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Necruta's retro archetype support

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Necruta's retro archetype support

Post by necruta on Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:13 am

I made this support quite a while ago but I still think this support will help the archetypes it's made for out a great deal.

First off volcanics.

Volcanic Magma Eater
Fire/pyro/ lvl 1
Original version:
Once per turn while either player would take damage outside of the battle phase you can special summon this card to make that damage 0. When this card is in your graveyard you can discard 1 pyro-type monster to add this card to your hand. This effect can only be used once per duel.

I made this card since I felt like they needed their own tuner and more ways to discard volcanic shell which basicly negates the cost. and since they work A LOT with effect dmg it's quite an easy summon

Volcanic Master
Fire/pyro/rank 1
2 level 1 pyro monsters
You can detach 1 Xyz material from this card to target  1 "blaze accelerator" card or 1 "volcanic" card in your graveyard; add it to your hand. During this turn you can't activate, normal summon or special summon a monster or card with the same name. While this card has no materials you can tribute it instead of sending a pyro-type monster to the graveyard by the effect of a "blaze accelerator" card.

I wanted to create a card which went well with magma eater and  still could recycle stuff from the grave so that you could keep using blaze accelerator since that card is just TOO awsome not to run. Also I wanted to create a rank 1 monster which only needed 2 monsters

Volcanic Lava Blaster
Fire/pyro/level 3
Volcanic Magma Eater+1 or more non-tuner Fire types
When this card is special summoned you can add all Volcanic monsters in your graveyard to your deck and shuffle it, This card gains 100 attack for each monster returned. You can send 1 Volcanic monster to the grave and target 1 spell or trap card your opponent controls; destroy it. This monster can't attack during the turn you use this effect.

I wanted to make a sort of evolved version of magma eater, like after he ate magma he would use the heat to grow and come out of the volcano (which would make it lava) and shoot it at your opponent. For the effect I wanted a card which could help you a lot late game and a card which would be a monster version of blaze accelerator but which would target spell and traps. and I wanted to have another lvl 3 synchro >Razz

Volcanic Reload
Quick play spell
Activate only during your end phase. Add all cards you send to the graveyard this turn due to the effects of a "blaze accelerator" card or a "volcanic" card back to your hand.

I wanted a card which would basicly reload the blaze accelerator but didn't allow you to just keep spamming it, and it also works with lava blaster.

Volcanic Eruption
Normal Trap
Discard your etire hand. Add from your graveyard volcanic cards to your hand up to the cards you discarded. If you discarded any volcanic monsters both you and your take damage equal to those monsters levels x100

I wanted another recycle card which also had great synergy with magma eater which(if I worded it correctly) it does. It just is a pretty good trap imo and quite a risk since of your opponent negates it you lose your etire hand and since it's a cost DWs won't play this card or tech in volcanics to play this card XD

Blaze Accelerator Blast
Counter Trap
If your opponent summons a monster or activates the effect of a monster, spell or trap card while you control a face up "blaze accelerator" card, discard 1 pyro monster with 500 atk or lower to negate it.

Just a generic negation counter trap XD but more importantly it adds a target for volcanic rocket which is nice.

Next up Chess archfiend where I tried to maintain the old chess motive they had.
Archfiend chess board
Field spell
When this card is activated put a archfiend card which includes king or lord in it's name in your spell and trap zone from your graveyard, hand or deck.
Neither player has to pay Life Points during the Standby Phase for "Archfiend" monsters.
Once per turn you can put 1 archfiend monster in the spell and trap zone from either your hand or graveyard. While archfiend monsters are in a spell and trap card zone they are treated as continious spell cards their effects are negated.
While there are archfiend monsters in your spell and trap card zone, This card gains following effects depending what word is included in the archfiend cards in your spell and trap card zone.

King or Lord: this card can't be destroyed by effects.
Queen: You can destroy up to 2 cards on the field, if you do, destroy 1 archfiend card you control.
Bishop: During either your or opponents turn you can negate the destruction of a archfiend card.
Knight: you can swap the places an archfiend monster in your spell and trap zone with an Archfiend monster that includes knight in the spell and trap zone as long as they lay adjacent to each other
Rook: Send an archfiend card that includes rook in it's name to the graveyard. Destroy all cards in the same column as this card.
Pawn: Destroy an archfiend card that include Pawn in it's name card. Special summon a archfiend monster from your graveyard which name includes, King, Queen, Rook, Bishop or Knight.
You can only use these effects of "Archfiend chess board" twice per turn
When there is no Archfiend monster that include King on your side of the field destroy this card.

