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Your new Urgod

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Your new Urgod

Post by Some Fat Guy on Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:15 am

So urgot recently receive a rework due to go live in about 2 weeks or so barring any game breaking bugs (like leona gaining the ability to walk through walls like a recent edgelord champion) and all i can think of when i see this new urgot is fucking Stroheim and it's really starting to get at me.    this is Stroheim, for reference. for comparison lets look at urgot's ultimate Stroheim has a machine gun, Urgot Has motherfucking chains and a giant death grinder that will kill you. Urgot is now a jojo's reference and thus, has become so over buffed that you must now permaban this champion in any ranked games to prevent him from inting in an attempt to nerf the champion into a balanced state.
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