its skin is fair and a little pale, almost with a moonlit glow to it and has a soft, genuine feeling of actual flesh though it isn’t real. Its lips are a fleshy pink color and it always has a look of innocent curiosity on its face, only further emphasizing its childlike appearance. Its hair is on the shorter side and its bangs hang down to cover half of the forehead, and it is always ruffled as if it just got out of bed. Its attire is that of what you would see on a typical mage, with a long cloak over its neck and shoulders that reaches down past its arms so that when its arms are at its sides it conceals them and its chest. The cloak also has a hood attached. Under the cloak Zwei wears a typical white garb and a long white skirt that conceals its legs.

Positive character traits: Zwei is very cooperative and is willing to work with the team. It can be very focused in battle and will exert its magic in ways that will benefit most of, if not all of the team.

Negative character traits: Zwei is very introverted, choosing to keep to itself most of the time as it is typically afraid of meeting new people. It has some trouble making friends and while it will help the team, sometimes it feels that it cannot trust them. Likewise, since nobody really knows what Zwei’s thinking half the time, it’s hard to trust it as well.

Likes: Reading books of the magic variety, indulging in human foods and activities (even though it has no taste buds), spending time alone with animals.
Dislikes: Being yelled at, being depended on too much, having too much attention on it, bitter foods (it cannot taste them but it has a feeling it dislikes them).
Fears: Being controlled
Aspirations: To one day find its creator and to reunite with them.

Background story: As the full moon rose and met with the sun in the darkness of the eclipse, a lone woman sat within her humble abode and read. Upon the floor lay a doll, plastered in skins stitched together by hand, sewn through and through with care and precision. Its features fair and detailed so much so that it seemed alive like a human, but it lacked that one special quality about it: Life. The woman chanted and released her incantations from her book of magic as the eclipse waned above the clouds. Light poured from the pages and magical energy empowered and inhabited the lifeless body on the floor until it creaked and spasmed to life. Its eyes filled with color, its skin no longer pure white but pale with some color. And as it sat up and looked around, it found nothing but an open book at its feet and the home she had left it. A note was attached to its chest, labeling it with its name: Zwei. Two.
As Zwei stood and looked around, it found clothes left for it and all. It knew how to read, how to write, how to think. But no matter what it could think of it could not place its thoughts on the identity of its creator. They were gone by the time it awoke and as the eclipse passed the day passed on like normal. So it spent its time reading. It found books sprawled throughout the house that it used to learn. Over time it learned many things and used the book left at its feet to practice magic. The book was a book of life and taught Zwei how to use its power to its every need. Zwei also spent many years studying different ways to create with its book, with its specialty being Golem creation and control. But even with all of its knowledge over the years that it learned, Zwei craved its creator--its owner once again. As the guilds began to form, Zwei got an idea, that one of those guilds would lead it to its creator and master. And as such, it joined one in hopes that one day its question shall be answered.

Skill: Enchanting
Power source: Book of Life

Name: Conjure Golem
Cost: Depends on the size of the Golem, A Medium Golem costs 10 Energy, Large costs 15 Energy, Giant costs 20 Energy
Range: Up to 30 ft.
Duration: Depends on the size of the Golem, Medium = 10 posts, Large = 8 posts, Giant = 6 posts
Cool-Down: Depends on the size of the golem: Medium = 6 posts Large = 8 posts, Giant = 10 posts,
Description: Zwei summons an elemental Golem based on the materials used for the conjuring. Zwei has the ability to summon one of four types of elemental Golems and may only control one at a time; Should Zwei summon more than one, the extra Golem(s) may become unstable and attack Zwei at any moment (DM's discretion). Each Golem is made of magical properties at their core and as such most suffer the same weaknesses as magic itself does, but they also gain the advantages that magic grants their controller.
Each Golem has specific properties depending on their element:
-Earth (Giant): This Golem is made of strong boulders, compacted sand and soil, clay and mud all magically bound together and takes the appearance of a hulking mass with arms and legs. While slow, this Golem's attacks are powerful. It cannot cast magic and typically swings its large arms to hit its target dealing 10 physical damage. The Golem can also move heavy objects with ease
HP: Zwei's Maximum HP x 3
-Water (Medium): This Golem is made from the torrent of water and appears similarly to a woman. While it does not pack too big a punch, it is balanced in speed and can use its body as a means of firing elemental power dealing 5 damage. By halving it's HP, it is able to freeze part of its body to propel as a large icicle spear dealing 10 magical damage, or it can fire ten icicles at once each dealing 1 damage.
HP: Zwei's Maximum HP
-Fire (Large): This Golem is made from crackling fires and ash from that which it burns. This Golem takes the appearance of a ferocious wolf that leaves flaming footprints with every step. Anything it touches that is flammable becomes ignited dealing 2 damage every post for 5 posts. By sacrificing itself this Golem is able to create an explosion of pure fire around a 30 foot radius dealing a static 30 magical damage.
HP: Zwei's Maximum HP x 2
-Air (Medium): This Golem is special as it does not have a particularly-noticeable form but is rather made of the gusts that make the wind itself. As such, it constantly changes forms but is solid enough to be felt and is strong enough to carry one medium-sized person on it for transportation. This Golem is more designed for transport and utility rather than combat, and as such it typically does no damage.
HP: Dies from the first blow landed

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Re: Zwei, the Construct

Post by necruta on Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:21 am

Everything about this character is a shining example except the last skill which does too much for its cost and prevents other projectile abilities from breaking it. It's recommended that it's changed into something less oppressive, while it can have specific interactions with other sources at least make sure there is 1 source that will work on it. Edits are accepted!

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