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The Necro-(mancer) archetype

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The Necro-(mancer) archetype

Post by necruta on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:33 am

Okay so I've been working on this archtype for a while and it's the first one that I'm putting on the interneSo without further stalling here is the archtype(s) I made the Necro - (mancer) archtype.


necro-mancer trainee
lv 2/spellcaster/dark
Once per turn, you can target 1 Zombie-type monster in your graveyard with a lower level, atk and def than this card; special summon that target, it can not be used for a synchro summon.

I just wanted a normal "archtype" monster which just had the generic effect and which wasn't too strong so that I could create a beater in the necro- monsters which could serve as the "protector" of this monster.

necro-mancer guardian
lv 3/spellcaster/dark
Once per turn, you can target 1 Zombie-type monster in your graveyard with a lower level, atk and def than this card; special summon that target, it can not be used for a synchro summon. During either players turn, if only 1 "necro-mancer" monster would be destroyed (either by battle or card effect) target 1 "Necro-" monster, you can destroy that target instead.

I have always loved cards with these kind of effects, being able to destroy something else instead of the target so I made a card which feels like an evil mage which uses his corpses as meat shields.

D.D.N. Different Dimention Necro-mancer
lv 4/spellcaster/dark
Once per turn, you can activate 1 of these effects.

  • Target 1 Zombie-type monster in your graveyard with a lower level, atk and def than this card; special summon that target, it can not be used for a synchro summon.
  • Target 1 banished "necro-" monster; return it to the graveyard.

It's been a while since we saw a new D.D. card, so why not make one which can help this deck out either by siding him or maining him if you want to play different variants of this deck. In short this card will help with banishing match-ups and will help fuel some effects.

Skilled necro-mancer
Once per turn, you can activate 1 of these effects:

  • you can target 1 Zombie-type monster in your graveyard with a lower level, atk and def than this card; special summon that target, it can not be used for a synchro summon.
  • Target 1 "necro-mancer" spellcaster-type monster which ATK is equal or lower that this card in your graveyard; special summon it. It's effects are negated and is treated as a zombie monster as long as it's face-up on the field.

Just a revive card for xyz plays nothing more, nothing less. I tried to make it quite balanced but it still seems a bit too OP to me.

If this card is special summoned while there is a face-up spellcaster-type monster on your side of the field; double this card's original attack.

The generic beatstick of the deck, which as far as I know can't get it's effect off easily with the current spellcaster monsters but still is usefull to this deck to just summon a a 1900 beatstick.

When this card is special summoned by a "necro-mancer" or "Necromancer" card; banish 1 necro- monster from your deck face-up. When this card is removed from the field, send the banished card to the graveyard. You can only use this effect of "Necro-gravedigger" once per turn.

Just another way to load up your graveyard with necro- monsters and created is such a way that it combos easily with D.D.N. necromancer

If this card is banished while you control a face-up "necro-mancer" monster; you can special summon this card. If this card is special summoned this card by this effect; negate the effects of all face up spellcaster-type monsters on your side of the field for the rest of the turn

This card was created as a "final" summon during your main phase 2 to get that last xyz play off if needed while also hindering for the rest of the turn.

lv 5/zombie/earth
When this card is special summoned by a "necro-mancer" or "Necromancer" card; banish it. When this card is banished by it's own effect; special summon a "necromancer" monster from your deck. The effect of Necro-gateway can only be activated once per turn.

This card is level 5 for a reason, so that this deck needs to use their spell/trap cards/ xyz monsters to special summon it, so that they can't abuse this card too much, although I'm sure the community will break this card in more ways than 1 and I have to edit this in a few days XD

lv 5/zombie/earth
This card's atk is equal to the amount of zombie monsters in your grave x300. When this card is special summoned by a "Necromancer" or "Necro-mancer" card this card gains the following effect: Once per turn you can banish 1 "Necro-" monster; destroy 1 card on the field.

This card is the generic "bad" card in every archtype, it seems good but people can't seem to find a way to propperly use it because of it's weird stats and summoning condition. Aka this archtypes puddingcess.

Legendary Necromancer - Sage Nyakk
lv 8/ Spellcaster / dark
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special summoned (from your hand) by tributing a "Necro-mancer" monster and banishing 3 "Necro -" monsters. Target any number of "Necro -" monsters from your graveyard; Special summon those cards then you take damage equal to the combined levels of the monsters you special summoned x 300. This effect can only be used once as long as this card is face-up on the field

This card can be seen as the "boss" of this deck in terms of the main deck since it can summon every "necro-" monster you want but it comes at a cost and can only be done once. Further is this effect too strong to be used once per turn, so I made it a "wind-up" effect where it can only be used once as long as this card is face-up on the field.

xyz monsters

Ultimate corpse - necro-angel
rank 5/zombie/light
2 lv 5 zombie-type monsters
If this card is special summoned and you control a "Necro-mancer" xyz monster: Target a "Necro-mancer" XYZ monster; attach this card and all it's xyz materials to that XYZ monster. When this card is in the graveyard target a zombie XYZ monster on te field; you can attach this card to it as an xyz material. When this card is treated as XYZ material and is detached, banish this card.

