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Skin Suggestions

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Skin Suggestions

Post by Alisae on Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:30 am

Due to the results of this: we're gonna make everyone happy. I'm just going to remind everyone of points B and C.
B.Though, what I am saying still doesn't change the javascript issue. I can't make the javascripts that I am referring to adjust per skin. The theme changer only changes CSS not javascripts.
C. I'm not haflassing finding the dark skin. It'll be something that I am working on, and something that will (hopefully), come out by the end of January. And I really want to try and get it done a lot earlier, so by the end of January at max. Right now I have my eyes on this: (Don't worry, plenty of color can be added to this).

So I'ma give till the end of this week (or earlier if I see something I fall in love with), for you guys to leave suggestions. Also if the skin won't work for our forum version, I'll say so. Our forum version is Phpbb3.
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