I basicly wanted to create a chess bord on the field and give it a Rainbow ruins effect that depending on how many cards are in your S/T zone but then which cards were in your S/T zone so it was more like chess that you had to figure out the right positions of the cards like the positions in a chess game. Also sorry if you can't understand it well, It was a pain in the ass to make it even make sense to me XD

Setup of the Archfiends
Normal spell
Add a level 4 or lower "Archfiend" monster to your hand

E-call for archfiends. Often the placing of the chess pieces on the board is called the set up. So with this it's like you are setting up your pieces.

Archfiend Promotion
quick play
Tribute 1 Vilepawn archfiend. Special summon from your hand deck or grave an Archfiend monster that includes either queen ,rook,bishop or knight in it's name.

In chess when the pawn reaches the end of the board you can promote it into a queen rook bishop or knight so I thought why not include that and it seems like a good effect.


Archfiend Castling
Counter trap
Activate only if you control a Archfiend that includes Rook in it's name. If exactly 1 archfiend card would be targeted or destroyed by an effect change the target or destroy a archfiend monster that includes Rook in it's name.

In Chess castling is changing the positions of the rook and the king which can grant you a lot of advantage and extra protection by using the rook as a diversion. This card does almost the same as far as I could word it correctly XD.

Continious trap
If an Archfiend monster you control deals direct damage to your opponent while there are no cards in the same column on your opponents side of the field, your opponent can't activate spells or traps during there next turn while the monster that dealt battle damage is face-up on the field.

This is almost like a form of check yu-gi-oh style. In chess you have to get rid of the check to make normal moves again and not be hindered, so I based a card on that which wouldn't be too op but good enough to run.

For the final archetype, here is some toon support.
Also since toon monsters have a lot of text and can be seperated in 3 groups I will put them in spoiler tags here so you can look at them while I can just say generic type B text so that I won't have to type each one out

typical type A toon monsters text
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned while "Toon World" is on your side the field. You can Special Summon this monster from your hand, but Tributes are required for monsters Level 5 or more. This card Cannot attack in the turn that it is Summoned. Unless you pay 500 Life Points, this monster Cannot attack. When "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, this card is also destroyed. If your opponent doesn't control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. If a face-up Toon Monster is on your opponent's side of the field, you must select the Toon Monster as an attack target

Typical type B toon monsters text
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned while "Toon World" is on your side of the field. You can Special Summon this monster from your hand, but Tributes are required for monsters Level 5 or more. When "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, this card is also destroyed. If your opponent doesn't control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. If a face-up Toon Monster is on your opponent's side of the field, you must select the Toon Monster as an attack target. (insert additional effect)

Typical type C toon text
This card cannot attack during the turn that it is Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, or Special Summoned. When "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, destroy this card. If "Toon World" is on your side of the field and your opponent does not control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. (insert additional effect here)


Toon giant kozaki
level 4/dark/fiend
[insert generic type A toon monster text here]

I made this card since 1 it seems like a card which would be fun to see drawn in toon style and 2 it would see a lot of play since toons only have 1 level 4 or lower beatstick so I wanted to give them a huge OP beast but place it it type A so that it would drain their lp and couldn't be summoned as easily

Dark Toon burglars
level 4/dark/warrior
[insert generic type B toon monster text here]
Additional effect: If this card deals battle damage you can use one of these effects

Your opponent discards a card
Your opponent selects 1 spell card from their deck and sends it to the grave
Target 1 card on the field put it on the top of the owner's deck

I just like the dark scorpion cards and since this card is a mix of all 5 I thought why not chose 2 of their effects and mix it with the burglar's original effect to give toon decks a good control card.

Toon Summoner
level 2/light/warrior
[insert generic type C toon text here]
Additional effect: once per turn you can discard a toon monster to special summon a level 4 or lower toon monster from your graveyard ignoring it's summon conditions. It's effects are negated and can't attack.

I just wanted a tuner for the deck and an awsome effect to go with it since there are to my taste too little toon cards with recyle effects. and as a tuner it will porfit from that XD

Toon Sketcher
level 1/earth/spellcaster
When this card is summoned change it to defence position.
While this card is face-up on the field toon monsters can't be destroyed by effects. If "toon world" would be destroyed, destroy this card instead.