I made this card specifically for necra to have a way to easily produce extra xyz materials for the extra effects.

Legendary Necro-mancer - Corpsedancer Leigi
Rank 2/Spellcaster/dark
1 level 2 spellcaster and 1 level 2 zombie-type monster
Once per turn; detach 1 xyz material and target 1 monster in your opponent's graveyard; Special summon it. It is treated as a Zombie-type and it's effects are negated.

Just an xyz form of zombie master, buffed and nerfed, buffed since it becomes a zombie type and you fon't have to discard, but nerfed since you can't summon cards from your own grave, the fact that they become zombie types helps with xyz summoning

Legendary Necro-mancer - Skullmaster Necra
rank 4/Spellcaster/dark
1 level 4 "Necro-mancer" monster + 1 or more level 4 zombie-type monsters (max 4)
As long as this card has xyz materials it's effect(s) can't be negated.
This card gains the following effects depending on how many zombie-type monsters are attached to it as xyz materials.

  • 1+: Detach 1 xyz material; special summon 1 "Necro -" momster from your graveyard.
  • 2+: Detach 1 xyz material; send 1 "Necro-" monster from your deck to the graveyard.
  • 4+: Detach 1 xyz material; add 1 "Necro-mancer" monster from your graveyard or deck to your hand
    You can only use each effect of Legendary Necromancer - Skullmaster Necra once per turn.

The heart and soul of the deck, if you can keep him fueled he can set up every play you can think of in this deck. As far as I know this card can become a real plus machine if you know how.

Fusion Monsters

Infamous Necro-mancer - Mortiis
lv 9/Zombie/dark
Legendary Necro-mancer - Sage Nyakk + 1 Necro-mancer xyz monster + 1 "Necro -" zombie-type monster
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion summon.
When this card is Fusion Summoned; send cards from the top of your deck equal to the cards in your hand. This card gains 100 ATK for each spellcaster-type send to the graveyard by this effect. Once per turn you can target 1 monster in either players graveyard; special summon that target. It's effects are negated and it can't attack this turn. This card can only be activated and resolved if there isn't a face-up monster on the field that has been special summoned this way.
If this card is targetted by a card effect or would be destroyed by a card effect, banish 1 "necro-" monster and decrease this card's ATK and DEF by 700 points; Negate that card and destroy it.

I wanted to create a fusion monster which was worth it to summon however I think it's still a bit underwelming but I think for the summoning conditions it's balanced enough.


Filling the graves
Normal Spell
Send 1 "Necro-" monster to the graveyard.

Archtype specific foolish burial, YEAY. In all seriousness I think this card will be one of the cards that is broken and that I need to hang a activation condition on it but I'm not sure yet.

Necromancer art - Reanimation
Normal spell
Activate only if you control a "Necro-mancer" monster. Special summon a "Necro -" monster from your graveyard

One of the few ways to special summn gateway in a pure version of the deck and it's basicly a conditioned monster reborn for this archtype, ehich zombies love.

Soul Fusion
Normal spell card
Banish from your graveyard fusion material monsters that are listed on a zombie-type fusion monster; Fusion summon that zombie-type fusion monster. You can banish 1 Zombie-type monster and this card to target 1 spellcaster-type monster in your graveyard; add it to your hand. You can not special summon during the turn you use this effect.

The main way to get the fusion out with not too much trouble all I gotta say about it.

Quick-play Spell
Tribute 1 "Necro -" monster and select 1 "Necro-mancer" monster; The selected monster gains ATK and DEF equal to the ATK and DEF of the tributed monster.

Basic atk boost, fun to play in a fun deck but I don't think it'll see much play competetively.

Necromancer tome - Necronomicon
Quick-play spell
Select 1 "Necro-" or "Necro-mancer" monster on the field; It's effects are negated but can't be targetted or be destroyed by card effects.

Protection stuff from all the destruction we current have in the gme .

Ancient Necromancer art - Speaking with the dead
Continous spell
Your opponent can't special summon monsters from the graveyard. Destroy this card if you don't control a face-up "Necro-mancer" monster

Just a fun card I made for this archtype with the original necromancy in mind


Experimental Necromancer Art
Normal trap
Special summon a "Necro -" monster from your grave. Destroy it during the end phase

Slower way of summoning but handy if needed, although I thought it needed a limit thus the destruction during the EP

Corpse swap
Normal trap
Send as many cards from the top of your deck equal to the amount of spellcaster-type monsters in your grave; Then add spellcaster-type monsters to your hand up to the amount of zombie-type monsters send to the graveyard by this effect..

luck recycle card, just thought i'd be a fun card to use in a pure deck, if you have enough spellcasters you are bound to mill at least 1 or 2 zombies xD.

