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Kaiya Redthorn

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Kaiya Redthorn

Post by MetsRule97 on Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:50 am

Full name: Kaiya Redthorn
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Neko
Height: 5'4
Weight: 123
Hair color: White
Eye color: Right eye: Blue, Left Eye: White
Face Claim:
Positive character traits: Energetic, Intelligent, Trustworthy
Negative character traits: Paranoid, Sometimes too Hyper,
Likes: Experimenting, Flying, Studying
Dislikes: Cockiness, Stupidity
Fears: Thunderstorms, Fire, Losing her father
Aspirations: Become the Best Alchemist in the world and make her mother proud, Help Support her father

Background story: Kaiya Redthorn was born into Middle class family, one that was shunned alot as her mother was a neko and her father a human, growing up life was rather hard for her as she was picked on alot by fellow children. Her father worked in the local town's library and her mother was a maid for one of the neighbors, however Kaiya's mother in her spare time would be in the basement practicing alchemy, using most of their funds to afford it and experiment. At the age of 14 Kaiya was attacked by two adults who wanted to rape her, they dragged her into an alley, however she fought back, biting one's ear off before the other pulled out a knife and swiped at her, he cut from just above her left eye down towards her cheek. Yelling in Pain Kaiya fell to the ground and held her eye, her vision in that eye just turned completely red an she would pass out from shock, the two men were gonna kill her before a spirit named Scout showed up and would kill both of the men, looking down at Kaiya he knew she wouldn't live unless he bonded with her and gave her some of his energy, in doing so it woke her up, running home to her parents, however after that day nothing would be the same again.

Kaiya would be cared for by her mother, she saved her eye but couldn't fix her vision, it was very hard to adjust and it lead to her being picked on even more, she still had no idea of Scout until one day her mother tried alchemy to fix Kaiya's eye. Her mother had Kaiya sit in a small circle as her mother started to use some ingredients and say a few words, pressing her hand into the ground the circle glowed but it something bad was happening, Kaiya's mother screamed as there was a violent reaction, causing most of the basement to explode, at the very last second however Scout jumped in and protected Kaiya, saving her from most of the blast. Kaiya would awake a few days later, their house gone along with her mother, it was from that day forward that she vowed to become a better alchemist then her mother, along with discover more about this spirit that had helped her.

How did your character get their power: (Up in backstory, but her discovering him is here) Kaiya was planning to leave the town she was living in on her 16th birthday, her father and herself had to live in the library, taking a small corner and making it into their home essentially. Kaiya didn't wanna be a bother to her father anymore and left that night, taking with her a book about alchemy that she had found in the ruins of their house, and a small backpack with necessary supplies to live. Kaiya got about Two miles away from the town before Scout made his appearance, he formed infront of her and looked at her solemnly "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked her, however Kaiya jumped and fell back afraid of what was in-front of her before realizing it was the spirit that helped her before "You...your the one who saved me in the basement...why? why did you save me?" Scout shook his head "I am bonded with you, I saved you the night you lost the sight in your one eye, so I figured I'd stay around and help is Scout by the way, nice to meet you Kaiya" this was alot of info for her to take in at once "Okay Scout...I guess if your sticking around we should get to know each other more" With that Kaiya and Scout walked farther and farther away, getting to know each other as they walked through the night.

why did your character decided to join the guild: Kaiya joined the guild because she thought it would help her advance in her study of Alchemy, as well as try to help and defend the country

Ability/power sheet
Skill: Alchemy
Power source: Spiritual
Being granting power, for spiritual and Fae: Sky Scout

And for the ability sheet, too:

Name: Scout Wings
Cost: 3
Range: N/A
Duration: 8 posts
Cool-Down: 10 posts
Description: Kaiya sprouts the wings of her Spirit Sky Scout (She could fly as fast as Mach 5, but figured I'd let you read this first)

Name: Hawk Eye
Cost: 4
Range: At Max 23.2 miles (Also depends on Weather)
Duration: 10 posts
Cool-Down: 13 posts
Description: Kaiya is able to enhance her vision Eight times the normal amount of a human, giving her a boost on the battlefield to allow her to watch every detail.

Name: Spiral Boom
Cost: 9
Range: 3 miles, raises every 100 feet in the air
Duration: initial boom and most impact is first post, second post is aftermath with little bit of sound (2 Posts)
Cool-Down: 6 Posts
Description: Kaiya flies high up into the air before turning and spinning, aiming for her target, as she hits the target she breaks the sound barrier and causes a sonic boom which is strong enough to bust down buildings and dent metal, plus the sheer force of sound will make anyone close enough go deaf for a few posts (You can determine how long)

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Re: Kaiya Redthorn

Post by necruta on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:54 am

Accepted, now go and mess around and make beautiful explosions!

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