Basic toon world protection. The reason he isn't a toon monster is since he is the one creating and sketching the toons, I originally gave him a summoning ability but I decided to give that to the tuner and have  this card grant immumity to effects XD.

Toon emperor
level 6/light/warrior
1 tuner + 1 non-tuner toon monster.
Unless you pay 500 Life Points, this monster Cannot attack.  If your opponent doesn't control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. If a face-up Toon Monster is on your opponent's side of the field, you must select the Toon Monster as an attack target. Once, during either players turn, you can negate the effect of a toon monster you control. While this card is on the field "toon" monsters are unaffected by spell and trap cards. You can only control 1 "Toon emperor".

Just wanted to create an AWSOME synchro which would protect toons from their own destruction effect so if toon world gets poped you can at least save 1 monster and just more protection like they had in the anime.

Guardian of the Toon Gateway
Rank 4/dark/spellcaster
2 lvl 4 toon monsters.
Once per turn you can detach 2 xyz materials from this card; add 1 toon world from your graveyard to your hand and 1 toon monster from your deck to your hand, You can not activate, summon or set cards with the same name this turn. While this card has no Xyz materials and toon world is on the field you can tribute it and toon world to activate 1 toon dimension from your deck, hand or graveyard.

Just an epic searcher which can grab you toon dimention which is a good card for toons imo


Toon violence
Quick play spell
All toon monsters you summoned this turn are able to attack.

Just made this to get rid of the annoying effects of type A and C's with the inability to attack during the turn it was summoned.

Toon logic
continuous spell
you can negate the destruction of every face-up toon card you control once except for this card. During each end phase flip all toon cards face down.

Basicly this card let's you save al toon cards once but afterwards everything is flipped face-down, more protection which is what toon decks need, protection for their toon world

Toon dimention
Remove from play 3 cards from your extra deck, this effect isn't applied if activated by the effect of "Guardian of the Toon gateway" Once per turn, If this card would be destroyed discard 1 toon card. Other field spell cards can't be activated. During the turn this card is destroyed no field spells can be activated. Toon monsters can't be destroyed by non-toon monsters in battle. When face-up this card's name is treated as toon world

I see this card as a combination between toon kingdom, the (official) seal of orichalcos and just protection stuff, btw I thought this card would be too OP if you could just be like summon yeay so that's why I made that "huge" draw back of removing 3 cards from your extra deck which is 20%

Trap cards

Wicked Toon Humor
Normal Trap
If your opponent declares an attack to a toon monster, change the attack target to one of your opponent's monsters. If you control toon world this card is set again instead of send to the graveyard.

Just to simulate what usually happens in cartoons, people try to kill the main char and he escapes by letting them attack eachother.

Rough Toon sketch
normal trap
Activate only if you control a Toon sketcher. special summon 2 Rough toon sketch tokens (500/400 level 2
earth beast) These tokens can't be tributed for a tribute summon, or for synhro material besides Toon synchro monsters.

Synchro and tribute folder since toon monsters aren't usually tribute summoned the can't be tribute part doesn't hurt toons, nothing else to say about that.

Toon chase
counter trap
Activate only as chain link 3 or higher. If you opponent activates a card which would destroy a toon card shuffle the toon card back into the deck.

How many times Haven't I seen this happen in toons huge chase behind it and suddenly POOF it's gone the angry mob losing their target and that is basicly what this card does, let them waste their resources by poofing the target away

Drawing with red Ink
Continious trap
Once per turn, target 1 toon monster in your deck and add it to your hand. Then lose lifepoints equal to the monsters level x 400.

Just an adding card. picture will probally be a man with a wound on his arm laying next to a sketch of a toon.
So what do you guys think, good support or maybe even a bit over powered, who knows. I'm looking forwards to your responses.

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Re: Necruta's retro archetype support

Post by Valkoor on Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:26 am

NOTE: In terms of power level, I'm considering a level in which the deck would be able to contest the meta without being meta. Think ~tier 3 or strong rogue. With that being said, onto the review!

Volcanic Magma Eater - The free summon and help with negating damage is nice, but 500 is a miniscule amount, and its status as a tuner is almost irrelevant. Sure, being able to access the level 5 synchro toolbox is nice, seeing as access to Catastor and Armades becomes viable, but I don't feel that would ever be enough to justify running this over, say, more traps, seeing as Volcanics follow a "nuke and control" playstyle. If it was level 3, I could see genuine use for this in being able to make Black Rose Dragon for an additional nuke, but a level 1 is questionable in its use.