Undead XYZ boost
Normal trap
Target 2 zombie-type monsters in your graveyard. Attach them to a "Necro-mancer" XYZ monster as xyz materials.


Necro - Shield
Counter trap
If your opponent normal or special summons a monster or activates a spell or trap, discard 1 "Necro -" monster; Negate the summon or activation of the spell or trap card and destroy it.

Solemn judgment for a specific archetype. Nothing more nothing less.

Ultimate necromancer art - Death's Paracite
Continous trap
Each time your opponent summons a monster, place 1 Plague Counter on each monster they control. If the amount of Plague counters is equal or higher than the monster's rank or level, Destroy it. Every monster in your opponent controls and in graveyard is treated as a zombie-type

Another fun card imo, although with brokenness potential so I think people are going to break it in a way I didn't think off.

Feel free to tell me what you think about this archetype.

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Re: The Necro-(mancer) archetype

Post by Valkoor on Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:47 am

NOTE: In terms of power level, I'm considering a level in which the deck would be able to contest the meta without being meta. Think ~tier 3 or strong rogue. With that being said, onto the review!


Necro-Mancer Trainee: This card has way too many restrictions on way too weak of a body. The only thing this can summon is Necro-Warrior, which is absolutely pitiful. Honestly, take off just about every restriction that isn't "Zombie-Type", and then this card at least becomes usable. As it stands, I'd rather use just about every generic reborn effect in the game over this.

Necro-Mancer Guardian: Once again, too many restrictions on too small of a body. The ATK and DEF restriction are actually okay, but the level restriction needs to go for this card to have any significant synergy with the rest of the archetype. The second effect is pretty insignificant, but a nice little add-on. I also have to question the level, though, since it pretty much gives it zero synergy with the extra deck support. Just make it level four. Wouldn't break the thing.

D.D.N. Different Dimention Necro-Mancer: Alright, I'm noticing the trend with the cards here, but really it's a trend that hinders the deck way too much. At the very least, on all of these, either drop the level restriction or make it archetype specific instead of generic to all Zombies, because otherwise the deck is just way too slow and situational. Anyway, the returning a banished monster is relevant because of Gateway, so that's good, at least.

Skilled Necro-Mancer: See above. Stop. Adding. So. Many. Restrictions. It won't break the archetype, it just make it not shit. I get the theme you're trying to go for here, and that you're trying to keep it uniform because it's an archetype, but would it really hurt to just change all those restrictions to "a xxx-type 'Necro-' monster"?

Necro-Warrior: Card is absolute trash, I'm sorry. A 1900 beater is totally irrelevant, especially when that body is restricted and has no protection. This card is probably the worst in the archetype, and honestly I'm not sure what purpose it serves. At all.

Necro-Gravedigger: Alright, this card isn't bad, but once again, the level is weird. You have a rank 2 and only one level 2, which can't even cover both the zombie and the spellcaster slot. It's like you forgot you made an extra deck for this archetype. Make this thing level two. That aside, the effect is pretty decent, although it should probably just add the card to your hand, like Esper Girl does.

Necro-Returner: You really don't need the effect negation on this card. Sure, it hinders plays, but it really just hinders plays too much. Slap a hard OPT restriction on it, and it's absolutely fine anyway. Other than that, pretty decent card. Sort of like a floater.

Necro-Gateway: No idea why you're so scared of this card being abused. I mean, it's a Lonefire, but considering the rest of the archetype and the fact that it has to be summoned through archetype-specific means while banishing itself anyway, the card is pretty balanced. If this is the card that scared you into putting so much restriction on the -Mancers, then you need to drop a lot of that fear.

Necro-Avenger: I would agree with you on this card being the bad card of the archetype, but for some reason it's the only level five Zombie-Type that doesn't immediately banish itself when it hits the field. That being said, it's actually not that bad, since it can trigger Returner, and the free pop before going for your Xyz is pretty decent. I definitely wouldn't call this the Puddingcess of the deck; that would be Warrior.

Legendary Necromancer - Sage Nyakk: I saw the name, I expected the card to be pretty good, and lo and behold, I was right. Being able to flood your field with a Soul Charge-esque effect is amazing, and doing that behind a body is even better. The cost is pretty steep, so I'd imagine this would be a mid-game game-changer. It doesn't show its stats, so I can't say much about what you'd be able to sit behind, but all in all, a great member of the archetype. My only comment is making the LP loss x200 would make the card a lot less risky, but probably still wouldn't break it.

