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Guild shop

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Guild shop

Post by necruta on Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:54 am

As you step into the guild shop, it becomes clear that it is much more than a simple shop for the guild. All sorts of equipment are displayed, some you recognize, others seem familiar and there are few which you have no idea how they would be used in battle. Behind the counter a skinny man was waiting for his customers with a smile which seemed a bit too friendly, his green woolen pants were clearly high quality as were the white shirt and leather jacket he wore over it. The moment you stepped in he turned his attention to you. "Greetings, dear customer. What will it be today?" He asks you as he hands you a small book of his wares.


Dagger: Damage 3, special: double attack. 100G
Mace: Damage 4, Sp: 10% change stun 120G
Staff: damage: 2, Special: the wielder's magic abilities use 1 less energy but maintain the same damage output.150G
Short sword: Damage 8,  200G
Long sword: Damage 10, 600G
Broad sword: Damage: 15, Special: 2 handed, one attack every 2 posts. 800G
Rune grafted short sword: Damage: 9, Special: deals spiritual damage. 300GP
Shade dagger: Damage 4, Special: double attack, shadow melt ability. 500GP
Shadow melt:
Name: Shadow melt
Cost: 5(of any kind)
Source: Spiritual
Range: N/A
Duration: 3 posts
Cool-down: 15 posts
Description: The user is able to fade into the shadows making it harder to detect them, if one steps out of the shadows, is hit by light or runs the effect vanishes prematurely.
Throwing Knife: Damage: 2. 3G
Throwing Knives (50): Damage: 2. 120G
Bow: Damage 6, Special: need arrows. 180G
Arrow: 2G
Arrows (100): 180G
Crossbow: Damage 12, Special: 1 turn loading time, need bolts. 400G
Bolt: 1G
Bolt (100): 80G
Flintlock pistol: Damage: 12, Special: unblockable by physical means. One attack every 3 posts. 1000G
Magical Flintlock pistol: Damage: 15, unblockable by physical means. 800GP

Robe: Armor: 0. Special: the wielder's magic abilities use 1 less energy but maintain the same damage output. 200G
Cloth armor: 1 defense. 200G
Leather armor: 2 defense 300G
Studded armor: 3 defense, -1 defense against abilitiy defense 450G
Chain mail: 6 defense, -3 ability defense 800G
Empowered Robe: 2 defense,
Special: the wielder's magic abilities use 2 less energy but maintain the same damage output. +3 magical damage 1000GP
Buckler: 2 defense 400G
Iron Shield: 4 defense -2 ability defense 550G
N's Shield: 20,000GP

HP potion: +40 HP 40G
Energy Potion: +10 energy, inherent +5 energy 100G
Mixpot: +20 HP, +5 energy 150 G

Basic enchantments: 100G-500G depends on the enchantment
Custom weapon: 500G+materials needed for said weapons

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