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RP rules for AKA

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RP rules for AKA

Post by necruta on Sat Jan 16, 2016 2:31 am

AKA Roleplaying Rules
Rules which apply to all the RPs in addition to all the rules the DMs set for them.

General Rules

  • No godmodding
    Godmodding is when you do something without asking permission to do so concerning another character. For example:
    Uvera swings her sword, his opponent blocks it with his shield which allowed her to low sweep him knocking him off balance.
  • No Auto hitting
    This is almost the same as the previous one however it only involves automatically hitting/dodging every attack thrown at you.
  • No meta gaming.
    Meta gaming is using knowledge you know, but your character doesn't know in the RP. Here's a simple example of Meta gaming.
    You know that your friend's character has a hidden dagger and is laying ambush to assassinate you. Suddenly for no aperant reason your character decide to take a completely different route.

Rules for low level RP/RPers

  • Try to finish the RP within half a year.
  • There is no limit to how many low level RPs can be hosted.
  • One liners are allowed
  • Abilities can be OP from the start
  • RPs are more action based instead of character driven.

Rules for medium level RPs/RPers

  • Try to finish the RP within a year
  • There is a limit to how many medium RPs can be hosted at any given time, let's say 5 for now.
  • One liners are allowed but try to avoid them whenever possible, everyone has a day where they don't want to RP as much but have to but try to avoid it.
  • Abilities will be much less potent at the beginning but can evolve or new ones can be "bought" from the shop during the RP.
  • The RPs will try to keep a balance between action and character driven.
  • Stay in character.

Rules for High level RPs/Rpers

  • The RPs don't have a time limit
  • There will only be 2 active high level RPs on the site at any given time
  • Only staff members can make these RPs and must make sure there always is a Huge RP going.
  • While the RPs have no time limit try to make "seasons" for the RP so that other high level RPs can be hosted while you are preparing new content or plot lines. Also if the high level RPs are not active for a month they will be put on hiatus and locked.
  • Paragraph posts only.
  • Powers and abilities are assigned by the DM developing those powers is up to you.
  • Most of the time these RPs will be more character driven.

Gateway RPs
RPs can fall inbetween levels, so low-mid level RPs and mid-high level RPs can exist which can act as "gateway" roleplays to see if that person can handle a higher level or if he wants to try a slightly higher level than he normally is used to RP at.

Those "gateway" RPs as I call them will have features of both levels but not all of them so for example you can host a RP where abilities are OP at the start and one liners are allowed but at the same time focus more on the story and if people want their abilities can be upgraded during the RP itself.

Point Distribution in the RP
For every character sheet you will get 50 credits, if your character sheet isn't up to standard you 12.5 credits will be deducted from this total (Altering from 12 to 13 credits). For a total of 4 times, you will not be awarded credits, but you still have a chance to use that character for the RP. After a 5th time, your character can be rejected at DM's discretion.

Finishing a topic/chapter of a RP will grant you 50 credits, if you break any of the rules the general RP rules or the rules the DM has put in place you will be deducted 25 credits from the 50 credit total. This can happen 2 times, after that you will finish the chapter and share any plot relevant information/items/plot devices with someone and leave the RP. After that your RP level will be lowered. (From high to medium, from medium to low, from low to banned)

Hosting a Roleplay
Everyone can start a Roleplay, however before you do so you must send a PM with your idea to someone within F├╝hrer Lunarnox's admin group and pay 500 points if you aren't staff who will go over your idea. If the idea is bad you'll be refunded 80% of your points and you'll get some tips on how to improve on it, if your idea is accepted you won't get refunded any points however your next RP you want to start will cost 100 points less (this can stack 5 times) Upon reaching 5 good RP ideas which are completed you can apply to become a DM who will help with judging what RPs will be accepted.

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