Ultimate Corpse - Necro-Angel: This card is... well, I'm sorry, but trash. Considering the commitment needed to get this card out, considering the one level five in the deck, this card should probably have the strongest effect of the three. Despite that, your huge commitment is more or less just commitment to another monster, and frankly it just wouldn't be worth it. Ever. And on top of that, the last effect means it likely won't even get it's effect from grave. Change it so that it's only banished if it's detached when treated as an Xyz material by the grave effect.

Legendary Necro-Mancer - Corpsedancer Leigi: Right... so... you make this how? You have one level 2 monster, and that's spellcaster. I mean, if you fix some of the levels in the archetype, then this card would actually be a pretty good extra deck monster, able to potentially disrupt the opponent by emptying their grave while fueling your own plays. So... fix the rest of the archetype and this card is pretty awesome.

Legendary Necro-Mancer - Skullmaster Necra: An actually amazing card, that's broken by the omission of one thing: an OPT clause. Basically, without that, what you have is at least a free summon from the deck, and potentially more, not to mention you can re-use those effects. Make it only able to use one of its effects once per turn, and then it's actually fine and pretty strong. Otherwise, card is sort of ridiculous.

Infamous Necro-Mancer - Mortiis: A boss monster for the deck, and a great one at that. It has an on-summon mill, which fuels the grave and is amazing for any Zombie-Type deck, a built-in reborn which is helpful in follow-up plays and re-usable since you'll be using most of what you summon for things like Xyz summons, and a built-in protection that's surprisingly relevant. Throw in pretty great stats and the fact that the archetype as a Miracle Fusion, and you have a card that should present some very real pressure.

Filling the Graves: I mean, it's a Foolish Burial. Molten Conduction Field exists, Dragon Shrine exists, dunno why you thought this would be broken. It's just... well, Foolish Burial. Yeah. Next!

Necromancer Art - Reanimation: A reborn. I mean, again, not much I can say. Just solid, good support for the archetype that helps speed up plays. Not really broken, but definitely really good.

Soul Fusion: Way to access boss monster efficiently? Check. Way to trigger other members of the archetype? Check. Recycling? Check. Card is pretty great overall. I don't like the special summon restriction, mind you. I would personally change it to: "During your turn, except the turn this card was sent to the Graveyard: You can banish this card and a 'Necro-' Zombie-Type monster from your Graveyard, then target a 'Necro-' Spellcaster-Type monster in your graveyard; add it to your hand, but you cannot Normal or Special Summon that monster, or a monster with the same name, for the rest of this turn." Still a relevant restriction, but one that doesn't totally kill anything you could do in this deck for a turn.

Necro-Drain: Basically, you go negative one on the field for a usually pretty bad ATK boost... card is trash. Next!

Necromancer Tome - Necronomicon: Sort of like Forbidden Lance, but better. Definitely a pretty good card. I would just make the target unaffected by card effects, personally, since I somehow doubt that a stronger, archetype-specific Lance would be anything to worry about too much.

Ancient Necromancer Art - Speaking With the Dead: An absolutely amazing floodgate for the archetype, and probably one of the best Side Deck options this deck would have. It absolutely shuts down certain decks, while still maintaining a condition on it that would allow those same players to work around it. Basically, amazing in the Side Deck, and probably staple there, to be honest. Main deck if the meta calls for it.

Experimental Necromancer Art: Considering this archetype already has a more generic and stronger reborn, the timer put on the monster is a nice little restriction. Plus, it still allows for Xyz plays, meaning that the card isn't totally terrible. All in all, a nice addition.

Corpse Swap: Alright, I won't say this card is good, but I will say it's the funniest piece of shit I've seen in a while. Anyway, it probably wouldn't see any play, since you need a lot of set-up to guarantee a search, but it seems like tons of fun in a more pure variant.

Undead XYZ Boost: If you keep Necra as is, this card is busted. If you change the broken piece of shit, this card is pretty bad in general. Recycling Xyz materials was never that good, and frankly, the "Necro-" Xyz monsters you have don't exactly disprove that concept.

Necro - Shield: This one seems sort of bonkers. I mean, you technically go minus, but being able to negate anything is... huh. I don't know if this card would be run, since you do go minus, even if it is a Judgment. It would honestly just depend on the rest of the archetype post-fix. Basically, card is absolutely central to the deck or never used. There's really not an in-between I can see.

Ultimate Necromancer Art - Death's Parasite: I think that the card is fine, albeit too generic. I'm not sure how you'd make it less generic, but probably by needing to control a "Necro-" monster to activate and resolve its effect. The last effect is more or less an archetype-specific Zombie World, which, while not great, is far from bad. I'd probably say this is one of those cards that can be great if the meta is weak to it, but otherwise it's pretty meh.

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