Volcanic Master - An actual use for Magma Eater, albeit a level five Synchro would have been infinitely more flavorful than a rank 1. Still, let's look at the card itself. The only way you ever really make this is Shell plus Magma Eater, or Shell plus Shell in a void, so without the other support it becomes pretty much irrelevant. Even with the new support, you have to ask if you'd rather use your Shell for an Xyz play over discard fodder. The effect itself is decent at best. Most Volcanic players don't actually want to recycle BAR from grave. Rather, they want it in the grave to banish it for the much more easily accessible nuke effect from Scattershot, or they want to recycle their Scattershots to repeat the nuke. As such, either a Daigusto Emeral effect or a way to dump/return BAR to the grave would be more beneficial to Volcanics as a whole. The last effect is sort of situational, seeing as you almost never keep a 1500 DEF monster with no protection, and even then you lose field advantage for a draw.

Volcanic Lava Blaster - First of all, I have to question the level. The only way you make this - ever - is through a Scattershot, which is entirely destructive to Volcanics, rather than beneficial. For this card to be usable, it would have to be a level five or a level two. Looking at the card's effect, this card will likely hover around 2k, so I'll consider that its standard attack stat. Its actual effect isn't bad, assuming it dumps from the deck. If it dumps from the hand, you should probably make it to pop any card on the field. Also, clarify where it dumps from regardless.

Volcanic Reload - This wouldn't add pretty much anything you want back outside of one card from your BAR, since both Lava Blaster and Scattershot send for cost. Suggesting you actually fix that, it's not too bad, since it lets you re-use your Scattershots from hand, rather than needing to dump and permanantly disable more BAR's.

Volcanic Eruption - Basically a Beckoning Light for the deck. Issue with this card is even if you recycle your entire hand, you're likely dumping more spells and traps than anything, and the additional burn is minimal enough to be irrelevant. Plus, Volcanics generally don't appreciate monster-heavy hands anyway.

Blaze Accelerator Blast - I'm... actually not sure how to feel on this card. On one hand, it negates pretty much anything, and the cost is pretty minimal considering you would only need a Volcanic Shell or Scattershot in hand. On the other hand, the need for a Blaze Accelerator card to be on the field is a harsher condition than needing a Volcanic monster on the field, and since you'll be searching for BAR before this, it does slow it down a bit. Still, between three Rocket and three BAR, plus the potential one BA, I do have to wonder what this card would do if it ever became real. tl;dr Potentially broken, but it might clog too much.

Chess Archfiend:
Archfiend Chess Board - Alright, the first thing I notice is that this card acts very similarly to Rainbow Ruins, so there's an easy focal point for balancing this card there. That being said, let's look at each effect individually. King/Lord is decent, seeing as it protects your field, albeit the fact that you can immediately enable it seems questionable. Basically, this effect is fine, but the first effect of the card isn't. Queen is, frankly, insane, seeing as it's a +2 every turn since you can attempt to destroy your own field spell. Basically, this effect reads "Once per turn, destroy two monsters your opponent controls". Change this to only being able to destroy one monster a turn, and only being able to target your Archfiend monsters. Bishop is decent as a protection, but this also raises the point of the effects being twice per turn. Bishop is an example of why that's ridiculous. Drop it to a OPT clause. Knight makes sense considering one of the other upcoming cards, and it's balanced enough, if not underpowered. Rook is absolutely hilarious, I won't lie, although considering it could become a way to hit two for nothing, maybe change it to a card in the same column, rather than all cards. Pawn is basically a reborn, which is decent enough. Then, at long last, the final effect is more or less a self-destruct if you don't control King or Lord, which makes sense, and keeps the card a bit more in check; although, at that point, I do have to question why King even has a destruction dodging effect. The question also raises of what happens to all your backrow Archfiends when this card leaves the field; it might be an idea to destroy them all when it does.

Setup of the Archfiends - ... It's ROTA. I mean, yeah. Pretty good. Moving on!

Archfiend Promotion - Keeping with the theme of chess, as expected. This card is actually pretty nice, acting as a buffed Transmodify for the deck, and it's surprisingly flavorful. Probably my favorite card in the support you've made for Chess Archfiends.

Archfiend Castling - Once again, keeping the flavor, but this time the power falls short. Leaving Rook up on the field is highly questionable, and the only real use I could see for this would be eating up an MST that would have targeted a King. Even then, though, there are better options in most metas, like Magic Drain or hell, even Field Barrier. In short, too situational for too small of an influence.

Check! - An interesting card, but sort of underwhelming. Considering it's a battle effect, able to be destroyed, and you're unable to manipulate your opponent's columns as well as your own, this card's use is highly restricted. On top of that, considering most Chess Archfiends are relatively weak, getting rid of one isn't the hardest thing to do. I'd imagine this card could be king in some match-ups, but those match-ups are probably very specific.

Toon Giant Kozaki - A 2500 ATK beat-stick isn't bad at all, especially when it can just be dropped on the field at a whim. If Cyber Infinity didn't exist, this card would just about entirely outshine Toon Cyber Dragon for how quickly it can help end games.

Toon Dark Burglars - This card is very easily comparable to a stacked Toon Gemini Elf. I do have to wonder if the fact that you have the ability to choose between effects one and two would actually make this card a little overpowered, but even if it does, then it's barely.

Toon Summoner - Actually a pretty balanced card, seeing as it has a cost and a hindrance to whatever you summer. Works wonders for dropping a quick Synchro, although whether or not this would be played considering the stun aspect Toons tend to rely on is highly questionable. In a faster, more aggressive (and likely fun-only) Toon deck, this card shines.

Toon Sketcher - I understand this was made when the new Toon support didn't come out, so I understand that this card might have had use back then. But now, with Toon Kingdom existing and the deck having built in destruction effect from that, and other ways to more efficiently protect Kingdom, this card has lost all use it might have had.

Toon Emperor - More protection, more immunity, more bullshit! That's basically what this card screams to me. The ability to dodge one Toon you control is nice, although having it regain its effect would probably be better while still remaining in line in terms of power level. Plus, it does allow for some additional protection in the case of anything that doesn't target or destroy (fuck you, Kozmojo). I do have to wonder if having this set up as well as Toon Kingdom would be too much built in protection, though, seeing as the only real outs to anything in the deck at that point would be... what, Ignister and Tiaramisu? So it may need to be toned down, but I'm not entirely sure.

Guardian of the Toon Gateway - I do have to preface this by saying I'd love to see the artwork for this card. Anyway, the card is probably balanced considering most Toon decks don't summon very often, and the second effect is... well, sort of meh. The card is a plus one, but a pretty balanced one. Then again, we won't be able to asses that until I review...

Toon Violence - ... the spells! Anyway, this is basically a quick attack sort of deal. It might help with damage a bit, but the fact that you go negative one to activate it and it's only for a turn makes the card's use pretty pointless. Toons are a deck that act similarly to, say, Geargia: you aim to gain steady advantage and win off of that. Bar decking out, if you were already winning with Toons, then you were going to end up winning anyway. This card doesn't change anything, other than speeding up the inevitable.

Toon Logic - Negating destruction on anything other than Toon Kingdom is irrelevant, considering Toon Kingdom is protection enough as is, but the second effect bugs me. The main way you win against Toons, if you can't draw into an out into Toon Kingdom, is by beating over their small monsters. Between protecting Toon Kingdom and flipping your monsters into defense position, the weaknesses of the deck start to become almost void, and considering the entire deck is easily searchable with not only Table of Contents, but now also the Xyz, this card could potentially break the control variant.

Toon Dimension - It's not a bad card, it's just... well, Kingdom is almost objectively better. Sure, it does protect itself, but considering some of the other Toon support already discussed, this card would just hinder the player by blocking access to Toon Kingdom.

Wicked Toon Humor - Not a bad card. Very comparable to Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, although probably a bit better seeing as it does (I'm assuming, considering your comment) allow you to attack your opponent's monsters. Not bad, but considering all the other support Toons have, you might (probably will) opt out of running this.

Rough Toon Sketch - This would honestly be fine without even needing the Toon Sketcher on the field, but with that added condition on this card becomes situational garbage. Just take off the condition and it's honestly still balanced and actually usable (although why you'd choose this over Scapegoats is beyond me).

Toon Chase - Extremely situational, makes you go minus, and why you would run this over effect/trap negation (Seven Tools, Wiretap, Solemn Strike, BTS, and Fiendish Chain are all viable) is well beyond me. No offense, but absolute garbage.

Drawing With Red Ink - Alright, can we not do this? We have Table of Contents, the Xyz, and now this. I mean, I don't think Toon is supposed to be hyper-consistent, but this is definitely paving the road for that. I don't really think this card needs a nerf, I think this card needs to not exist.

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